Tips to choose the best footwear for your Skirt

Tips to choose the best footwear for your Skirt
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

We Ladies certainly love our shoes, even if we may not be into the fashion world.

Many a time we have scanned someone from top to bottom for their dressing sense just to get disappointed by their choice of footwear, isn’t it?

Very few realize the significance of footwear in the fashion game; though it may not be visible in the first view, footwear definitely shouts out your fashion sense more vividly. Even people keep separate warehouse shoes for work and sneakers for casual wearing.

Wearing Flip-Flop or sandals with a perfect fit pencil skirt or your favourite LBD will not invite good attention as you expected. 

Consequently, to make things somewhat simple here is a little manual to help you ladies pick the right footwear to go with your outfits based on the length of your skirt (or outfit). We all know that an outfit is not complete even when you wear the right footwear, so here are five must-have accessories  that can take your outfit to a whole new level.

Tips to choose the best footwear for your Skirt

Different dress lengths and appropriate footwear

Let us break down the category of dress according to their lengths. We can narrow it down to mainly 5 general classifications: Full or Maxi length, calf length, knee length, Above the knee or thigh length, and Minis. 

Full or Maxi length 

Strappy sandals are good to go with full-length skirts or dresses along with flip-flops, wedges or ballerinas. Go for strappy shoes/ sandals or low heel wedges in case you are hoping to wear a relaxed maxi skirt or maxi dress during the day and strappy heels seem a good choice for a night out party. 

With maxis, stay away from pumps preferably, however on the off chance that you truly need to wear heels, you could possibly pick peep-toes. Additionally, you could pick platform heels as well. 

Tips to choose the best footwear for your Skirt

Calf length 

Wedges, Kitten heels, stilettos, peep toes, loafers, or sneakers are ideal for any calf-length or skirt with a below knee-length skirt. Even knee high boots work out in a good way for calf-length or midi style outfits. Avoid strappy shoes for calf-length skirts.

Tip: Since your footwear would be greatly noticeable, choose your pair with contrasting shade with designs or details highlighting your outfit. 

Tips to choose the best footwear for your Skirt


Sneakers, wedges, peep-toes, and kitten heels are the more obvious choices for knee-length skirts. Sneakers give you a sporty chic look wherever you go.

Over the Knee or Mid Thigh Length 

If your skirt has a hemline over the knee or is of mid-thigh length, wedges, bellies, or loafers would be  amazing to go with these dresses.


Always remember for a more appealing look, shorter the hemline then flatter the heels. Wearing 

Stilettos with mini skirts may give a shabby look. For a more polished look, sneakers or loafers can be worn with mini skirts.

These are just simple tips you can try on that will change your whole outlook on dressing up. Taking care of the simplest things will make a huge difference when it comes to fashion games. So never underestimate the power of perfect footwear that gives you the confidence to walk your way. 

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