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Top 10 Matrimonial Sites In India 2024

Top matrimonial sites in India
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

There was a time when couples were made in heaven, now they are made online. If you are a bachelor looking for a suitable perfect match for yourself, then you can go to many matrimonial websites in India. Finding a suitable match with all the characteristics of a person is gigantic and a difficult task. Everyday huge numbers of searches are being done by bachelors from all over the country looking for their perfect one. In this blog, our motive is to present the Top 10 Matrimonial sites for our reader, with a proven track record. The traditional matchmakers have turned to the internet for the prolific profiles of brides and grooms. The exponential use of the internet has given the penetration required for the promotion and advertisement of the matrimonial sites in India. Many matrimonial sites have advanced algorithms that account for almost everything a person looks for in a partner. They maintain complete confidentiality and will give you assured genuine results. It’s never been easier to create a profile, fill details and requirements, and Boom, your perfect match is now just a click away.

The matrimonial system brings you only relevant and verified profiles and assures complete safety. You can choose to provide your contact location details to only those you want. Paid memberships allow you to get the phone number, email, or chat with the person you are interested in. Let’s dive into it and stick strong with us for the Top matrimonial sites.

Top  10 Best Matrimonial sites in India for all Religions


At Mohabbatein, marriage is the heart of our mission, embodying the eternal bond that Chandan and Henal have showcased through their own union. In India, where matrimony is not just an event but a sacred commitment, choosing a life partner is a profound decision that resonates with cultural, traditional, and spiritual ethos. Mohabbatein is envisioned as a conduit for this very purpose: to help individuals find their lifelong marital companion.

The interface of Mohabbatein speaks the language of matrimonial simplicity. Every feature, and every option has been meticulously shaped to simplify your matrimonial quest. Through advanced filters, users can pinpoint potential matches based on essential matrimonial criteria, be it religious beliefs, professional backgrounds, or horoscopic alignments.

The unwavering commitment to marital security is what sets Mohabbatein apart. We’ve taken strong precautions to make it a secure place so that people can start their search for a spouse with complete assurance.

Mohabbatein overcomes the difficulties of modern internet dating by placing a premium on heartfelt marriages rather than superficial acquaintances.

Mohabbatein is a haven for individuals about to enter the holy realm of marriage, where traditional marital values and modern technology come together in beautiful harmony. Just a few well-considered clicks will get you started on the path to meeting your future spouse. Join our launch list for a chance to have Mohabbatein write a story for your happily ever after.

Jeevansathi tops the list as a well-known matrimonial site you might have seen its ad on television or in a newspaper clipping. It is a popular choice for those who are looking for a perfect life partner based on their preference. You can even download Jeevansathi’s official mobile application for free and you can interact with your future partner. The website was launched back in the year 1999 and ever since it has been a perfect platform for perfect matchmaking. All things considered, matchmaking platforms take no responsibility for what happens in the end, as on the family. In the end, it’s on an individual to decide if they have found their soulmate or not. The headquarters of Jeevansathi is located at Noida.


BharatMatrimony received an award for being the most trustworthy matrimonial website in India, which has more than 1 crore registered members looking for their suitable match.  They have a prolific foundation and reputation in the market along with that, BharatMatrimony has also made their name listed in the Limca Book of Records and has been awarded as the best matrimonial site in India where couples search for their partners. One of the most surprising facts is the owner of this website met his wife through the same platform. BharatMatrimony is an online matrimony service platform and a part of It was founded in 1997 by Mr. Murugavel Janakiraman, who later met his wife through his matrimony site. They provide extensive customer support, live auto chat functionality, and many other advanced features for their customers.

4. is present on the internet from the good old days and has built a reputation for itself in India. It is finding love for people since the year 1997, the website was started by Mr. Anupam Mittal. With the registered customer base of more than millions of users, it has a strong database and gives tough competition to other websites on the same platform. They have a record of about 20 million happily married clients from their websites and uses historical data and modern tools to find a suitable match.

Websites enabled smart filters for the users based on which users can filter the individual search based on education, religion, caste, and also there are numerous sessions conducted by astrologers to account for the kundalis of the bride and the groom.

