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A Basic Guide To Intuitive Counseling

A Basic Guide To Intuitive Counseling
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

There are several people out there who wonder what intuitive counseling or an intuitive counselor are. Due to the lack of readily available information, these are the common questions. In order to answer all the questions, we will go over intuitive counseling in depth in this article. So, if you are also wondering about what intuitive counseling and an intuitive counselor are, then read on. 

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the thread that connects your body and mind to your highest self, higher consciousness, and spirit gods. It enables you to know something without using your conscious mind’s reasoning or analysis. You can use your intuition to find your inner wisdom and knowledge guidebook. However, it’s frequently inhibited by a variety of factors including lived experiences, familial and social conditioning.

What Is Intuitive Counseling?

Intuitive counseling is a healing modality that combines spiritual insight with therapeutic counseling techniques to support an individual’s or group’s healing journey, mental wellbeing, interpersonal relationships (including one with oneself), and spiritual growth and development. Intuitive counselors frequently share intuitive information they have learned during the session, enabling you to explore another avenue of reflection.

Why Do People Seek Counselors?

There are several reasons for why people seek a counselor. It’s possible that you feel “stuck” and are unsure of the meaning or direction of your existence. Perhaps a comfortable shift or change in your life was brought on by a life event. Or perhaps you would like to have spiritual and holistic conversations but don’t know a person who could give you an unbiased opinion in a secure environment. 

Whatever the reason, intuitive counseling gives you confidence and clarification, a fresh viewpoint and insights, as well as a general sense of wellbeing and empowerment.

What Symptoms Can A Counselor Address?

What Symptoms Can A Counselor Address?

You can discuss with your counselor on a plethora of topics. Some of the few common examples are stress management, spirituality, self-esteem, relationship issues, life transitions, life coaching, identity, decision-making difficulties, coping skills, career guidance.

What Actually Happens In An Intuitive Session?

A reading from an intuitive gives you insight into your problem, allows you to connect with your spiritual self, and understand your life’s purpose. All of us have the ability to create powerfully, and readings can assist you in giving your creations greater consciousness, power, and freedom. Readings can assist you in examining issues pertaining to transitions, loss, sorrow, present challenges, sexual issues, past-life problems, complicated relationships, spiritual path, finances, and career. 

For example, a session can assist you in identifying your career space and the obstacles standing in the way of your dream career. Like there are many types of relationship, you can also ask as to what is obstructing your relationship if you are having issues with a pal or your lover. You could also inquire as to why you choose your parents and what you are learning from family agreements. A session with an intuitive counselor can help you with any problem since it gives you the possibility to gain new insights from an neutral observer. You will achieve the clarity you are looking for after a suitable energy healing session. 

Most of us continue to carry energies from the past that have an impact on our present life. Your counselor will work with healing guides during an energy healing session to help you cleanse your chakras, auras, and energetic bodies. You can acquire the assistance you need to adjust with life’s significant changes and transitions by receiving energy healing or readings.

Intuitive Sessions And Energy Healings –

Intuition Sessions-

Your chakras, aura, and spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional energetic bodies are all observed throughout a session. The energy field that surrounds your body and contains bands of color and mental image images is known as your aura. Each of us has seven auras, which are examined based on the problems or inquiries you ask.

Energetic Healings-

It is possible to offer specific healing for ongoing projects, wounds, and illnesses. There is no diagnosis, and the healing includes finding and removing any energy that is inhibiting your recovery. The healing process typically involves little verbal communication.

What Are The Types Of Intuitive Counseling?

You have the potential and capacity to bring your life back into resonance and focus with your most essential and highest self. You can take the following kinds of intuitive counseling sessions. You receive psychic assistance with the core purpose of helping you (practically, energetically, and emotionally), motivating and empowering you to help you live your most joyful and awakened life. This is the common thread that runs through all of these sessions. Prices may differ depending on where the session takes place (in person, online, or over the phone). 

Individual Sessions

What do you want most deeply? What do you want to experience? How do you want to live? You have the chance to explore your dreams and desires in greater detail during these sessions, giving you the chance to design your life exactly how your heart wishes. You get empowering psychic guidance during your session that aids in helping you gain clarity regarding the vision you have for your life, as well as any patterns or barriers that are standing in the way of you living that vision. Additionally, you get intuitive feedback on what’s working and what’s coming in to help you. You must be grounded and realistic in order to achieve clarity. You require a counselor who is realistic and who can give you detailed instructions on how to get your life in order. 

