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Importance of change in work routines post pandemic

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Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Impacts of COVID-19 has been very compelling, professionals to work remotely, many experts think that it will become more common for people to split their time between working from home and going to the office. The remote workforce is indeed likely to grow in the coming years, but many will still want a place to connect with others in person.

Importance of change in work routines post pandemic

 Mental health has taken taken toll and in twitter insider survey it was found that between 2016 and 2020, conversations revolving around “well being”, “mental health” and self care” grew over 225%. Mental health has become increasing concern and over 54% agreed “my mental health” is the most spoken word in the current times.

Our work routines have stretched more than stipulated time, people are sitting on for long hours at one position, we have got more distractions than before in digital era, our habits have been off track due to work routine, working from home may create loneliness to work on lack of motivation without the right colleagues along.

We can solve them together we the right intent:

1. Create a routine and stick to it, as it may cause you to have a less of distraction and more of focus. Be it getting up early, having food on right time and family time. All the more creates a order in your mind, and helps you work peacefully.

2. Sitting for long hours in one position will cause you bad pain on your muscles. And gyms are closed too! Taking a short little breaks and stretching your muscles will help your body to relax. Staying hydrated with water will also help in long term.

3. Our work routines sometime extend beyond the normal expected time and it keeps on that way for long. Work is done alone from their respective homes, so there might be a drop in motivation levels. So tying up with right coworking spaces which can promote to have easy video conferences than the just messaging platform can help you boost productivity levels.

Importance of change in work routines post pandemic, coworking spaces

4. Getting more family time during pandemic has helped to build better relationships and also it causes distractions during the work times. You can better divide it as per your own comfortability and find the best way to hold on to your source of interest and motivation.

5. Last but not least, if you find that you have more time than you can spare, finding things that you love to do, can take lot of stress away. Be it art, workout or watch for any movie.

Pandemic has indeed created a choice and to check in on our choices. Normal before was just getting doing what all thought important and work routines which changed during pandemic and now we are coming back to new normal, created a wide difference in our life choices.

In the midst of all this problems, I have seen people over come their current work routines and living a better balance life between work life balance. Find the best which can help you too. Working spaces with good conference rooms and shared officespaces, can help you relax andget to work with ease.

Importance of change in work routines post pandemic

do what you love

Once you are in a habit, there’s no more working out of painting or writing or working on your business plan because you’re too tired. Routine ensure you do things well. If your routine includes a daily shower, you’ll get better at it.” Sure, it’s harder to perfect your style than the way you wash your hair, but the same logic applies for any daily practice.

If you’re going add things to your schedule, you may need to subtract other things. This might come in the form of setting boundaries and saying “no” to things that aren’t priorities and/or don’t support your well-being. It can also be spending less time on mindless activities that don’t really solve a problem or fill your emotional tank.

Building a routine in daily life

Building a routine you can stick to in daily life may not sound important, but for some people routine is what helps to keep them grounded. Everyone’s journey requires an element of self discovery, which comes out of routines.

Building a routine comes with a self discipline and it’s also important to remember that, there is no on fit that fits all. To get started you can make a few additions to your daily routine and see what sticks. Your efforts don’t have to be big or grand in the beginning. Think big of what can come of the continuous repetitive routine and work and you’ll be amazed by the compounding results.

There are lots of chances to boost your emotional state throughout the day. A little experimentation is all you need to find the strategies that work for you. Our phones, tablets, and televisions are our windows in our world. Taking a break is a good thing, which can help break out and have an exposure.

Numerous studies have proven that longer exposure to screen time leads to reduction in grey matter, in both children and young adults. Thestudies in latest research has been proven that we are tending in the same direction. Excessive screen time is majorly linked to reduction in grey matter big time as we may have to completely focus on screen for long. Reduction of grey matter leads and happens to your frontal lobe, that leads to problem in impulse control.

If next time you are looking to reset your work, do try doing it the old custom way and look at the results. You can try to magazine on any newspaper instead of scrolling on your phone. Planning ahead gives you that mental push to go beyond your current means to get achieve things with more dedication and more complex daily challenges, and complete focus.

Try to plan your meal timings in advance and see what works what doesn’t to make your life smoother. Ifyou run a business of your own or have household chores to work on, schedule a routine which can bea excellent tool to organize the clustered mind to get into ordered thoughts.

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