How to Make Distillate Cartridges?

How to Make Distillate Cartridges?
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Conventionally, the most popular way of consuming cannabis was by smoking it. You did not have to process it. As long as it was dry, it was fit for consumption. However, things seem to change now. People are taking a new stance at experimenting with different ways of consuming weed. One way is through making distillate cartridges.

If you want to know what these concentrates are, then here is an article that shows everything to know about these potent liquids. Additionally, you will learn how you can make a good distillate suitable for your needs.

What are distillates?

In essence, these liquids are concentrates. By using laboratory equipment, it goes through a process of distillation, which strips all the other cannabinoids out of the flower, and left with a concentrated solution. It can be THC or CBD concentrate.

Distillation is expensive. Not everybody can afford to do it. However, if you can, then you should try it.

Because of the intense process that the distillate goes through, they do not have any aroma. Therefore, if you vape it that way, it will not exhibit any smell or taste, whatsoever.

Should you consume distillates?

If you are wondering whether these solutions are safe, know that they are. If you have a THC distillate, then it means it has high THC content.

You should take this if you want to get high. Apart from that, CBD distillates are suitable for therapeutic benefits. By the way, CBD does not have the qualities that can make you high. Hence, you should be clear of your consumption intentions when buying a concentration.

Wax versus distillates

These two differ in the way you extract them. Wax goes through a butane extraction process while the distillate goes through intense distillation. If you want to know the best one to purchase, then you can pick any depending on your needs.

Look at the number of cannabinoids present in the concentrate. If you want to get high, then the concentrate should have a THC content of about 50- 90 per cent.

Preparing distillate cartridges at home

You can consume distillates as edibles, adding the concentrate to your joint, dabbing, and through vaping. Vaping is the best option when you compare it to the other methods because of safety, dosages, and you can customize it to your liking.

Dabbing it that way is okay. Some people even do it. The problem with dabbing, however, is that your vape pen could have a difficult time vaping the distillate. It will use a lot of power to transform it into a vape. Reason being: distillates are thick solutions.

Hence, it is vital if you could lower its viscosity by using an appropriate diluent such as terpsusa. Most diluents also act as terpenes to give your solution colour and flavour. Its most vital function is to reduce its thickness and make it safe for the vape pen.

As you add terpene to the cartridge, use an appropriate mixing calculator. Most terpene retailers provide one. Therefore, you do not have to use a trial and error method.

Why distillate cartridges

Distillates, as well as other concentrates, are sensitive. If you expose them to sunlight, oxygen, or moisture, then you could reduce its potency. Therefore, the best solution is to turn them into vape oil and store them in cartridges.

Vape oil is easy to store. With the right cartridges, you can keep it for months. It all depends on your frequency of consumption. Additionally, you are free to try out various different flavours for each cartridge.

Before you buy any cartridge, you have to ensure that it matches with the battery of your vaporizer. If it does not, then there is a high chance that it will not function.

The best way to avoid this malfunction is to purchase both the cartridge and pen from the same manufacturer. Most of them want you to buy their products. That is why different brands may refuse to match.


Preparing distillates is the same as that of wax. Make sure you buy the right cannabinoids depending on the benefit you want to experience. Besides that, they should also have the right concentrations.

As with other concentrates, ensure that you store the distillate cartridges appropriately. If you avoid contact with oxygen and sunlight, then it will not lose its potency whatsoever.

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