10 Fruits For Weight Loss That Work As A Wonder For Obese People

Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Fruits are natural candies and devoid of artificial sweeteners. Thus, the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth is to eat a lot of fruits everyday. There are some fruits that act as natural fat burners and help in weight loss. You just need to control your calorie intake by replacing sugary food and junk meals with these healthy superfoods in your diet.  

Let’s check out 10 top fruits for weight loss that help in keeping your hunger pangs at bay.

1) Watermelon 


Watermelon is one of the top fruits for weight loss because it contains large quantity of amino acids called arginine that helps in burning fat. As watermelon consists of 90% water, it keeps you hydrated and stuffed thereby reducing the urge for unhealthy snacking. 

2) Apple 

It is rightly said that ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Apples are a rich source of fibre, water content and vitamin A. You must eat an apple in the morning everyday. You can satisfy your sweet tooth by adding this healthy superfood in fruit salad and custard as well. 

3) Guava 

Another healthy and tasty food for weight loss is guava. This fibrous fruit controls your bowel movements that inturn aid in weight loss. Patients suffering from Diabetes must eat guava as its consumption reduce the absorption of sugar in blood. 

4) Pear


Pear is a rich source of vitamin C and fibre. As pear gets digested slowly, it makes you feel stuffed for a long time. The regular consumption of pears combat inflammation and keep your cholesterol levels in check. 

5) Banana 


Banana is a post-workout food that provides instant energy to your body. You need to replace post-workout snack bars with bananas to get desired weight loss result. Bananas prevent muscle cramps, regulate blood pressure, prevent acidity and constipation.

6) Orange


Oranges are healthy superfoods high in water content and low in calories. This nutrient-dense food is great in taste as well. Thus, you must replace sugary food and unhealthy desserts with oranges to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

7) Lemon 

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Lemon is considered as one of the top fruits for weight loss. It is a rich source of vitamin B, vitamin C, riboflavin and minerals like magnesium and phosphorus. Drink a glass of lemon and honey every morning to burn excess fat in your body. 

8) Pomegranate 


Pomegranate is a tasty and fibrous fruit that aids in rapid weight loss. This low-calorie fruit is high in fibre, water content and anti-oxidants. The presence of abundant anti-oxidants in pomegranate helps in purifying your blood. 

9) Pineapple 

9) Pineapple

It is a low-calorie food free of fat and cholesterol. Pineapple is high in enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. The consumption of pineapple makes you feel full inturn reducing the urge for unhealthy snacking.

 10) Berries 

10) Berries

Berries are healthy superfoods with heavenly taste. These citrus fruits contain little carbohydrates that help in weight loss and improve digestion. Blueberries and strawberries help in boosting metabolism in your body. Consume strawberries in moderate quantities as they produce fat-burning hormones adinopectin and leptin in body.

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