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Corporate Communication in Business 2024

Corporate communication
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

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What is Communication? This word has different meaning when we evolve in different fields. Communication can have a broad meaning from technical perspective to behavioral. The basic of this term will remain the same i.e. the flow of information or delivering of message. The medium for gathering the information message can be a technical device or a human.

Today, this article will help the readers to know more about how communication is very much important in Business same as in communication is important for a TV station with a satellite to broadcast your favorite shows on your television sets.

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The process of giving information about a company for its employees, or for its customers and the public, so that they know what the company is trying to achieve and have a good opinion of the company.

Corporate communications refers to the businesses and organizations communicate with internal and external audiences. These audiences can include the following:

• Customers and potential customers
• Employees
• stakeholders (such as the C-Suite and investors)
• media and public
• Government agencies & other third-party regulators

In the corporate world, good verbal and written communication skills are needed to deliver and receive information fast and in accurate manner. Without effective and good communication, a message can be turn into error, can be misinterpreted, frustration, or even disaster by being poorly delivered.

Corporate Communication is necessary for business achievements. It can be done through following-

Awareness of Brand of the company

External communication is one of the most effective way to improve brand awareness of any company. High brand awareness- more leads and high revenues. So, this has direct impact on company’s financial growth.

Boosting Employee Engagement

Companies with high rates of employee engagement are always good at internal communication.

Culture of Innovation

Internal communication can give innovation in several ways. Like knowledge sharing, inter-departmental collaboration, etc.

Improving Employee Productivity

Problem Solving can help employees to take help of their colleagues in specific departmental/ topic-based ‘channels’ to get tasks done on time. Internal communication encourages sharing knowledge and experiences which improves employee productivity.

Attracting Top Talent

Corporate communication can help businesses who are attracted to better talent and which works faster and less expensively through Referrals from Engaged Employees, becoming Brand Ambassadors etc. Showcasing company culture like sharing videos of team building events, birthday celebrations, posts of progressive HR policies, CSR initiatives etc.

Attributes to Effective Communication

effective corporate communication in a business or in company

The following are the effective corporate communication-


Effective communications are complete, i.e. the receiver gets all the information that is needed to process the message and take action. A complete message decreases the need for follow-up questions and equalizes the communication process.


Conciseness is about putting message to a point. It is about the content of your message not its length. Conciseness helps the receiver focus on what is important, speeds up the process of information and caters improved understanding.


Effective communication takes into detail of the receiver’s background and points of view. If a message hits a nerve or sounds as disrespectful, the emotional reaction of the receiver might affect the perception of your message.


A concrete message is specific, tangible, and realistic. It is supported by facts and figures for enhanced dependability. It helps the audience gain an overview of the broader picture. Concreteness diminishes the risk of misunderstanding, promotes trust and encourages constructive criticism.


Courtesy & consideration complement each other in effective communications. Courtesy means respecting the culture, values and beliefs of the receiver.


The clearer the message, the easily it gets for the receiver to decode it according to the original intent. Clear communications build on exact expressions and concrete words, to reduce uncertainty and confusion in the communication process.


Correct grammar and syntax for increased effectiveness and credibility of the message.

Spectrum of Audiences in a Corporate

External audience comprises of individuals or groups outside and not closely related to the organization. Business communication by a company or for a product is generally targeted towards a specific audience. A certain classification on the basis of the targeted audience can be internal or external audience. On the other hand, the internal audience term refers to individuals or groups within (or closely associated with) an organization like stakeholders, board of directors or employees or colleagues. External audience & stakeholders are typically people or organizations that affect or are affected by your organization.

Internal audience comprises of the people within or closely related to an organization. Internal audience is an important concept in marketing & branding as it is argued that branding should start internally with the employees of the organization being aware and proud of the organization’s top brands.

external and internal audience of an organisation

Reaching out to the correct target audience in the target market is critical for businesses. It is important to communicate internally and educate the employees of the organization, especially the sales force about what the brand has to offer and how they can relate to it. Only once do the employees feel an ownership of the brands the organizations sell, is then you organizations can take advantage of employees marketing the brands by word-of-mouth. Hence it is argued that reaching the internal audience, who probably share the same values and beliefs as yours, is the first one that should be reached. Internal audience can also be used for testing before launching a new product as you will get to know if it will appeal to people, if they will be able to relate to it or not. Similar to internal audience, the external stakeholders in the target market are known as external audience.

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