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Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Wait! Wait! Wait! What positive impact? It’s obvious that you might be furious looking at the title especially in 2020. But let me tell you there are many positive things that are happening around.

It’s dead easy to lose hope and brood over the negative events happening around. To move ahead we must focus on the brighter side ignoring the fact that darkness surrounded us with no hope to live.

I believe there is no such chaos in this universe. There is a purpose for everything that has ever happened and will ever happen. Every experience offers a lesson.

Covid-19 is a dangerous thing according to the records but it has somehow made us understand the purpose of life. It reminded us the importance of home life and nature which we have been neglecting for years. It is giving us a chance to restructure it and initiate from the very beginning.

Listed below are some of the positive impacts of the pandemic.

Building stronger relationships with friends and family.

Just a year before we all were busy doing meetings, attending conferences, completing projects. Where we forgot the importance of spending quality time with family. Realisation comes after the mistake has been done. It has given us a chance to cherish the little moments with the loved ones. Be it cooking for your family, playing board games altogether, teaching your children or talking to grandparents about their past, listening to music and many more.

mother enjoying with his son
firstcry parenting

It is giving us immense pleasure by just dreaming it think how enjoyfull it would be living this dream.

Value of being hygienic

Health experts are tired of recommending a proper regular hand wash to keep yourself away from disease. But a few took it seriously and do you even know that 69% of men don’t wash hands after using bathrooms according to a study. All of sudden those recommendations from experts creative ads on washing hands started making sense. A millions of people started practicing this habit on a regular basis.

hygiene top most priority
Quest to fitness

Fact: it takes nearly 2 months for a habit to be the part of daily routine.

Being Health conscious

Researchers defined health as “the ability of a body to adapt to new threats and infirmities”.

This definition is now relevant as the world combats with one of the dangerous transformative challenge around. Sri Narendra Modi has also promised to increase the public health spending to 2.5% GDP by 2025.

Everyone started doing exercises, yoga’s, in-taking vitamin and nutrient rich food which should have been a daily routine from the childhood. Started hydrating frequently and understanding the value of it. I know even some of you reading this aren’t acquainted with this habit yet. It’s never too late start doing from now. There are many apps as well as experts who guide you to hustle and to be in proper shape. As you are just the beginner so it’s important to learn from the basics.

different poses of yoga
NDTV food

People Enjoying leisure activity

The lock down has pushed us to try new and innovative things. people are trying the board games, some are reading novels, some are practicing dance, songs and new games. Enjoying these activities helps us cut down the mental stress, it is strengthening our relationship and also improves us to grow as a person.

Old aged group playing board game
Senior LIFE

Digital literacy

Due to the social distancing it has forced people to be literate digitally. This pandemic has threw us to the backseat in the race but to fight back there needs to be a solution so to be back to stable industries, universities and banks has started working digitally.

digital image
Elets Technomedia

Many apps such as coursera has made its coursera for campus platform free to higher education institutions. Edx is offering a range of free online courses from top universities. Online transactions has been a frequent usage now.

This initiatives encourages the digital platform which in result there is inclination of digital literacy rate.

Healing of the environment

When you get up early in the morning you can experience the clearer deep blue sky and the bird’s chirping which helps in making the meditation even more peaceful, It reminds us the mornings of early 90s.

Nitrogen oxide gas emission has reduced to a level. For people who aren’t aware about the nitrogen oxide. It is a harmful gas which is produced from the reaction of nitrogen and oxygen during combustion in the air. In large cities where traffic is more the emission of NOx becomes air pollution significantly. Too much of Nitrogen oxide will cause to cough and lower the lungs immunity to infections.

NOx emission from the car

India is one of the most polluted country in the world. But because of the lockdown the result will surprise you.

himalaya range
The Tribune India

Himalayan range can be seen through naked eyes from Punjab it has happened first time in a while after 30 years. From 100 miles away it can be seen.

People are having healthy sleep

When we used to travel distance to get to work or have to get up early to make the kid reach school on time. We were lacking in that extra sleep. Now it has given us the extra time to sleep. Even in the afternoon people are getting time to take a quick nap with family as they don’t have to come late from the work.  A proper healthy sleep also helps to boost the immunity.

kid having peacefull sleep
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Busy schedule has kept us working outside home. Where we forgot to do the own household work. To keep ourselves busy, Housework is one of the lovely thing to do. Cleaning utensils, helping mom or wife to cook a new dish, cleaning off the cobwebs. Helping your own son, daughter, brother or sister in studying. Even most of the people are experiencing this valuable work.

art of humans doing housework

Animals roaming freely

Various animals roaming freely in the roads as humans are locked in their home. They are enjoying the nature to the fullest. The fish biomass has been increasing as over-fishing has almost depleted it. Even sea turtles has returned back to the areas where they ignored to lay their eggs because of human interference.

olive ridley turtles on the shore of sea
The Logical Indian

so these are some of the positive impact that has came out of covid-19 crisis.

Taking everything into account it is reminding us that how precious our health is, it is reminding us the purpose of life is just not the money sometimes little moments are worth millions, it is reminding us to be kind to one another regardless the culture, religion and the occupation, It is reminding us the patience plays a greater role in moving a level up, It is reminding us that the earth is not only the place of humans but the other creatures too.

Great things takes time. As we the people improvising our daily lifestyle and thought process. There are different aspects of life but it is necessary to focus on the brighter side.

 Do you know what? Life is cyclical and this is a phase of the cycle. It has given us a chance to restructure it. Don’t panic as this phase of the cycle too shall pass.

Thank you for reading

Stay home stay safe. We together can beat this pandemic.


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