What Does a Staffing Company Do?

What Does a Staffing Company Do?
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Are you a business owner, hiring manager, or even job seeker who never tried working with a Staffing Company?

Are you tired of seeking job opportunities? Have a hard time with your company looking for well-qualified employees? Well, a staffing company or a Recruitment Agency Bangkok can solve both problems. 

A recruitment company matches a well-qualified employee and its potential employer. This will help both parties to save time and money. So, if you are currently looking for a job and a business partner, you might consider knowing more about a staffing company.

What does a Staffing Agency Do?

On behalf of the employers, a recruitment company helps qualified employees match their appropriate job in the industry. This will allow those willing to start working to gain experience and hone their skills. Though finding a skilled candidate is a tough job, here in Vinarco International, we are dedicated to hiring well-qualified candidates through a quality hiring process. We review applications, interview the candidates, and take charge of the contracts and pay. 

  • Employers contact the Staffing Company. 

The recruitment agency acts as a middle man between the employers and qualified candidates. Employers contact the Recruitment Agency when there is a job vacancy providing specific information such as requirements for the job, numbers of employees needed, period of work time, and salary rate. From the information provided, the agency creates a job description and publicizes the job through websites, social media, or other job platforms. 

  • Recruitment Agency evaluates the Candidates. 

Based on the posted job opening, candidates can now begin to apply. In either of the scenarios presented, the Recruitment Agency needs to evaluate the candidates’ experience, skills, and background. There is also an instance that the recruiter will meet the candidate if the candidate fits the job and discuss the qualifications. These will help the agency assess and identify suitable employers’ positions before conducting interviews with the candidates. 

  • Interview

After evaluating all the candidates, the most qualified candidates will now proceed to the interview. A series of questions will be asked to test the candidate’s communication skills and other factors needed for the position. 

Recruitment Agency Bangkok has three (3) series of interviews; Screening Phone Interviews, Face-to-face Interviews, and Client Interviews. The Screening Phone Interview will happen if the candidate is selected in the Candidate Selection Process. In contrast, the Face-to-face Interview will commence if the candidate passes the Assessments and Reference Check. From the Face-to-face interview, the company will choose candidates who excel in the interview and submit the Curriculum Vitae to the employer’s Hiring Manager.

Once the interview is done, the employer will decide and choose among the remaining qualified candidates hired in their company.

  • Contracts and Pay

The staffing agency is usually in charge of most of the paperwork associated with the newly hired. This paperwork refers to the contracts, taxes, and payroll. The company paid the employees directly with temporary positions. On the other hand, when the employees get hired by a specific employer’s company, the employers will now pay the employees directly. 

In Vinarco International, our company extends our work handling the preparation of employee salary payments, monthly and annual tax documents, issuance of payroll reports, and overall payroll management. Also, our company can take Corporate Documents like the Company Handbook, Employment Contract, Non-disclosure Agreement, Compliance, and Regulatory Documents, and Privacy Policy/ Statement.

This service will save the employers’ time and energy using staffing agency services.

Are you deciding to work with a Staffing Agency?

If yes, then that is the right decision! Working with a staffing company can be advantageous for the employee or the employer. Here are some tips in finding the right employment recruiter for your business:

Choose the right Recruitment Company. The right Recruitment Agency that suits your line of industry is the key to finding well-qualified employees. It is essential that your Company affiliates with an agency with good business practices. The agency should focus on building skills and honing expertise compatible in the industries rather than charging high fees. So, do not sign any contract with the employment agency you would like to be with, charging more fees rather than giving you the best service.

Specify your needs. Communicating your business needs to your recruitment company is one way of helping them find the best worker for the job. You must talk about your business and specify the kind of person you want for the job. In this way, we will be able to grasp the nature of your business.

For 27 years, Vinarco International strengthened, broadened, and diversified our company in understanding and taking care of Renewable, Marine, Power, Construction, and Information Communications Technology needs.

Be Honest. After you communicate your business needs to your Recruitment Agency, be honest in telling them any gaps in your business history. In this way, the agency will be able to strategize training to fill your business’ gap. 

Maintain a good relationship. It is really hard to find the right Staffing Company for your specific business. When you find quality service and well-qualified workers, you need to keep it and maintain a good relationship with them.


A staffing agency lessens the burden of a particular business industry from the hiring processes that include reviewing applications, interviewing the candidates, taking charge of the contracts and pay, to keeping corporate documents. 

Additionally, choose a recruitment company that has: an extensive and updated candidate pool, expertise in a wide range of industries, work closely with clients to fully understand job requirements, efficient candidate screening process, in-house candidate screening process, submit only the most suitable candidates for the job, support service after successful candidate placement, and multicultural & multilingual environment (Thai, Japanese, French, English, German).

It saves time, energy, and money.

These services are all available in our Recruitment Company, Vinarco International.

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