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What Is Micellar Water & How To Use It In A Skin-Care Regime?

What Is Micellar Water & How To Use It In A Skin-Care Regime?
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

There are numerous beauty waters to pick from that are cleansing, toning, and invigorating. Micellar water, however, stands apart from the rest. Micellar water was first popularized in France before spreading to the rest of the world, and it’s no surprise that French ladies are famed for their beauty and flair. Since the 1990s, micellar water has been a part of the beauty arsenals of French women. So, exactly what is micellar water? Is it suitable for all skin types? and, most importantly, how should it be used? All of your answers are covered in this article. So keep reading.

What Is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a liquid cleanser made up of micelle molecules that are water-soluble and attract oil. It means that oil, makeup, dirt, and filth stick to it in a matter of seconds. It’s made up of water, a little glycerin, and a low concentration of dirt-removing surfactants. Micellar water absorbs completely into your skin and functions as a toner, so you don’t need to wash it off. It’s alcohol-free and it may assist keep your skin soft, supple, and smooth by promoting skin hydration and decreasing inflammation and irritation.

Advantages Of Micellar Water

  • It effortlessly removes makeup with just a few swipes and no hassle. It saves a lot of time and does not necessitate the use of a basin. 
  • Micellar water is a terrific travel-friendly choice because it negates the necessity of extra cleansers and even access to water.
  • There are no chemicals in it that can aggravate, redden, or make your eyes water. Sensitive skin will benefit from the water and glycerine combination as well.
  • It’s great for cleaning makeup brushes.
  • You don’t need to scrub or tug at your skin to clear this because the micelles remove all of the pollutants.

What’s The Difference Between Micellar Water And Toner?

Micellar waters and toners have a similar appearance, have a watery viscosity, and are typically applied with a cotton pad. However, while micellar water appears to be ordinary H2O, it has a somewhat thicker and slippier texture when touched. Micellar water is supposed to be used after cleansing to equilibrium the skin’s pH, and while toner is intended to be used after cleansing to remove makeup. 

Toners are used to prepare the skin prior to applying moisturizer and can provide additional benefits like hydrating, balancing, or exfoliating the skin. Both micellar water and toner clean the skin, while micellar water removes makeup and hydrates the skin better than toner.

What Distinguishes Micellar Water From Other Cleansers?

Micellar waters may feel much softer than other cleansers if you feel that other cleansers peel your skin. This also contains moisturizing substances like glycerin, which remain on the skin and maybe consumed, making it feel more at ease. Moreover, several micellar waters may leave a surface residue on the skin, which means that debris and pollutants from the day can wind up getting dispersed all around the face instead of being cleansed. In summary, micellar water is an excellent make-up remover and rapid cleanser.

How To Use Micellar Water?

Micellar water has a lot of purposes, but all you will need is a bottle of your favourite micellar water and a cotton pad. 

1. As A Morning Cleanser

As A Morning Cleanser

If you apply serums, packs, or lotions at night, rinse them with micellar water prior to washing your face the next morning. Also, you should do a full double cleansing cycle twice a day. For removing the makeup, once in the morning and again at night. Micellar water can help you instantly cleanse and absorb into your skin. Just soak a cotton pad with micellar water and wipe it around your skin; really do not forget to moisturize your skin afterwards.

2. Used For Toning Your Skin

Used For Toning Your Skin

Begin by cleansing your skin with a mild cleanser before applying micellar water as a toner. After that, take some micellar water and rub it into your skin with your hands. 

3. Post-workout Cleansing

 Post-workout Cleansing

Micellar water is an excellent fitness pack option because it doesn’t demand you to be near a faucet in order to use it. So always keep one in your fitness pack. As people don’t actually wear makeup when they exercise, we assume that wiping our faces with a cleanser or face wash is a good option. But a lot of sweat accumulates on your skin’s surface and draws dust. Simply cleanse your face with micellar water after you’ve worked out. 

4. Use It For Makeup Remover

Use It For Makeup Remover

If you’re wearing a lot of makeup or sunscreen, and if you are not removing it before going to bed then your makeup might react with the dirt and oils that have accumulated on your skin’s surface over the day, resulting in clogged pores and breakouts. Soak a cotton pad in your favourite micellar solutions and gently wipe where you will have makeup to use as a makeup remover. When removing eye makeup, gently push the cotton pad against the eye area for a few seconds to assist release the makeup before sweeping it away.

5. To Touch Up Your Makeup 

To Touch Up Your Makeup 

Micellar water comes in helpful if you get too much makeup on your skin, if your skin becomes sweaty during a sunny day or you don’t like to erase all of your makeup. Put micellar water on a cotton pad or soft cloth and wipe it around your T-zone or oily zones. Micellar water also may help remove and fine-tune makeup flaws like eyeliner, mascara, and even lipstick. It immediately refreshes you and nourishes your skin.

What Is Micellar Water For What Skin Types?

There aren’t many skincare products that are suitable for all skin types. Micellar Water, on the other hand, is one of the products that can be used on every skin type, including normal, sensitive, combination, and oily. Check the label on the container of Micellar Water when you’re out shopping. If Micellar Water is designed for a certain skin type, the label should state so. Please select a product that is tailored to your skin’s individual requirements! It’s only a matter of finding the appropriate one for you.

The Bottom Line

Micellar water can aid in cleansing while also keeping hydrated and healthy skin. Micellar water is a type of skincare product that can be used to cleanse and tone the skin. It’s also convenient, affordable, and simple to use, making it an excellent complement to your skincare regimen.

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