How did the Craze of Ludo Conquer the Internet

How did the Craze of Ludo Conquer the Internet
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Every day, millions of people all around the globe indulge in ludo both in the offline as well as the online format. Physical ludo games require equipment. 

However, when it comes to online ludo, all enthusiasts need is a smartphone with a reliable Internet connection. 

Online ludo games offer numerous advantages to users over the conventional offline mode, such as easy accessibility, starter guides or tutorials on how to play ludo, exciting rewards, etc. 

Earlier, when technology had not peaked, people were used to indulging in offline ludo games. However, with the popularization of online gaming, online ludo’s craze spread like wildfire among the masses. This article will cover some factors that made ludo take the Internet by storm in the form of online ludo games. Let us begin:

  • Simple and Easy-to-Understand Gameplay

One of the biggest selling points of ludo that significantly contributed to its popularity both in the online and offline world is its simple and easy-to-understand gameplay. Any individual oblivious to what ludo is and how it is played can learn about the game within a few minutes. Moreover, some online ludo games feature beginner guides and tutorials, which make it easier for beginners to learn about the game and start indulging in them.

2 to 4 players can indulge in the strategy-based board game. The primary objective of players in ludo matches is to move all four of their tokens in the clockwise direction at least once and march them into the home column. The first player who gets the job done wins the game. The number of blocks a player can move their token is determined by their die roll. 

Thanks to ludo’s simple gameplay, millions of people love indulging in matches every day. The game’s simplicity is one of the main reasons why ludo’s craze conquered the Internet. 

  • Interesting Variations 

The generic version of ludo, i.e., the one featuring the stand rules and gameplay, is very exciting to indulge in. However, besides offering the classic ludo mode to users, numerous online ludo games offer enthusiasts interesting variations in the form of unique game modes, each of which features subtle tweaks that significantly improve players’ experience. 

When online ludo’s popularity was still on the rise, numerous online ludo games and platforms introduced different variations of the game, most of which were loved by the masses. As a result, word about the new takes on the generic ludo game in the virtual world spread around, which in turn helped in skyrocketing the popularity of online ludo. 

  • Easy Accessibility

Out of all the benefits the Internet has offered billions of people around the globe, convenience is the most prominent one. Earlier, people had to physically perform the majority of their tasks, such as shopping, banking, etc. In the case of ludo too, individuals had to purchase a physical ludo board along with the playing pieces and a dice to play the game. However, thanks to online ludo games becoming readily available, enthusiasts were able to play online ludo without hassle. 

The popularity of online ludo games soared during the COVID-19 pandemic. More and more people started indulging in online ludo games. This was possible because tons of ludo games were readily accessible to individuals. Thanks to easy accessibility, millions of people downloaded online ludo games and started indulging in ludo matches against their friends or acquaintances. Due to this, ludo became the most popular game during lockdown

  • Competitive Feel

Healthy competition in any game or aspect of life helps individuals grow and keep getting better. Ludo is one of the few strategy-based board games that allow players to creatively use their brains to overpower their opponents during matches. The game’s competitive nature compels players to put their best foot forward and emerge victorious. 

Despite being merely a board game, ludo matches offer players the perfect opportunity to compete with other intelligent players and come up with smart strategies and tricks. Thanks to this aspect of the game, there is an inflow of more and more players every day. Individuals looking to compete with others while having a fun and enjoyable time opt to indulge in ludo matches over other activities. This is another reason why more people play ludo every day, especially its online iterations. 

  • Exciting Rewards and Offers

Another prominent factor that highlights how the craze of the ludo game took over the Internet is the exciting rewards and promotional offers that online ludo games offer players. In most cases, offline ludo games are played only for fun, i.e., players do not place wagers or get rewards after winning matches. However, to attract the masses, all online ludo games offer players the opportunity to win rewards. 

There are tons of online ludo games which offer users exciting in-game as well as real cash rewards whenever they win matches or tournaments. Depending on their performance and the result, online ludo games reward players by unlocking new in-game equipment, offering them in-game credits, which they can use to purchase items or unlock boosts, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Even though ludo has always been very popular among the masses, online ludo’s popularity grew extremely quickly, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. Almost every individual with a smartphone tried online ludo and other similar games to reduce their anxiety during the tough time. Even though the hard times have subsided, people’s love for online ludo has not. Individuals all around the globe still love playing online ludo games. 

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