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Why Corporates Are Moving To Coworking Spaces

Written by Medhaavi Mishra

There is a growing trend of big corporations taking advantage of the benefits of coworking spaces. Some technological giants,such as IBM, Microsoft, and Verizon, are testing the use of coworking spaces for employees so they can be close to and easily interact with innovative startups.Although the concept of coworking is in demand today, it wasn’t the same a few years ago. Did you know that around a decade ago, co-working spaces were created to tackle something big! They came to force to change the way businesses were trying to establish themselves in a world with crippling office solutions. Fast forward to today, now, you have tech giants spearheading the digital world where they are validating the benefits of co-working spaces. The primary reason for it being better space for growth, flexibility and better costs. They are also beginning to transition into these spaces, as an alternative to being based in traditional office settings.

Here are some reasons why big corporates are moving to coworking.

Saving Cost and Easily Flexibility

The very process of moving them out to coworking spaces would help them seed fresh insights and ideas.

While coworking spaces offer furnished spaces, wireless networking, office equipment like phones and printers, and meeting rooms–they also offer space for a team of any size. Business owners in turn get an opportunity to save money which favours their business needs.

Flexibility, Autonomy and Control

Coworking offices are easily accessible. The 24/7 accessibility helps employees have much more control over their working hours. In case there is a deadline crunch, employees can take the liberty of staying back in offices. One can take a break and enjoy the facility at the cafeteria to feel refreshed and recharged. This autonomy is one of the ways employees feel most trusted by their employers.

Many members of the coworking workforce feel the need to have a community to work alongside with. This helps them feel motivated even when the other members of the community don’t belong to similar jobs.


Building connections are one of the biggest perks at working in a

coworking space. The plus side of working in a coworking space is that while it facilitates a space to think independently, it also creates a space to socialize. Given that people of different companies will work under one roof, it makes it a perfect space of work environment and culture. Communities are the main reason why employees thrive in a healthy office space. For example, a coworking office space provides dedicated spaces where you can socialize. Experiences isn’t just restricted to workstations – it is what you also do beyond projects you’re passionate about.

Employees use a community as an opportunity to find new business relationships which helps them find new business relationships with people in related fields of work. They get to experience the best of both worlds which includes: a sense of belonging at the coworking space and of bringing good relationships to their working lives and their companies. Working with like-minded individuals can spark creativity.


Many a times, generating new business leads and recruiting high-quality talent can be two central challenges for any organization. Coworking companies work are good at mitigating these problems. The idea of having many different companies under one roof, combined with emphasis on networking gradually leads to promising business relationships. One factor which makes coworking spaces a hot bed of innovation and collaboration is having talent under one roof. Today’s workers are increasingly seeking out collaborative, focus-oriented office spaces designed to improve productivity and catalyse growth. Co-working spaces undoubtedly fit the bill. Currently, analysts predicting exponential growth of coworking centres in the coming years.

Better Work Culture

MNCs and other big corporates grow constantly. The bigger the company the more the chances wanting to build a company culture. Culture should be flexible and free-flowing which will help millennials relate. Coworking spaces offer that. As it brews creativity and is a hub of innovation. This is why many companies are opting to have teams work at coworking space which creates a work culture that’s conducive for growth.

Company culture is more than just organizing games and including it in the ‘list of things employees do for fun’. Coworking spaces are natural breeding grounds of building relationships.

For starters, a coworking company works on researching a lot on what makes office environment and employees happy. In turn they built their offices spaces to accommodate a healthy employee work culture. They provide social hubs, common areas and incorporate plants in their office space to work-related stress. Providing a good work culture it gives employees an opportunity to feel empowered and shine as individuals. Experts believe that by 2030 co-working space Mumbai,Bangalore,Chennai and Hyderabad will take over about 30% of all office spaces. MNCs are seeing co-working spaces as one of the best platforms for exchange of work culture and knowledge mutually benefitting both the coworking space and the MNC.

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