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Why Chennai Is Experiencing Exponential Growth of Coworking Spaces
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

In the Indian coworking segment, the average size of transactions increased to 77,000 sq. ft. (1Q2019) from 52,000 sq. ft. (2018). While Mumbai stood out with the highest proportion of 14% in terms of coworking space to entire office leasing in 2018, Chennai became a leading name with its proportion of 10%, which was simply a whopping 5 times increase from 2% in 2017. If this statistic interests you to make best out of coworking spaces in Chennai, here’re the key advantages you can expect to enjoy when working from one of these shared office spaces.

Key driving factors behind the growth of coworking spaces in Chennai

Cost-effective option

The majority of companies – whether it’s a startup, SME, or sometimes big MNCs – don’t wish to develop an office from scratch due to various reasons. Instead, they look for visually appealing, fully-furnished, and hygienic workspaces that give the feel and look of a premium office but at the fraction of the cost of renting a traditional office. This is where coworking spaces fit the bill just right. These facilities offer a diverse range of services – from Flexi seats and fixed seats to private cabins and custom-built solutions. It means, whether you’re a big corporate office, a small startup, or a solopreneur, you can easily find solutions that would cater to your needs the best possible way. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about any long-term commitment or paying hefty deposits. This fund can easily be utilized to promote your business or improve its core areas.

Friendly work environment

A supportive work environment is essential for any startup to grow and for any employee to give his/her best productivity. While work from home has become quite a norm for many professionals due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, many companies are planning to test the coworking culture and there’re reasons behind this. Though productivity can be maintained during prolonged working from home, it costs the company culture and personal connection to colleagues. Coworking spaces in Chennai tend to be highly interactive, which means employees of a particular company can continue to have the feel of their earlier office and can steer clear of boredom easily.

Lifestyle benefits

Apart from industry-leading amenities such as 24/7 access, reception, HR, admin, security, housekeeping, etc, some leading coworking spaces in Chennai also offer lifestyle benefits. Having partnered with various service industries, they can provide their members with the facility to enjoy exclusive benefits in those sectors.

Apart from the above, it’s quite natural for a startup or SME to grow over time with an increased number of team members. Several coworking spaces have the ability to accommodate growing teams. By partnering with one such provider, you’ll be easily able to switch to larger accommodations when the need arises without having to leave the premise.

Wrapping up

In the upcoming years, coworking spaces in Chennai are going to be the next big thing with their classified benefits at a significantly affordable price.These facilities offer the ideal solutionscoupled with the necessary flexibility and top-class features sans the hefty capital cost of renting a separate office or building new office space.

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