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Twin Heart Meditation : Definition, Benefits, & More

Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Twin Heart Meditation (TWHM), also known as Meditation on Twin Heart, uses Divine energy to cleanse and flush the aura. As a result, the Twin Hearts Meditation sharpens and clears the mind while also soothing our emotions. Whenever the aura becomes clean and bright, one can experience peace, calmness, and, as a result, a higher degree of consciousness. This meditation is extremely unique in that it serves to open the heart chakra(the emotional heart) and the crown chakra(the spiritual heart) which works on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.

In this article, we discussed in detail the meaning of twin heart meditation, its benefits, and much more. So go ahead and learn more about it.

What Is Twin Heart Meditation And How Does It Work?

The Twin Heart Meditation was introduced to the world by Master Choa Kok Sui. Twin Heart Meditation is an advanced level of technique for activating and achieving universal consciousness or illumination. 

It’s also a type of world service that serves to bring peace to the world by blessing it with loving-kindness, peace, joy, and generosity. It is a noble tool that increases one’s vibration to higher levels of consciousness and awareness. It enables the meditator to feel peace and cosmic energy entering into the body in the form of power. 

Meditation practices allow a person to deal with emotional traumas while also assisting in the development of consciousness. The twin heart meditation concentrates on emotional healing and removing negativity at the top. Meditation is a means to connect your mental, bodily, and emotional selves. The human heart is divided into two halves. The heart chakra is one, and the crown chakra is another. Emotions are handled by the heart chakra, whereas the spiritual self is handled by the crown chakra. 

Only with the use of physical and mental powers, meditation practice conquers a connection between these two. As a result, when this all comes together, it causes both the heart’s segment and to unite. After both portions of the heart have been created, an excess of energy is injected in the form of pure white light. 

In the twin heart meditation, the white light is Prana. That white light goes from the head chakra to the mind and throughout the body. As a result, the white lights represent illumination. Numerous disorders, including diabetes, heart disease, blood clots, sadness, stress, and bad thinking, are thought to be cured by this pleasant light. Twin heart meditation was introduced to overcome and heal all of this.

What Are The Benefits Of Twin Heart Meditation?

Better health: When cosmic energy rushes through you, it flushes out the used-up and unwanted energies in your body; as a result, you feel more refreshed after the Meditation.

Increase your self-esteem: As your power grows, you will be able to accomplish more, which will aid in the development of a positive image of yourself. 

Brightens the mind and increases happiness: Your mind becomes clearer and your emotions more refined after the undesired thought formations and emotions are out of your system.

Increase your great luck: Once you make yourself accessible to help, you will understand that good deeds bring good fortune in life, and that many individuals are fortunate in their everyday activities as a result of their good deeds.

Become a divine channel: The meditation gives you the chance to become a channel for blessing everyone on the planet with a better existence.

Improve your relationships: You will be filled with kindness and love. Your relationship will be more harmonious as a result of this affection. You can practice this meditation on a daily basis to strengthen your relationship with your parents, partner, or anybody else in your life.

Anxiety, depression, and tension are reduced: Within your chakras and aura, Twin Heart eliminates undesirable emotions and thought formations. It allows you to naturally experience happiness and positivity.

How Do You Do Twin Heart Meditation?

1) First and foremost, you must eliminate laziness and feel the activeness in your body before beginning the meditation. To begin with a regular warm-up. Warm-up your entire body with workouts such as slow jumping, quick walking, and on-the-spot jogging. Then, at the same time, stretch each portion of your body. It will get your body moving and allow you to get rid of negativity quickly.

2) Warm-up for at least 10 minutes before heading to Twin Hearts Meditation with these exercises.

3) Sit in your most comfortable position and take a few deep breaths. Feel your body’s warmth and energy. If you have a propensity of bending your spine, straighten it.

4) Begin to think optimistically by recalling the blessings you receive from God, your parents, spiritual healers, and teachers.

5) Place your hands in the center of your heart now.

6) The best technique to stimulate the heart chakra is to start thinking about the best events of your life and spark your thought process with happy and positive feelings. 

7) Touch the center of your head once you’re feeling happy and optimistic.

8) The beginning point of your crown chakra is your head.

9) So, for around 2 minutes, place your hand on the top of your head and begin blessing the entire world.

10) Now you’ll be able to feel the presence of your heart and crown  chakras in your body, and you can start blessing the entire cosmos.

11) Imagine a bright light in the brain’s center at this point. When imagining the existence of the light, chant the holy word “Om.”

12) Allow this light to fill your entire body as well as your mind. Release the positive light into the environment once the body has been occupied with it.

13) Lastly, carefully open your eyes and continue the process every day to practice Twin Heart Meditation.

Who Should Not Practice Twin Heart Meditation

  • People who have severe heart problems, glaucoma, kidney or liver disease. Those with hypertension can still do it if they skip the chanting of “Om.”
  • The meditation can be practiced once a week by children aged 10 to 16.
  • Meditation should not be done while driving or completing other important tasks.
  • Those who smoke a lot(They should fully clean their lungs, back heart, and front heart centers before beginning the meditation.)
  • Surplus clinics on The Meditation for Peace should be avoided by pregnant women since the excess energy might induce congestion in the embryo. They can do the Meditation once or twice a week.

The Bottom Line

Twin Hearts Meditation should be practiced on a regular basis. Your aura will change as a result of this meditation, and the environment around you will change as well. Chanting has always guided us in the correct direction. People have been doing it for centuries to obtain power and vitality. Twin heart meditation, on the other hand, is an unusual concept. It doesn’t give you power, but it does make you stronger mentally and physically so that you can deal with whatever comes your way. 

The practice allows you to be your most authentic self. It grants you complete happiness and, at the very least, the potential to bless and heal everyone else. It gives you the ability to interact with the entire cosmos in a way that feels linked to all living things. The world is a place that is full of needy people, and that you can aid them by offering blessings and assisting living beings.

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