Laser Teeth Whitening – What’s the Procedure? Are there any side effects?

Laser Teeth Whitening
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Your teeth should look whiter and brighter at all times. There are many ways to whiten and brighten your smile. You can do so by whitening toothpaste, wearing a mouth guard, flossing more and even using tooth whitening gel but these things have some side effects you should know about first.

Side effects of DIY teeth whitening

Teeth sensitivity – When you have sensitive teeth it’s important that you get them checked out by a dentist. For example, if you have sensitive teeth and you choose to whiten them with a DIY approach, you may end up making your teeth more sensitive. This is because  some of the ingredients used in home whitening kits can actually be harmful to your teeth and gums, since they can sometimes cause burns. Dentists are trained to know what whitening methods are better for your teeth.

Irritated Gums – In composition of  DIY approaches, ingredients are used which are responsible for harmful effects and irritation of gums. This is because all of us have different kinds of characterized teeth, so it is recommended that you consult your dentist for a proper approach and fix your teeth.

However, the safest and most effective way to whiten and brighten your teeth is by using a laser teeth whitening procedure. Laser teeth whitening is a process that can improve shades of teeth to make your smile more white and bright. This harmless treatment has all the safety and no quality is compromised during the procedure. If you want your teeth to look cute and charming at all times, laser teeth whitening is the right choice for you.

Laser teeth whitening 

Your dentist will put a series of shields in your mouth to keep it open. They will protect the gums by putting a plastic layer over them. The protective layer is known as a dam which normally would form into a rubbery texture when the bleaching gel is applied. It’s very important that the gum isn’t damaged and that they’re protected so they won’t hurt while you get your teeth cleaned. Once all that’s done, then they’ll apply the whitening gel onto your teeth and use a laser to make it work its magic. You’ll have some time to wait before you see results and this depends on how dark your teeth are at first. In most cases, people who go for it for the first time usually notice the change after about half an hour or so depending on how major of an improvement they want to achieve. After all is said, you should have a dentist cleansing your mouth from now on!

The procedure

The procedure involves laser diodes and a kind of gel that does no harm. The combined use of these things brings notable results of a white and bright smile, something you would love. The treatment goes in a way that gel is applied to the teeth and laser is focused on that gel which will let oxygen pass through teeth. The outcome of the process enables a brighter smile with no harm, no pain in a short time. The results will surely brighten up your teeth and confidence, bringing up the perfect smile for you.  

Know that, If the reason for discoloration or stain is medications or a serious injury, tooth whitening may not deliver results. 

What can you expect?

One can expect some 2 – 3 shades lighter than the original in one sitting of approximately an hour. Lighter shades can still be achieved after 2 – 3 consecutive sittings bringing results that you will love.

Apart from notable results, the advantages that come along are:

  •  A perfect smile you always desired to have.

Not show others, but to get that internal blast of happiness whenever you want, without   worrying what others would think.

  •  Overturning years of teeth stains.

The stains which you had problems with, will now go for the years to come. Your teeth will maintain its shine provided that you care for it better than the past. 

  •  The feeling of being young again.

Relive all your young memories, without compromising much of your time because it takes just a few hours to complete the treatment 

  •  Self-esteem and confidence with better results. 

Your personality gets the boost via the boost in your self confidence which further leads to the increase in your Self-esteem

  •  No damage at all.

With the advancement in the technology, those days are gone when you had to use other methods of teeth whitening which had many side-effects 

  •  No harmful chemicals are used in the entire procedure.

As the name suggests it’s the treatment performed by light and not by any mixture of harmful chemicals which end up damaging your teeth in the long -run

The results can stay as long as 2 – 3 years noting that proper doctors’ words are followed. 


It’s not a secret that if you have sensitive teeth for gums, then you should let your dentist know about it beforehand. Some people feel sensitivity after dental cleaning. Side effects can look like minor nuisances having hot or cold drinks, eating certain types of food items etc. They are temporary and last up to one or two days at most. And more importantly, no severe side effects were ever seen to date and no damage to teeth or gums is done. The above-mentioned sensitivity issues are also not quite common yet and they are witnessed in case of pre-sensitive teeth mostly.


With so many treatments and products available, how would you choose the right fit for you? 

According to dental research, the dental care products are not always the same for every individual. The best thing is to consult a dentist and let them advise you on what is best for you. The products suitable for your teeth and skin, and actual requirements together from an expert works in the best ways. We hope you found this article helpful in some shape or form. Please share it with your friends and family, who might need this piece of information.

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