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Planmeal – An exclusive Indigenous Meal Planning App

Planmeal - An exclusive Indigenous Meal Planning App
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

I am sure you will agree with me that, when we are deciding on a to-do list or  deciding on priorities, ‘Planning for Meals in advance, Healthy Meal Planning for  the week OR Online Diet Plan for the week and Preparing Grocery List’ will not be in our  list of task, We will certainly not give the required importance to Planning Meals  in Advance OR Preparing Grocery List for Shopping Task. 


Yes, due to the COVID pandemic, some of us have already started giving some  weightage to Healthy Diets, But at times it is difficult to decide about Healthy  food on daily basis.

Yes, I agree that Meal planning in advance without any help is a tedious job,  maintain a food journal, maintain recipe book, then planning a menu in the meal  planning sheet for the week, followed by preparing a grocery list is certainly  tedious and time-consuming task like any other, we prefer to do this as per daily  requirement. 

Guys, you’ll be surprised to note that actually, we are wasting more time in  deciding what to cook and eat? Wastage of food (processed / unprocessed) is  high, spending more money in buying unplanned groceries. Knowingly or  unknowingly we end up consuming unbalanced and not so healthy diets. 

Folks, needn’t to worry now, as we have an interesting solution for all your food related hassles. Let me give you inside of one of its kind Indigenous Meal Planning  startup from the City of Lakes (Udaipur) i.e. Planmeal. – An Automatic Meal Planner. 

Planmeal – in short, can tell you What to Eat, How much to Eat and When to  Eat. Planmeal a holistic nutritious meal planning portal and a solution to all food related hassles. Planmeal is an AI powered Personalised Indian meal planning  portal/app for you and your family. With five basic inputs (Gender, Date of Birth,  Height, Weight, and Activity level), it will auto-generate the meal plan for  you. Guided process of planmeal, will help you customize the entire meal plan  based on your preferences like the taste, health conditions, specific dietary  requirement, OR allergies if any.  

Once customized, (Generated Meal Plan) planmeal’s algorithm will automatically  update your weekly meal plan and generate the grocery list/ shopping list for the  daily, weekly, OR for a month. You can match with your available stock in your  pantry, and the rest you can order it online OR download on WhatsApp for local  shopping.  

Planmeal is all about Indian food, especially the Indian Spices Mix. and Planmeal  carry forward the legacy of the Indian Tradition of eating tasty and nutritious  food. Users on planmeal can search regional recipes and can add their own  recipes too.

Meal planning  with planmeal is  so easy that  within minutes  you can generate  and download meal plan for a week or month.  With planmeal  you can even  define your  schedule for the  day, like having  dinner outside in  a restaurant OR  having lunch with a client OR any other. Planmeal’s inbuilt smart messaging  feature will notify you about your meal timings, drinking water notifications etc. 

Plan meal - An Automaitc Meal Planner

planmeal is not just a simple meal planning portal or app, it is actually a smart  kitchen assistant tool, actually, it is an Umbrella product for all your food-related  hassles. Using Planmeal you can save time, money, energy and enjoy a healthy life  with your loved one. Using planmeal you can contribute to society too, as it helps  in minimizing food wastage. 

A holistic approach towards personalized diet and lifestyle change is the need of  the hour, and adopting these changes can help you regain mental and physical  well-being. Meal planning can actually help you eat high-quality food, which is full  of lots of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients which nourish our  brain and protect it from producing free radicals which are harmful to our body. 

Planmeal is developed in phased manner to include many more features in  it. For example *DNA Profiling, Adding family members in phase – 2. There are  many other features covering everything around food be it B2B OR B2C and  B2B2C segment. 

As of now you can generate your daily meal plans, by registering on  planmeal.

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A special invitation to all the readers, to become a part of an exciting journey of  Planmeal Startup, stay healthy and wealthy. ‘We Commit to Care’ 


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