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Beautiful & Vibrant Razorpay Office, Want to Quit Your Boring Office?

Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Razorpay, as a business, offers complete payments lifecycle management for other businesses. One can easily accept, process & disburse payments through developer-friendly APIs & easy integration. Most important, Razorpay has many achievements and one of them is that they were included in Forbes 30 Under 30 2017 list. Company’s vision is to completely transform the digital payments infrastructure in India. Keep reading to check out pictures, work culture and story of Razorpay office in Bangalore and Gurgaon.

Quick look into the Razorpay Office in Bangalore & Gurgaon

That was about Razorpay’s business model, which definitely isn’t why we wrote this article. There’s more to Razorpay- its beautiful and vibrant office. Google is famous for its cool working environment and many businesses are adopting the same approach of increasing productivity of employees by giving their office a beautiful and fun set-up. Razorpay office is one of them.

Payments and finance may be boring but that doesn’t mean the office, too, has to be boring. Razorpay office has a vibrant color scheme, warm and bright lighting, interesting collaborative pods and seating spaces. Furthermore, the office even includes a pantry for its employees, which offers them FREE FOOD! Who doesn’t love free food? 

That’s not all! Razorpay has even installed an in-house gym and a nap room. Yes, you read it right- A NAP ROOM! Now, how cool is that for a startup?

Moreover, A few of its walls are covered with pop art, sports figures and framed art, giving it a pop culture feel.

Razorpay office, definitely, has an impressive work culture and environment. Who wouldn’t love to work for a startup like that which gives free food and a nap room?  Razorpay is revolutionizing the work culture of India and doing it just right.

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