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Beginner’s Guide to Pranic Healing

Beginner’s Guide to Pranic Healing
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

In this day and age, our lives have become so busy that few of us have enough time to sleep and eat regularly, let alone meditate and soul-search. As a consequence of our hectic lives, our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing are taking a toll. If you believe that physical health, inner peace, and tranquillity have become luxuries only the privileged can afford, we can assure you they’re not. The technique of pranic healing can help you restore the life energy your body needs to function properly and live a happier, healthier life.

The origin of pranic healing

The roots of pranic healing can be found in China.

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui, a Chinese-Filipino spiritual teacher, is known as the father of pranic healing.

After years of experimentation and studying esoteric practices such as chi kung, Kabbalah, and yoga, he came up with an energy healing system that is so simple yet so powerful and effective.

Years later, the science of pranic healing spread from South East Asia to the rest of the world. 

What is prana?

The word ’’prana’’ originates from the Sanskrit language and means ’’Life’’ or ’’Spirit’’.

It refers to a universal life force, a hidden form of energy, that exists in all living things, animals, plants, even air, sunlight, earth, sky, rocks, etc. 

Prana is the energy that moves the universe and keeps all of its creatures alive and healthy. All living things absorb prana through sunlight, air, and earth. Their health and wellbeing depend on the amount of prana in them. 

The three sources of prana

The three major sources of prana are Solar Prana, Air Prana, and Ground Prana.

  • Solar Prana exists in the sunlight. Sunbathing, sungazing and drinking water charged or exposed to sunlight are all good ways to absorb it. 
  • Air Prana exists in the air. We absorb it through breathing and through the chakras or energy centres in our etheric body. We can absorb it through the pores on our skin, but the easier way to do it is through deep, slow, rhythmic breathing in nature. 
  • Ground Prana exists in the ground. It can be absorbed through the minor chakras or pressure points located on the soles of our feet. A simple way to do it is walking barefoot on the ground. 

What is pranic healing?

Pranic healing is a powerful technique of energy healing. It doesn’t involve drugs or even touch. Pranic healing is an effective healing method based on one key principle – that the body has the natural ability to self-repair or self-heal. 

The two pillars of pranic healing are two essential laws. The first law is the law of self-recovery. The second one is the law of prana or life energy. 

As a science, pranic healing studies our energetic anatomy. Namely, there is an energy field that surrounds every being. Some call it the energy body, the etheric body, the bioplasmic body, or the aura.

This field can be described as a field of light that penetrates the physical body and extends beyond it to around four to five inches (on average) and acts as some sort of shield. The size depends on the person’s health. 

Unfortunately, there are many things in life that can disturb our aura. Things like sadness, loneliness, fear, stress and anxiety all affect our luminous energy field in negative ways.

As our physical and energy bodies are interconnected, what affects one, affects the other, too. Consequently, we develop long-lasting physical and psychological issues. 

Pranic therapy heals the etheric (energy) body which serves as a protective layer covering the physical body.

Any malady, dark thought or unhealthy emotion gets in contact with this aura first, before manifesting itself in the physical body.

It often happens that certain physical symptoms can’t show up in a medical report because the illness or disease has come in contact with the person’s aura but hasn’t yet touched the physical body. 

Maintaining our inner balance and keeping our body/mind in good shape requires implementing healthy habits and taking good care of this energy body.

This ancient art of healing helps us identify problems and eliminate them while cleansing our aura and restoring its balance. 

The therapy is based on the channelling of pranic energy from the source through the healer towards the one who’s being healed.

Practitioners channelize the life force or prana around us and use it to heal our minds and bodies.

The healer acts as a channel or medium while the energy acts as a healing tool. Numerous testimonials and researches from around the globe prove that it truly works!

The energy body has 11 major chakras. They control and energize our vital organs and affect our mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Pranic healing helps cleanse, stabilize, and energize all the major chakras and various minor ones when needed.

Cleansing helps remove the unhealthy energy from the person’s body and eliminates blockages in the energy channel so it can soak up fresh energy coming from the healer. Energizing might do more harm than good unless the cleansing is done properly.

Build healthy habits

People who practice yoga, chi kung, or meditation on a regular basis often have an aura that’s healthy and vibrant.

These activities regulate the flow of the pranic energy keeping their chakras free of blockages. 

With a cleansed energy body, you can enjoy an active physical body that’s free of diseases and easily cope with everyday problems.

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What are the benefits of pranic healing?

The key benefits of pranic healing include:

  • Greater happiness
  • Inner peace
  • Higher degrees of intelligence
  • Fewer health problems
  • Helping others
  • Higher degrees of sensitivity and awareness
  • Improving your intuition

Is it difficult to become a pranic healer?

Anyone with an open mind can become a pranic healer provided that they are willing to learn. Anyone with average ability to concentrate and average intelligence can master the basic techniques and principles of pranic healing in a few sessions.

It is like learning how to drive a car, for example. So, if you fall in love with this healing technique, you can take it a step further and become a healer yourself. 

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