A session typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. If this is your first session, you should plan a 90-minute session. A 90-minute session allows you enough time to receive good psychic guidance because the initial session yields more knowledge. After a long time, you are having a session. To fully take use of the energetic, emotional, and practical offerings, more time is needed. The approximate individual session cost you $350 for a 60-minute session and $250 for a 90-minute session.

Couples/Partner Sessions

Couples/Partner Sessions

All types of relationships, including dating, committed, and married ones, can benefit from these sessions. Your counselor helps you find more direction, tools, and clarity so that you can connect with each other deeply, authentically, and wholeheartedly. Choose this session if you want to improve your relationship by removing obstacles. These sessions provide a sacred setting for you to be guided toward building the proper relationship of your dreams. The approximate couple session cost you $450 for a 90-minute session. 

Energy Healings

The greatest of both worlds are combined in this session. It is a hands-on healing session that is physically guided. The session begins with a physically guided session that gives you feedback to make adjustments in the path of your life and joy as well as vision and clarity for your future and peasant. The hands-on healing session is then initiated as you enter a candle-lit room. In other words, you move from mental and emotional healing to spiritual and physical healing. The 120-minute session allows you and your partner plenty of time to get the most out of it. The approximate Intuitive counseling with energy healing cost you $450 for a 120-minute session.

How Should I Choose A Counselor?

You ought to pick a person who specializes in counseling and has a professional degree in this field. They will be able to combine their professional qualifications with their natural intuitive abilities in this way. Both claircognizance (knowing) and clairsentience (feeling) are abilities of an excellent counselor. 

If they have mastered any healing modalities, that’s an extra bonus. Check to see how many sacred texts, teachings, and studies they have already learned. You need a counselor who can create a secure environment for the session and is clear and connected. Your difficulties should come first for your counselor, not their own. To get the most out of a session, you need their whole focus and alignment. They must first have done a great deal of inner work, have a clear code of conduct, and be able to connect with the Heart of Source, Divine Sparks, Healing Teams, and their Higher Selves. Actively listening while holding space for someone else is a gift that few people have. Most people only want to be seen and heard for who they truly are. Being able to provide them with this opportunity is progressing towards love.

Intuitive Counseling Is Beneficial For Whom?

Intuitive Counseling Is Beneficial For Whom?

Intuitive counseling is beneficial for anyone who is concerned about their spiritual growth, relationships, careers, purposes, wealth, and health. We all experience periods of time in our lives when we feel nervous or depressed for an extended period of time. Or we are attempting but failing to make peace with the challenges that life has thrown at us. Taking responsibility for your life requires first understanding your blocks. Reading is a beautiful gift, but you must realize that it only gives you a glimpse of the present, using the energy you have available. Only while you choose to stay on the same path is what your reading is telling you applicable. 

Every time you change something like your beliefs, desires, or fears, the result will change as well. This implies that while we evolve and make choices, our future is constantly changing. Even a small adjustment in who we are now could have a significant impact on our future. The only emphasis of intuitive counseling is the obstacles preventing you from achieving your goal. It helps you to identify every energy that is preventing you from changing a pattern. You must also realize that your counselor can only provide you with the tools necessary for change; the actual change will occur once you are ready. There are instances when no difference will be apparent, regardless of how many readers and healers you see. This occurs because you were not prepared to let go, not because the healer wasn’t good at what they were doing.

Intuitive Counseling Training And Courses

Intuitive Counseling Training And Courses

Being a counselor is a really fulfilling job. You can acquire the abilities and knowledge required to become a counselor by enrolling in one of the many certifications and programmes available. With the knowledge you gain from these courses, you will have the confidence to use your intuitive abilities to assist others in their journeys. Certification programs start at $199 and are offered by many well-known universities.


Your ability to harness your energies to live the life of your dreams via intuition is quite effective. So, get ready to book an appointment for an intuitive counselor as with the help of them you know who truly you are, what you desire in life and many more. Also note that counselors only work with you on your current spiritual path and cannot predict the future. It is totally impossible to promise what will happen when you receive healing or a reading because everyone processes energy differently.

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