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Looking for the most effective credit card in India which may offer you maximum benefit in 2024? or simply evaluating your current credit card portfolio and trying to optimize it? Look no further as you’ve got landed upon the proper article.


In today’s world, many banks and financial institutions are offering various styles of credit cards as per the necessities of the purchasers. some among them are – lifestyle credit card, entertainment credit card, travel credit card, co-branded credit card (tie-ups with leading brands) then on. These cards are usually classified supported the yearly income of the cardholder.

WHY credit card?

Today, everybody wants a credit card and also the reason behind it’s feasibility. This small thing fits in your pocket but still gives you the ability to shop for anything from groceries to furniture. Its actual benefit lies within the incontrovertible fact that you’ll borrow money and you don’t should pay the interest if you clear the bill within the billing cycle.

Credit Cards is used for a full style of purposes. Issued by a credit card provider, credit cards are accepted worldwide in several places within your home country and abroad and hence is very handy. Although they’ll be used anywhere, there are charges applicable for his or her use, so always check your credit card agreement before going ahead.

Fees and Charges levied on credit card :

Every credit card comes with some fees and charges. Yes, these charges is avoided, but, it’s important to understand what fees and charges a credit card can have.

Here’s the list-

1. Annual Fee – Every credit card has an annual maintenance fee applicable for one year, and cards that are offered free, usually rebate first year’s maintenance fees.
2. Interests – If you fail to pay the credit or borrowed amount within the grace period, your credited amount is subjected to interest decided upon earlier.
3. Cost of overseas transactions – Every overseas transaction made by you is charged with certain fees, which is usually 3.5 you look after the transaction amount.
4. Cash withdrawal interest – If you ever withdraw cash from your credit card, this amount is charged with an interest, which is on top of the conventional charge per unit.
5. Fees for overusing card limit – If you cross the limit of credit and still use your card, the bank charges you some fees for crossing the cardboard limit even by Re 1.
6. Fees for late payment – after you pay the bill within grace period there’s no interest, and subsequently, you’ve got to pay interest. However, if you don’t pay the credit amount for quite 90 days, you’re charged late payment fee.
7. Fees for card replacement – after you replace your card thanks to any underlying reasons, you’ve got to pay fees for card replacement.
8. Surcharges – If you’ve got ever noticed, then every petrol bill transaction comes with an extra surcharge, which is either 2.5 you look after the entire credited amount or a flat rate of Rs 10 – Rs 25.
9. Service tax – Every single transaction from your card carries a service tax.


1. Citibank Cashback credit card

Citibank Cashback credit card

This Citibank Card is termed the Cashback card because it provides plenty of cashback offers on purchases made. You get a flat 5% cashback on buying movie tickets or if you employ it to pay your utility bills like electricity bill or mobile bills. Moreover, you furthermore may get 0.5% cash back on other purchases made up of this card; which implies that each time you spend from this credit card, you surely get a cashback. Additionally, you’ll convert your purchases above Rs. 2000 into Equal monthly installments moreover. The Annual Fee is simply Rs. 500 every year.

Joining Fee: Nil
Annual Fee: Rs. 500

Features of Citibank Cashback credit card

• 5% cashback on booking movie tickets, telephone and utility bill payments
• 5% cashback on all other spends
• 1% waiver on fuel surcharge at Indian Oil outlets only
• Save up to fifteen on dining spends at participating restaurants
• Cashback is automatically credited to the monthly statement in multiples of Rs. 500.

Why should we use this card?

• 5% Cashback on movie, telephone & utility bill payments.
• 0.5% cashback on any spends.
• Auto redemption after 500 Reward points.
• Extra Savings worth Rs. 3300 for brand spanking new card holders.

2. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum credit card

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum credit card

This is one among the most effective and most asked for Credit Cards in India for shopping, dining out, cashback moreover as reward points. this can be the sole credit card that provides 5% cashback on grocery purchase; If you purchase grocery from any chain store like Big Bazaar, Reliance Fresh, More, you get a flat 5% cash back on your bill amount. Now that’s a large saving as we certainly use our credit card plenty after we sponsor these stores. It comes for under Rs. 999 Annual Fee within the first year and Rs. 999 is that the renewal fee from a subsequent year onwards. What’s more! you furthermore may get 5 times the reward points if you employ this card for filling petrol, buying tickets or maybe while dining out. Hence it’s a double bonanza card which provides cashback moreover as hefty reward points in your kitty.

