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Beginner’s Guide to Rainbow Reiki

eginner’s Guide to Rainbow Reiki
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Rainbow Reiki is a popular form of Reiki. It is said that it is an evolved form of the traditional Usui system. 

Rainbow Reiki is a combination of various techniques such as Crystal Healing, Healing bodywork, Holistic Communication Sciences into a unified technique making it an evolved form of Reiki. 

This combination of principles of Ancient Usui Reiki and modern technologies enables Reiki Masters to heal deeply.

The system of Rainbow Reiki was initiated by Walter Lubeck, the founder of Reiki-Do institute in the 1980s. This institute is located in Germany and was built to conduct research on Reiki to find out effective healing methods which were based on true classic Usui Reiki. Walter also trained students as Rainbow Reiki masters/practitioners.

Understanding Rainbow Reiki

The traditional Usui system of hands-on healing, when combined with additional knowledge, techniques and symbols, gives birth to Rainbow Reiki.

It is built on Usui Reiki through comprehensive research on spiritual psychotherapy and psychology, shamanism, communication, meditation, and Feng Shui. 

This kind of Reiki exclusively focuses on Crystal Healing, Astral Projection and Karma Cleaning. 

In other words, Rainbow Reiki combines and embraces various different healing traditions in order to expand personal development beyond the limits of an individual’s approach or culture. 

It also involves calling upon deities, angels and spirit guides along with the inner child and the higher self to work together to create spiritual wisdom.

Talking about the healing modality, it works to balance the energy through crystals, symbols, mantras and chakras. It is a hands-on training therapy where a trained practitioner matches several frequencies of energy healing to the frequencies of specific emotional or physical conditions. 

To sum up, this form of Reiki is based on principles of union, love and acceptance with the divine. Therefore, an individual receiving Reiki is expected to actively participate in self-development so as to aid the healing of mind and body. 

This is why most of the practitioners find Rainbow Reiki most effective when dealing with all the 7 chakras of the human body. This technique is useful to create a balance among all the chakras and also for cleansing of these chakras.

Degrees of Rainbow Reiki

First Degree and 7 Chakras

Usually, the first degree of Rainbow Reiki focuses on learning the traditional 1st degree of Usui Reiki. However, an individual is free to learn about systematic chakra healing with the use of this form of Reiki. 

Practitioners are free to learn initiation to symbols, chakra balancing, and cleansing of auras that strengthen the energy body and also helps in de-blocking the chakras. 

Practitioners can also learn other techniques which are not related to chakras such as making healing oils, Rainbow Reiki water, aura massage, and treating animals, plants and babies.

Second Degree and 7 Chakras

The second degree allows practitioners to learn more about the initiation of additional symbols that strengthen and activate the third eye chakra

The third eye chakra is believed to be situated between the eyes and the brow. According to the Hindu tradition, this chakra deals with psychic powers and intelligence.

Additionally, practitioners also get a chance to learn about Karma clearing, distant healing, mental healing, explanation to the inner child, and treatments to the past and future.

7 Colours of the Rainbow and 7 Chakras

7 Colours of the Rainbow and 7 Chakras

Chakra I

Also known as the Base Chakra, it is associated with Red colour.

Chakra II

Also known as the Navel/Sacral Chakra, it is associated with Orange colour.

Chakra III

Also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra, it is associated with Yellow colour.

Chakra IV

Also known as the Heart Chakra, it is associated with Green colour.

Chakra V

Also known as the Throat Chakra, it is associated with Blue colour.

Chakra VI

Also known as the Third Eye/Brow Chakra, it is associated with Indigo colour.

Chakra VII

Also known as the Crown Chakra, it is associated with Violet colour.

According to the energy principles and ancient beliefs, every chakra is responsible for performing unique human functions. These energy centres are responsible for directing the life force energy to the different parts of the human body.

It is imperative for the well-being of the mental and physical health of humans that these chakras work properly and channel energies without any obstacles. 

When these chakras become dirty or get blocked, humans face physical and mental tiredness and also sickness. Therefore, it is crucial for us to cleanse the chakras and keep them balanced.

This is where Rainbow Reiki comes in. Not only does it help in clean and balance all the chakras, but it also helps maintain good physical and mental health. 

It is the most efficient way to guarantee a happy life!

Spiritual body and diet therapies are an integral part of this form of Reiki. Its multi-dimensional approach helps in balancing all the spheres of life. Like all the other Usui Reiki based systems, Rainbow Reiki also follows the same fundamental attunements, teachings and principles.

What are the benefits of Rainbow Reiki?

A series of healing experiences can be experienced during and after a Rainbow Reiki Healing session which includes (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Heightened awareness of your aura and subtle energy bodies
  • A profound understanding of the purpose of your life, the reasons for being where you are, and the next steps for you
  • Increased energy for several days after each session
  • Hot, warm or tingling sensations in the physical areas of the body or the chakras sometimes even corresponding to the physical ailments
  • Awareness of prickly, heavy or dense energy blockages being removed from the body. Sometimes even in areas of the physical body where a disease, illness, pain or tension are perceived
  • Heightened psychic communication abilities and intuition including clairvoyant versions of light beings such as angels during the sessions
  • Cleansed, expanded and balanced chakras
  • Overall heightened awareness of your body’s own chakras and energy systems. 

Rainbow Reiki Session

Wondering what actually happens during a session? Read on. 

This session allows you to experience profound healing energy. 

As a student, you lie and relax on a healing table for the said duration of the session. 

The practitioner may speak seldom or frequently as guided to let you know what is happening during the session.

You can have questions or feel like discussing something or just rest in silence. Closing of eyes during the session is optional but we recommend closing them for increased focus in order to reach a deep meditative state.

The practitioner begins by conducting an opening prayer on your behalf. This prayer includes and affirmation of protection and safety for all those who are involved in the session, a request for blessings, an invocation of the founding archangels of this system: Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raziel, and Archangel Michael and a request from other light beings such as guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters and Jesus. 

The practitioner then proceeds towards witnessing and facilitating the energies flowing in and through your chakras and aura.

The practitioner may convey what they are experiencing while witnessing and facilitating the Rainbow Reiki Healing process.

They might also share observations or angelic guidance during the session and explain to you what exactly is being released or healed. They also help you remove any blocks and ask you questions that aid in healing you and cleansing your aura.

The entire session lasts for about an hour. If you wish to obtain more guidance, you can ask for additional time options and consultations.

The consultation takes place right after the healing session and generally includes a combination of services offered by the practitioner giving you a perfect opportunity to integrate and understand the healing experiences of the Rainbow Reiki Healing Session to gain additional insights. 

Remote Rainbow Reiki Healing Sessions

The good news is that you can avail these sessions from the comfort of your humble abode.

You can comfortably lie on the bed for the stipulated time and the practitioner conducts the session exactly as if you were physically present on the healing table. 

The benefits remain the same whether the session takes place remotely or in-person. 

If you are booking an appointment for a remote session or for the first time, we recommend a combination Rainbow Reiki Healing Session with 30 minutes Consultation.

However, please note that these energy healing sessions cannot be conducted via chat or phone as these sessions are conducted in a meditative and deep trance-like state. 

Most individuals feel extremely light and relaxed after the session. The results are profound in distance healing as well as hands-on healing sessions. Therefore, they’re generally used for issues such as structural healing and pain reduction.

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