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Shamballa Reiki: Meaning, Levels and Training

Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Introduction to Shamball Reiki

Developed by the great spiritual teacher John Armitage (a.k.a. Hari Das Melchizedek), it is used for personal healing and spiritual development. Armitage claimed to have received these clairvoyant instructions from the Ascended Master Saint Germain. 

This spiritual practice was used by him during his incarnation as a priest in the Atlantean healing temples. These energies were hen channelled by Armitage. 

The individuals of Atlantis believed that they had access to twenty-two symbols or energy frequencies.

However, Saint Germain told Armitage that Earth’s vibration was high enough to infuse the whole system of three hundred and fifty-two symbols into ourselves to assist the ascension and healing of Lady Gaia. these multi-dimensional energy frequencies and symbols are directly infused into an individual’s energy fields by Shamballa teachers/masters. 

This ancient healing system is still used by Shamballa masters to heal their disciples/students. The attunements open you to receive through your higher self up to three hundred and fifty-two etheric symbols. 

These symbols are revealed in the form of meditation, healing or even sometimes in a dream state; one for each dimensional level between the creator energy and the individual. 

These symbols are keys that open the gateway to these wonderful dimensional frequencies. The symbols are revealed to you as their needs arise. 

Shamballa recognizes the I Am Presence or the Mahatma Energy which is a link to Divinity that is expressed in a feeling, living and deep knowledge of the connection that is Oneness with all life.

Understanding Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa is based on a popular belief that all individuals have been attuned to Reiki in the past and this ability can be awakened again in order to heal the world and benefit mankind. 

Therefore, the principles of Reiki which were introduced by Mikaomi Usui in the 20th century are combined with the principles of Shamballa i.e. the ancient metaphysical teaching with its roots in India and Tibet.

Since Shamballa operates on a higher vibrational plane, it enables faster energy transfers at high intensity. 

It helps you connect or re-connect with the fullest expression of your being. This enables you to experience fulfilment in all spheres of your life such as career, relationship, finance, health, etc. 


An expanded range of Reiki energies that are used in Usai Reiki is used in Shamballa Reiki. Shamballa energy helps you access a greater frequency range of Reiki energy for all-round healing. 

Usui Reiki

It is a simple technique that involves laying hands to transfer energy by attuning to the life energy. The name of this technique is derived from the Japanese words “Rei” that means “the wisdom of God” and “Ki” that means “life force energy”. It cannot be taught in a usual manner and is, therefore “attuned” by the Reiki teacher. 

Shamballa Reiki is no different. It is passed on to the student by his/her master in a similar manner. It can be understood as plugging a bulb to a socket because the dormant energies begin to flow freely. 

Shamballa Reiki practitioners consider Shamballa Reiki a better and more powerful technique than Usui Reiki. The reason is simple: practitioners of Usui Reiki use a fixed pattern of hand movements.

On the other hand, practitioners of Shamballa Reiki encourage their students to let the energy flow freely and reach wherever it is needed.

They firmly believe that Shamballa healing energies that were transmitted by St Germain enable a more powerful and direct connection to the divine healing power and therefore provide a profound and intense experience for the individual. 

I Am Presence/Mahatma Energy

It can be explained as “one with all” or “all is one” energy. It is that energy that identifies and acknowledges that the student is the source as well as the source at the same time. Oneness can be found in the student and it is not separate from the higher source because the student is the source. 

In a lot of ways, I am Presence energy is the energy of ascension where the student knows that he/she is the one with all. These energies greatly benefit during raising your ascension and vibration, psychic development or multi-dimensional healing.

Levels of Shamballa Reiki

Level I

This level enables you to heal yourself as well as healing others.

Level II

It enables you to transfer healing energies to distant places or people. 

Level III

It adds more symbols that enable you to start attuning Shamballa Reiki to Level I students.

Level IV

This is the teacher/master level and is attained once the individual receives all the three hundred and fifty-two symbols. It enables you to attune students of all four levels of Shamballa Healing. 

Level V (Shamballa 1024)

Letting go of negative and old energies can be difficult as the turmoil in our Beingness brings a lot of baggage. An individual moves into ann emotional consciousness transition where all manifest or change into creation.

It can be understood as a butterfly evolving from a cocoon. This 5D level helps you dream and more importantly, live that dream. The individual becomes a Starseed and a Lightworker and can teach others how to become “All is One That is”. 

The individual often feels new guides come and go. These guides help them grow in a conscious expansion (for a shorter period of time) to help connect with new energies. This system (surprisingly) works with both animals as well as humans. 

Shamballa 1024 comprises of 4 systems that activate an individual’s healing DNA to balance its body. It helps in overriding the existing carbon-based DNA present in the body to allow a DNA recoding process. 

This system is widely used to aid an individual’s ascension process, enable them o work with their third eye, raise their vibrational frequency, remove krama from their past lives and release negative or old energies.

Level VI (Shamballa Unity Unified)

This system combines both Shamballa 1024 and Shamballa Reiki allowing all the symbols to work as one. 

The unified Shamballa Symbol is believed to be a gift from Saint Germain. 

An individual can feel when he is ready for his attunement for this unified symbol. 

It carries the energies of the 11 i.e. the beginning of the Master Energies. This reflects an energy that’s available to uplift and inspire humanity. It also reflects a great amount of self-understanding with a clear ability to see through emotional experiences to the truth within. 

A Session of Shamball Reiki

You can sit comfortably on the floor or a chair or even lie on a table. During the session, your teacher/practitioner might or might not lay hands on you.

Most people report feeling a range of physical sensations such as heat or tingling. Some people also report strange impressions or thoughts. 

Shamballa Reiki explains these sensations as freeing the spiritual, physical and emotional blockages and replacing them with the healing life force. 

You will feel the difference after one session itself since most people report feeling refreshed and relaxed. Some people also report feeling free from illness and relief from pain. 

Attunements for individuals who wish to become a Shamballa Reiki teacher/master are usually conducted in a class. These classes generally focus on traditional healing methods such as Qi Gong, meditation practices and energy work. 

You do not need to have any prior experience in the field of healing arts or meditation. These classes are available wherever there is a qualified teacher to offer them. 

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