Write For Us – Sports

Write For Us - Sports

Guest post with Medhaavi will be the right choice for you to consider when you want to polish your skills and show them off. Writing for us is an excellent approach to reach a broad audience with your specialist knowledge. There are numerous advantages to being featured on our website. Those articles that match our standards are accepted for publication in order to provide the finest content on the internet. 

Writers from all over the world are welcome to submit their pitches. If you think that writing about sports for us in which you can become involved, our website will be the appropriate place for you to start, and you will have a lot of opportunities when you do so. 

Submission Guidelines

  • Please make sure this topic is related to sports only, and that we haven’t covered it before. 
  • At least 1000 words should be included in the article. 
  • After the post has been published, you may not republish it on any other websites, including your own.
  • If necessary, our editing team can make changes to the article.
  • Make the title of the article catchy.
  • Sponsored or promotional content is not accepted on this blog.
  • Provide a brief bio as well as a link to your website.
  • We will only accept content that is original, unique, relevant, and well-written. You do not submit articles that have already been published anywhere, since we will check them for plagiarism using Copyscape and Google before publishing it. 
  • Images from the original, licensed, or public domain should be used if they are relevant.
  • Spend a few minutes checking over your post once more to make sure it’s free of spelling and grammatical errors. We will not post articles that need a lot of editing.

How to Submit?

Please submit your article in Google Docs or Word Document format. 

email to us at: sales [at] Medhaavi.net