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10 Practical Ways To Use Instagram Reels For Brand Marketing

It is similar to the TikTok app which lets you jump into the short-term video content. Here are the clean points on how to create, explore, and attach music or audio to your Instagram reels.
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

You should start experimenting Instagram reels if you want to take your marketing strategy to the next level on the platform. Instagram reels are the short-term video contents which is about 15 to 30 seconds dubbed with videos or music. These short and catchy Instagram reels have an ability to go viral in a short time.

A combination of voiceover, text, and music, animation effects with skilled editing is very important when you are using reels with multiple tools. So the right tool to edit your reels and make your task a little easy is what you need. This can be easily done using an online video editor. And also reels, are a more straightforward thing to watch than IGTV. You do not need to bring the sound high to watch reels. It is more visual and straightforward to get video content than IGTV. 

It’s a new Instagram feature which is a spot for most brands on the platform to develop brand awareness and to grow their follower’s count. So how does Instagram reels work, and how could you utilize it for your business or brand?

Instagram Reels

It is similar to the TikTok app which lets you jump into the short-term video content. Here are the clean points on how to create, explore, and attach music or audio to your Instagram reels.

     Explore Reels On Instagram

Before starting, spend more time exploring other’s Instagram reel content and how they are using it for their brand profiles or personal profiles. 

Reels icon on the app looks like a clapboard of the director with a play symbol. To get reels, click on the reels icon. Here, you could get the several reel content of your followers and also other users on the platform depending on your activities on Instagram. 

Landing on the Explore page and searching for reels is another perfect way to explore Instagram reels. You could get a reel icon directly on your profile page.

     Create Reels On Instagram

It’s the perfect time to get the camera mode on to begin filming Instagram reels. Select the plus icon at the upper right end to load a video content on Instagram. A screen opens with multiple options, including Instagram reels.

Select the reels and then several features appear at the left side of the screen. Every feature is more friendly to the platform users, including the fast speed, the timer, and the music icon. 

You could also select your reel video running time(15sec to 30sec). You can begin with small if you are not sure. Reels videos are short-term videos which bring high impact.

     Add Audio Or Music To Instagram Reels

You will get the audio or music option while filming reel video. Tap the music info and you will get a library of music and songs like the sound you attach to your stories on Instagram.

Or utilize the search option to find the best music to your video content creation. Then, select the perfect song portion for your reel video content. You could also use your original voice or any background noise if you don’t need to select a music or song.

Practical Ways For Brand Marketing To Use Reels On Instagram

Instagram reels are the perfect point for every brand to engage with their target fans like other features on social media. Here are the practical ways to utilize the short-term video contents for brand marketing.

     Bring The Story Of Your Brand

Every brand has a past story and telling that story is a perfect way to engage your audience. The reels feature of Instagram can be effectively used to share your brand story and such content is more likely to receive authentic Instagram reels likes and increase brand reach in your industry. You can craft reels content either in an informational or funny tone.

When sharing your brand background, you should be more genuine and not in a sales manner. 

     Provide Discounts To Reel Visitors

You can reward your viewers and loyal followers with exclusive offers and discounts. It’s a perfect way to bring a seasonal sale or announcement of launching new products. It helps in getting more customers to purchase products at your live store.

You could tag your new products in your reel videos on Instagram if you acquired a brand account on the platform. Attract more viewers through your exciting video reel content and provide some discounts. It helps you get more repeatable customers to bring seamless shopping. 

     Spread Your Creative Thinking

Every person wishes to get a sneak peek of designers and their favorite products. It brings them to feel like they are an elite audience. New people to your business or brand could get a strong understanding of the time and effort that works into strengthening your product.

Reels are the more creative way to engage with your audience and customers and make them stay connected with your business or brand. 

     Provide BTS(Behind The Scenes)

To grow a strong relationship with your fans, work with your brand behind the scene strategy in Instagram reels to cover maximum audience. Show your brand reality and your working partners, it strengthens your brand trustability more. 

Give answers directly with showing products through reel video contents for your customer’s questions. It makes your customers come back to purchase more products. 

     Introduce Your Team Mates

Bring your sociality and personality into the social media world. Create reels interviewing your team workers or allow them to express their interest outside of work. It shows your friendliness to your work people which brings more visibility to your brand. 

Also, you could showcase your services, products, or brand strategy when interviewing your teammates. A popular app produces reels with their staff asking audiences to install the app through saying how they worked hard to create that app. This decent reel content brings them more reach and views than expected and attains more installs in that particular month.

     Showcase Your Products

If your product has multiple options or features, Instagram reels helps in highlighting your product features in an attractive way. Also, it helps to drive more traffic with IG reels views, and brings your product more reach in the online market. 

Reels are useful to gain more conversions. Are you working with any custom products for your specific customers? If so, share your skills and talents through Instagram reels to your audience. It makes them more inspired and turns into valuable customers. 

A famous Instagrammer showcases their brand products using reels which helps the fans to get how the products look at Christmas night or while serving the dishes.

     Declare Giveaways

Instagram reels helps you more with massive engagements and builds excitement if you use giveaways on the platform to reward loyal fans or gain valuable followers. Otherwise you could work with surprise giveaways. 

Most brands on Instagram declaring free giveaways of their exclusive products and announcing winners in reels on Instagram. 

     Educate Your People Through Instagram Reels

You can educate your followers about your brand values or brand through Instagram reels. For instance, Snippets, you could share your knowledge as a great expert; it’s still working. It is the perfect way to teach people and act as an advocate of your industry.

Many brands and businesses on the platform use reels on Instagram to provide unknown infos to their target audience. 

It’s a short-type content video feature so you must catch your audience in the first three seconds. You need to hook every visitor through explaining the video line about what you are going to educate them in the next few seconds. Most brands and businesses show the final result before itself(in the first 3seconds), then they will show how to bring that result simple in the next few seconds.

     Highlight Product Demonstration Using Reels On Instagram

These short-term video contents are the perfect way to show up your product more exclusively if your products need more explanation because of a more complicated one. You could also use Instagram reels to bring cool features to your product. You can obtain something silly and more creative. For instance, you can share your product’s less use or special features.

Most artists on the platform use Instagram reels to show off their artistic skills to their massive followers. They use to paint their products in a creative way to grab more audience to get their reels content, and such a way, these kinds of reels receive more engagements.

Combination of voiceover, text, and music is very important when you are using reels with multiple tools. And also reels are a more straightforward thing to watch than IGTV. You no need to bring the sound high to watch reels. It is more visual and straightforward to get video contents than IGTV. 

     Share Happiness Through Instagram Stories

Most brands think out of profit margins and ROI when it comes to marketing on social media. Many times, social media provides a great opportunity. With the support of social media, we have the power to grow light and joy to many peoples. 

Reels are the perfect match. Instagram reels are the ideal way to grow laughter in most audiences. Upload something more beautiful and adorable. Bring more brightness to your brand through Instagram stories. 

An Instagram expert shared a thing on Instagram, just like a sneak peeks into the brand’s daily work. They just used some noise for the background audio rather than using fun songs to bring their reels to the top with creative visuals. 

Summing Up

Reels feature on Instagram brings you new life on the platform and helps you increase your following rate. 

Make short-term video content with fun creatives with handy music when sharing the stories about your brand. It is a perfect tool to experiment and get more creative. Don’t waste your time; just jump in.

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