Joining Fee: Rs. 999
Annual Fee: Rs. 999

Benefits of ordinary Chartered Manhattan Platinum credit card

• Get Rs. 2,000 worth BookMyShow vouchers on first transaction in first 90 days using the cardboard.
• Get 5% cashback on spending at supermarkets
• Get 3x reward points on all other expenses

Why should we use this card?

Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum credit card is that the preferred card in India.
• 3x reward points after you spend
• 5% cash back on Reliance Fresh, Big Bazaar and More.
• Discounts and offers across dining, shopping, travel with standard charted Good Life Programme.

3. ICICI Instant Platinum credit card

ICICI Instant Platinum credit card

If you’re a self-employed individual, or a homemaker or student or someone who incorporates a bad credit history thanks to a past financial crisis and wish to own a credit card; this can be the foremost appropriate card for you. ICICI bank offers ICICI Instant Platinum credit card to those that hold Fixed Deposits with them with none financial documents.
This credit card offers you a 15% discount at around 800 leading restaurants in India. you furthermore mght get a reduction of Rs 100 twice a month if you purchase movie tickets using the cardboard. This credit card comes with Zero Annual Fees.
Features of ICICI Instant Platinum credit card

Joining Fee: Nil
Annual Fee: Nil

• Get 2 PAYBACK points on spending every Rs. 100
• Get 1 PAYBACK Point on spending every Rs. 100 on utilities and insurance
• Points will be redeemed against a range of gifts
• Global Emergency Assistance & Card replacement service available

Why should we use this card?

• Zero Annual Fees.
• ICICI Instant Platinum credit card offers lucrative benefits to the shoppers who hold fixed deposits with them.
• Earn payback points on making expenditures on utility and insurance.
• 15% flat discount at approximately 800 prominent restaurants in India.

4. Indian Oil Citi Platinum credit card

Indian Oil Citi Platinum credit card

This card offers maximum benefits to regular fuel charge users in India. With this card, you earn 4 Turbo points on the spending of each Rs. 150 for fuel purchase at any Indian Oil outlet across the country. you’ll be able to redeem these turbo points against free fuel or may use these points for getting gifts and gift vouchers. you furthermore mght get your fuel surcharge waived off at Indian Oil outlets. aside from fuel purchase, you furthermore mght get turbo points on other spends further. You earn 2 Turbo points in the least grocery stores and supermarkets & 1 Turbo point for all other transactions like shopping and dining on every Rs. 150 spent. You stand an opportunity to induce your Annual Fee waived off if you spend Rs. 30,000 in an exceedingly year; else your Annual Fee is Rs. 1,000.

Joining Fee: Nil
Annual Fee: Nil if you spend Rs. 30,000 or above in an exceedingly membership year on your card. For annual spends of below Rs. 30,000, Annual Fee of Rs. 1,000 are charged.

Key Features of IndianOil Citi Platinum credit card

• Earn 4 Turbo Points on spending every Rs. 150 for fuel purchase
• Full fuel surcharge waiver (1%) on fuel purchases
• 1 Turbo Point = Rs.1 worth of fuel

Why should we use this card?

IndianOil Citi Platinum credit card hosts a pair of advantages by giving turbo points on fuel purchase at any Indian Oil outlet across India.
• 71 liters of free fuel each year.
• Redeem turbo points against free fuel and mobilise those points for gift vouchers.
• Earn turbo points on each spend in the least grocery stores and supermarkets.
Annual Fee waiver on spending Rs. 30,000 in an exceedingly year.

5. HSBC Visa Platinum Card

HSBC Visa Platinum Card

HSBC credit card offers a range of advantages to its cardholders from reward points to cashback and extra discounts. This card gives you 10% cashback on all transactions within the first 3 months if you have got a minimum of 3 transactions quite Rs. 10,000 each. This entails you to avail up to Rs. 3,000 as a complete cashback in precisely first 90 days. As far because the reward points are concerned, you earn 2 points on a spend of Rs. 150 on any transaction. you furthermore mght get to earn 3 times of the reward points if you spend for dining and leisure. you furthermore mght earn fuel surcharge waiver on filling fuel from this card.

