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Best social media platforms to market your business in 2024

Best social media platforms to market your business
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Social media has become the most powerful tool in recent years. Communication has been the biggest problem for ages, and with the invention of social media, this hurdle has been addressed to a great extent. Now we can connect with people across the globe within seconds. 

Online reputation is considered vital for any business to grow. Almost all big companies are available online and marketing their business. Small companies are also connecting with their target audience through social media. 

We understand that some of you are intimidated by the different types of social media options available. To help you out, we have come up with the seven best social media platforms you can use for your business.

Types of social media:

Social Media
  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Youtube
  5. Linkedin
  6. Snapchat
  7. Pinterest


We can say that Facebook is one of the classic social media platforms to market as it is the oldest yet the most influential platform with 2.89 billion monthly active users. Facebook has a tool called Facebook ads, through which you can customize audience groups and market your business. This helps in delivering content to your target market. 

The new algorithm focuses more on posts that have been shared widely, helping you increase brand awareness to a large audience. The average time spent by a user on this platform is 10 minutes. 


The most favorite platform of Gen Z is Instagram. Instagram is filled with influencers, small businesses, and freelancers. It gained huge popularity because of its eye-catching quick content, attractive images, and quirky comedy, popularly known as memes. 

Instagram has drastically revamped its structure for the benefit of businesses to market their brand. A lot can be done to get great engagement from the audience; like giveaways, partnerships, collaborations with influencers. You can gain many organic followers and engagement if you drive attractive and captivating content about your brand.

One more interesting tip about Instagram is the wise use of hashtags. Hashtags have the power to make your content go viral and increase brand awareness. Through Instagram, you have a way to convert your audience as your loyal customer and make great revenue. If you have a story to tell, then Instagram has an audience to listen to.


Sarcastic king Chandler Bing (a character from the series FRIENDS) once said, ‘I make jokes in uncomfortable situations,’ and so was followed by us all. Twitter is filled with sarcastic opinions and comments on different topics. This platform is excellent in terms of engagement with other power brands in the industry as it is known for its breaking news, strong opinions.

Twitter has a larger pool of about 206 million active users, who you can target and attract with your quirky tweets and posts. Here, people will not shy away from speaking their opinion. If your content is satisfactory, then there are high chances of creating a buzz and breaking records. 


YouTube is considered the second largest search engine after google. People love watching videos on YouTube. Video making is difficult as it involves many factors such as script, a camera person, editor, etc. But the hard work is all worth it. Lengthy informative videos drive people to choose your brand over others. 

Few hacks on how to use ‘X’ products, step-by-step guides, intriguing facts, etc., drive massive traffic on YouTube. By watching these videos, people are convinced that they are watching something new and unique. This helps in increase of engagement and brand awareness. YouTube is worth the investment. Start making high-quality videos and see your revenue go higher.


LinkedIn is known for network building. While other social media like Instagram and Twitter can be funny, sarcastic, and quirky, LinkedIn is the most professional platform out there. Previously, businesses used LinkedIn as a medium to hire professionals, but lately, it has transformed into an engagement platform.

Small businesses are mostly on LinkedIn, promoting their brand and finding potential investors who can fund their companies. Linkedin can also be used as a blog site where you can write long blogs and articles about your brand and let people know your brand’s USP. This helps in increasing your professional network.


The first word that pops up in your mind after hearing Snapchat is the word ‘cool’, and you are not wrong. It is the second most influential social media platform to showcase your brand’s value and create a FOMO in your target audience. 

It helps build credibility and increase brand awareness. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform where it influences the product’s market. Nowadays, Snapchat is when many businesses want to launch their product or market their services. The platform first to approach and marketize a product or service is Snapchat. Snapchat has a lot of potential when it comes to advertisements and running successful campaigns. Even though it may cost, it’s a worthwhile investment.


Best platform if you have to attract a female audience. It has around 400 million monthly users, of which 70% are women. If you search for any product or any service, the first website that comes up is Pinterest. If you have a small business, you should be on Pinterest; it’s the thumb rule. Research says 87% of pinners have made a decision on a purchase because of Pinterest. The interesting fact is that even renowned businesses search for products or ideas for inspiration on Pinterest. Do what interests you and open a Pinterest account.


Social media has become a part of our daily routine. No one can escape from the fact that social media rules our life. The above-mentioned types of social media are great options available to market your business and reach heights. 

It is also cost-effective and less time-consuming when compared to traditional marketing approaches. A full-fledged strategic plan should be created to make the execution a hit. 

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