5. was launched in the year 2006 December, with the aim of helping people find a suitable and a perfect match for themselves or anyone in a family. They kept the whole matchmaking procedure simple yet accounted for the parameters like religion, caste, education, height, and family background, etc. All you need to do is register, complete your profile, and your requirements you are looking for in a person. It is ranked as one of the fastest-growing matrimonial websites in India.

It aims at providing a safe and secure platform where two people can connect and express their interest for matrimonial purposes by using services of the site and stay connected through messaging and chatting.

6. NRI Marriage Bureau 

NRIMB.COM has been ranked among the top most matrimonial websites serving all communities all over the world. It is a leading NRI Matrimonial Website for NRIs. They are result-oriented, affordable, trustworthy and one of the best matrimony sites for Indian communities where you can find your perfect life partner on your own terms and conditions. They provide high-quality matrimonial services to the NRIs with a 100% success rate.

Their Website has the largest database of profiles from India, the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and more. They are playing as a cupid and offering assistance in discovering the most suitable match from more than 15 years of experience in this field. They have more than 5 million registered members on their website. Their professional team of experts in India and abroad constantly works to keep updating and improving the website so that you get only genuine profiles and sincere contacts.

nri marriage bureao


CommunityMatrimony explicitly offers features based on diverse communities and has a list of more than 300 communities from all over the country listed on it. Having these many communities, a user easily gets a chance to filter out people based on their hobbies or religion or jobs or another requirement. Also, the user interface of the website is quite easy to understand even if a person doesn’t know anything about the internet or how to navigate the website, it can be done easily by them. It added a whole new layer to the matrimonial platform by its services and its unique community-based search. When you register on this platform, based on your community, your profile will be assigned to the relevant community matrimony site where you can search and contact profiles from your community.  Fueled by innovative tools and modern technologies, this platform provides the widest choice of profiles, that match your criteria and expectations.

8. is India’s booming matrimonial site which is used by thousands of registered users per month. In this website, people can easily search for the perfect partner with the assistance of the smooth and streamlined functionalities of the website.  The profile can be created by the person interested to get married, their parents, relatives, or friends for him. Registration can be done using the website, mobile or tablet. helps you find your right partner who matches your community, interests, and preferences through its personalized search assistance USP of this website among the other is that this website uses the horoscope of the bride and the groom.

9. is India’s pioneering online matrimonial service provider, offering the best matchmaking services. is one of the most frequently visited and highly preferred matrimonial site. Providing an ample database of profiles, they are immensely known for the perfect matchmaking, handy navigation, and commendable services. With the help of their unmatched quality services, they have been able to establish themselves among the foremost players in the field of Indian Matrimonial. The search of prospective bride or bridegroom based on mother tongue, country, religion, caste, occupation, etc. from the immense database of profiles. The approach of the website is streamlined and trustworthy that you can easily spend time on it without worrying about your privacy.


This website is exclusively created for divorced or widowed individuals who are looking to start their fresh life again. is the No. 1 matrimonial site for Indians looking for a second marriage. Happiness is a choice and anyone who is looking for a fresh start, with a partner on a similar platform of life, this website is for them. This is the reason for this website’s popularity among others. It has a database of more than thousands of people on the same stage of life looking to reboot their love for life.

11. is India’s only matrimonial website which extensively free and is available for everyone, the vision of the company was to reach out and give this Free matrimonial service to people all over the country. It got recognition in the year 2002 and has been on the rise ever since. The firm assures that you will get your suitable desired mate on this platform without paying a single penny. The company has a separate customer care helpline for the users that is always ready to help at the hour of the need. Their interface is interactive and advanced with filters available for the perfect match search.


Divorces are difficult to overcome but life carries on, no matter what. This website is exclusively for the people who have been divorced for a reason personal or social. This website focuses on all the people who won’t give themselves and their life a second chance. Someone who is hopeful and has will to move forward in life. This platform introduces divorcees and gives them a chance to give love another chance. Thousands of people are registered on the platform looking for a suitable partner for themselves.

Love is what makes life bearable and sharing this love with someone who supports you in all stages of life is a wonderful conspiracy. Matrimonial sites bridge this gap between two perfect individuals who are looking for each other and are lost in this dimension.

I hope this helps our reader in the cause of finding their perfect soulmate.

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