Joining Fee: Nil
Annual Fee: Nil

Key Highlight of HSBC Visa Platinum Card

• Get Rs. 2000 worth Cleartrip voucher and Rs. 250 worth Swiggy voucher on first transaction.
• Get 10% cashback (of up to Rs. 2,000) on minimum 9 transactions totalling Rs. 10,000 or above, within the first 90 days of issuing the cardboard.
• Get BookMyShow voucher of Rs. 500 on spending above Rs. 50,000 in an exceedingly period.
• Earn 2 Reward points on spending every Rs. 150
• Earn 5X Rewards on all of your subsequent purchases done after spending above Rs. 4,00,000 in an anniversary year (maximum 15,000 reward points).
• Get up to fifteen off on dining at over partner 1,000 restaurants across major Indian cities

Why should we use this card?

• No Annual Fee,
• Introductory benefits of up to INR 4,250.
• Convert air miles to book your favorite airlines tickets.
• The more reward points you earn will facilitate your save more on your next purchase.
• Fuel surcharge waiver on filling up your vehicle fuel.

6. SimplyCLICK SBI Card

SimplyCLICK SBI Card

This card could be a blessing in disguise for internet buyers because it offers tremendous benefits to those that shop online. this can be a one-of-its-kind credit card that provides you 10 times more reward points if you shop through any of their online e-commerce partners like Amazon, Bookmyshow, Zoomcar, and Cleartrip. Not only this but on the opposite purchases also, you get 5 times the Reward points. Moreover, there’s a Fuel Surcharge waiver also if you purchase fuel using your Simply Click SBI credit card. The Annual Fee for this card is Rs. 499; however it’s waived off if you spend quite Rs. 1 Lakh every year using this card.

Features of SimplyCLICK SBI Card

Joining Fee: Rs. 499
Annual Fee: Rs. 499. Annual Fee is reversed if you spend Rs. 1,00,000 within the subsequent year.
• Get gift card of worth Rs. 500 on joining
• Earn 10X Reward Points on spending online with exclusive partners
• Earn 5X reward points on all other spends online
• Get e-voucher worth Rs. 2,000 on spending Rs.1 Lakh annually online
• Get e-voucher worth Rs. 2,000 on spending Rs. 2 Lakhs annually online
• Get 1% fuel surcharge waiver on every transaction of Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,000

Why should we use this card?

Simply CLICK SBI Card offers a plethora of advantages once you shop online, this card is best for web shoppers.
• 10X reward points if you get from e-commerce giants like Bookmyshow, Amazon, Zoom car, and Clear trip.
• 5X reward points on any online spend.
• Moreover, your Annual Fee would get waived off once you spend beyond Rs.1 lakh every year using this card.

7. AXIS Bank Neo credit card

AXIS Bank Neo credit card

A great card for movie buffs and shopaholics. This Axis Bank credit card offers excellent shopping, dining and entertainment benefits. This card provides 10% cashback if you utilize it for booking movie tickets, for any online shopping or perhaps for mobile recharges. you furthermore mght get additional benefits from a number of the highest e-commerce sites. as an example, Jabong gives you complimentary vouchers of Rs. 500 and Myntra gives a further 10% discount on every transaction over Rs. 500. Moreover, Axis Neo card also gives you an choice to convert your purchases into EMIs.

Features of Neo credit card from Axis Bank

Joining Fee: Rs. 250. Joining Fee is waived on spending Rs. 2,500 in 45 days
Annual Fee: Rs. 250
• Get Amazon voucher of Rs. 250 on first spend
• Get 10% off on movies, online shopping, and recharges
• Get vouchers worth Rs. 300 & Rs. 500 for online shopping and films
• Convert purchases to EMIs on transactions of Rs. 2,500
• Get minimum 15% off on spending on dining at partner restaurants

Why should we use this card?

AXIS Bank Neo credit card offers a pair of shopping, dining and entertainment benefits.
• Myntra gift voucher of Rs.500.
• Discounted movie tickets.
• Zero Lost CardLiability.
• Convert your purchases into EMIs that provides you the flexibleness to repay.

