Meditation: the ultimate weapon for peace and balance!

Meditation: the ultimate weapon for peace and balance!
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

A world full of actions and reactions, tasks and multi-tasks, hustle and bustle, where do we find our inner happiness? Each one of us is busy with life, yet not completely satisfied with it. We are doing what we are supposed to do, taking care of our responsibility as a global citizen, a father/ mother, husband/ wife, brother, etc. But where is the peace and balance in our life? How can we achieve a state of mental well being along with performing our daily activities?

Here in this moment, Meditations plugs in. Yes, friends, Meditation does not alone get us inner happiness and peace but a complete sense of well- being. We feel happy with what we are doing. We feel satisfied with even a little offered to us. We are in total control of our emotions and reactions. We are happy and balanced in our mind, body, and soul. All this is achieved with a constant practice of meditation. Yes, it is not magic but a habit that leads to great magic that happens within.

What is meditation?

Meditation is turning to a world that is within us, disconnecting from the outer world temporarily and reconnecting within. It is a connection of a person with himself, it is self-introspection, self-talk, a way of being with oneself. Meditation is the key or rather a weapon of inner peace and balance. Finding yourself, when you have lost touch with you is meditation. Going into this state of peace is bliss. There comes a point when everything, every emotion seems blank. We get this balance through practicing meditation. 

Who can practice Meditation?

It can be done by a person of any caste, creed, age, gender, or nation. To begin with, simply keep a few things in mind while meditating:  

  • Focus all our attention on your mind, soul, and inner body, disconnect from the outer world(avoid talking, looking at the phone, etc).
  • Sit straight and comfortably on anything, maybe a chair, couch, bed with eyes closed for at least 15 minutes.
  • Start meditating by breathing deeply for 5-6 times. Deep inhalations and exhalations, without holding your breath. Slow, steady, and nice.
  • Now, give commands to yourself like, “My legs are relaxed, my knees are relaxed, my thighs are relaxed, till you come up starting from legs to your head which will get relaxed as you gradually come up concentrating.” 
  • Now, feel that every incoming breath is energizing your body and every outgoing breath is relaxing your body.
  • Here, you are completely relaxed with your mind blank and you can hear all kinds of noises from the outside world. Whether it be, of a fan, rains, pet, etc. anything in the outer world. But they do not bother you anymore because you feel more peaceful.
  • Lastly, count your blessing, have gratitude, and feel your blessing flow within you. Achieve a sense of inner happiness, inner balance, and peace.

Why is meditation important?

Meditation is the key weapon to achieving well being within it, positivity, boosted confidence,  inner energy, still mind, effortlessness, mental clarity, better concentration, better sleep, deep relaxation, etc. There are innumerable benefits of Meditating to that inner bliss. They say, “What you’re seeking outside is within you.” After a constant practice of meditation, we feel it, trust me. You find an answer to the question within you, by self-realization, self-talk, or say by having a one on one conversation with yourself. Getting rid of negativity and moving towards a positive self.

Not only this, Meditation has led to a positive effect on multiple health ailments like depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, poor immunity, thyroid, etc. It has shown a positive impact on so many people that if one doesn’t try it, he is definitely missing on a big thing in his life. 


Meditate, yourself to a better you. Start it if you have not, practice constantly if you do, and have gratitude in your heart. Life is full of good things and let’s find it, let’s live it, let’s be it. Last but not the least, Don’t forget to smile, because that’s the most invaluable asset that you own. 

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