8. HDFC Bank Diners Club Card

HDFC Bank Diners Club Card

This credit card by HDFC Bank is one in all the best cards of India offering some great benefits for shopping, travel, and entertainment transactions. With this card, you get 2 times the reward points on any air ticket booking or hotel booking (domestic or international), and you’ll be able to also redeem those rewards points to further book air tickets or hotels. Being one in all the premium cards, you get access to numerous Airport Lounges access in India additionally as abroad. On all other spends, you get 5 reward points for each Rs. 150 spent.
Annual membership fee: Rs. 5,000 + applicable taxes
Features & Benefits of HDFC Bank Dinners Club Card
• Earn 5 Reward Points on spending every Rs. 150 on retail
• Reward points may be redeemed for booking air tickets and hotels across 150+ airlines and hotels (domestic additionally as international)
• 1 Reward Point = Re 1
• Get 6 Complimentary Golf games each quarter in around 20 golf courses in India & 40 golf courses world over.
• Get Air Accident Cover of Rs. 2 Crores, Emergency Medical Expenses hide to Rs. 50 Lakhs, Credit Liability hide to Rs. 9 Lakhs, and Travel Insurance hide to Rs. 55,000.

Why should we use this card?

• 12 Annual complimentary Airport lounge access.
• Complimentary Amazon Prime, MMT Doubleblack, Zomato Gold, Times Prime and BigBasket star memberships.
• Ola Select Membership.
• BookMyShow Vouchers, TataCLiQ vouchers etc.

9. IndusInd Bank Platinum credit card

IndusInd Bank Platinum credit card

Being within the premium card category, it offers some luxury offers to customers in dining additionally as lifestyle benefits. you’ll be able to avail great discounts by using this card on BookMyShow or Shopping and travel partners like United Colors of Benetton, Satya Paul, Jet Airways, etc. On every Rs. 150 that you simply spend, you get 1.5 reward points. It offers travel insurance additionally as air accident cover of up to Rs. 25 Lakhs.

Features of IndusInd Bank Platinum credit card

Joining Fee: Rs. 3,000
Annual Fee: Nil
• Get 1.5 Reward Points for spending every Rs. 150 on IndusInd Bank Platinum credit card.
• Save on movie tickets, travel, fuel surcharge, and other spends
• Get access to Priority Pass Membership
• Travel insurance against lost/delayed baggage, loss of passport, loss of ticket, and missed connection.

Why should we use this card?

IndusInd Bank Platinum credit card hosts a pair of advantages to its customers.
• Dining, lifestyle and travel partner benefits.
• Brand Vouchers etc..
• Insurance cover of upto Rs. 25 lakhs.
• Extra reward points on each purchase make the purchasers save more.

10. SBI Elite CARD


This beautifully designed credit card by the banking concern of India (SBI) has such a lot to supply to credit card users. the cardboard provides users with discounts on flight and hotel bookings, complimentary lounge access (international additionally as domestic), attractive offers on shopping, dining, and movie ticket bookings. you furthermore mght get Club Vistara Membership, Trident Privilege Membership, International & Domestic Lounge Program Membership. the cardboard enables you to earn up to 50,000 Bonus Reward Points (worth Rs. 12,500) annually. On spending Rs. 3 Lakhs and 4 Lakhs annually, you earn 10,000 bonus Reward Points.

Joining Fee: Rs. 4,999
Annual Fee: Rs. 4,999

Feature & Benefits of SBI Elite CARD

  • Welcome gift valued Rs. 5,000
  • 6 complimentary accesses to international airport lounges per year (maximum 2 visits per quarter), w.e.f. 1.07.2017
  • 2 complimentary visits to domestic airport lounges, every quarter in India
  • 1 complimentary lounge access voucher & 1 upgrade voucher under Club Vistara Membership
  • Earn 9 Club Vistara Points on spending every Rs. 100 on Vistara flights

Why should we use this card?

  • Complimentary lounge access
  • 7% instant discount on Big bazaar.
  • Extra Reward Points on shopping, dining.
  • 2 Complementary movie tickets.
  • The membership option makes the card beneficial to use that extends to offer Trident Privilege Membership, International & Domestic Lounge Program Membership and Club Vistara Membership.

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