Don’t miss on these Healthy Supplements for PCOS during pregnancy

Don’t miss on these healthy supplements for PCOS / Must-have supplements for PCOS during pregnancy
Written by Medhaavi Mishra


  1. What is PCOS? Why does it occur in women?
  2. Early symptoms of PCOS
  3. Can a woman suffering from PCOS get pregnant?
  4. PCOS: What precautions you must take during pregnancy?
  5. Know how to manage your PCOS with healthy supplements for PCOS
  6. FAQs related to PCOS

What is PCOS? Why does it occur in women?

Drastic hormonal changes cause PCOS or Polycystic ovary syndrome. As per experts, it is a chronic hormonal condition where the body produces abnormal levels of androgen. Though it is an implication caused by turbulence in hormones, there are genetics, metabolism and lifestyle factors that come into play. 

Your lifestyle and dietary changes need a mindful focus when it comes to treating PCOS. With healthy eating habits along with nutritional supplements for PCOS, the condition can be reversed.  Before we jump into healing or reversing PCOS, you need to understand early symptoms of PCOS. 

Early symptoms of PCOS

Women suffering from PCOS are generally victim of excessive weight/obesity and irregular periods. While that is so, the most common symptoms of PCOS are: 

  • Increased anxiety levels – Your anxiety index skyrockets due to a hormonal imbalance, leading you to breakdown or withdraw into a deep shell. 
  • Skin acne – PCOS reflects on your skin making your skin break into acne, flare-ups or skin tags and patches
  • Facial hair growth – Most women face this challenge. In PCOS, your face, back, and chest experience a sudden burst of hair growth. 
  • Scalp hair loss – Loss of hair or thinning at the front is often a case with PCOS because of the excess hormone androgen production. It is also called as ‘Male pattern baldness’ in medical terms.
  • Irregular periods – This condition affects ovaries and reproductive organs causing the hormones that take care of menstrual cycle to suffer
  • Infertility – Periodical ovulation gets hampered and thereby eggs do not get fertilized, leading to infertility in women

Can a woman suffering from PCOS get pregnant?

      As PCOS condition results into irregular periods, women aspiring to get pregnant or couple planning for a pregnancy would not be able to track the menstrual cycle. The lack of ovulation triggered by PCOS is one more factor that does not support pregnancy. Almost 70 percent of women in PCOS have fertility issues. How to boost fertility is a main question when in PCOS. With concerted focus towards diet, lifestyle changes, regular exercise regimen and targeted natural fertility supplements for PCOS, fertility issues can be sorted and women can get pregnant. 

What are the lifestyle modifications you need to do to get pregnant in PCOS?

  • Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet
  • Have a routine exercise plan
  • Maintain your weight 
  • Say no to saturated fat and refined sugar
  • Enrich your palette with proteins and green leafy vegetables
  • Refresh yourself with supplements for PCOS like super herbal teas that support menstrual cycles
  • Track your ovulation time through ovulation kit
  • Work on your stress by practicing relaxation techniques

PCOS: What precautions you must take during pregnancy?

PCOS makes it harder for a woman to get pregnant but PCOS in pregnancy increases the risk of issues like miscarriage, premature birth, high sugar and blood pressure levels. However, with nutritional supplements for PCOS, balanced nutrient-rich food and close monitoring by your doctor, you can overcome the roadblocks and lower the complications. 

The prime focus area should be to manage the PCOS pregnancy changes in your body. For that you need to be aware if you have PCOS during pregnancy. Since many of the PCOS symptoms overlap with pregnancy symptoms, you may tend to overlook. General symptoms that merge in both the cases are mood swings, fatigue, backache, and tender breasts. To be more informed, make an appointment with your doctor who will help you identify PCOS with pregnancy symptoms and prescribe ways to tackle those. 

The precautions that you must take are:

  • Watch your weight – You need to watch what you eat as excess weight is a red flag for your PCOS pregnant body. PCOS already leads to overweight so be mindful about your diet. Combine food groups that won’t bulk up more weight on your body. 
  • Work towards your fitness goal – Enrol for yoga wellness program and embark on a healthier path to overcome complications of PCOS during pregnancy. Regular exercise will regulate your sugar levels, thus reducing the chances of gestational diabetes.

Know how to Manage your PCOS with healthy supplements for pcos:  

Zinc, a mineral, is obtained through various sources. It is an antioxidant, packed with anti-inflammatory property. Zinc is highly powerful in regulating your blood pressure. Daily recommended zinc intake is 8 mgs. If you are pregnant, then the number scales up to 12 mgs.

Also, Insulin resistant PCOS is connected with zinc deficiency. To alleviate risk associated with zinc deficiency in PCOS, go for zinc supplements for PCOS and boost your zinc levels. It offers 360-degree support in treating PCOS symptoms.

If you are looking for supplements for PCOS, check with your health care provider and choose an authentic product. 

FAQs related to PCOS

Does PCOS make me stress?

As PCOS causes issues like facial hair growth, irregular periods, skin acne issues along with myriad other side effects, stress becomes the by-product of all the above issues put together. PCOS is not tangibly visible to others at first but the moment it starts showing up on your skin or weight, you will tend to think about how others perceive your body or skin. That results into society-led stress along with the frustration of treating the PCOS symptoms. 

How to manage my PCOS led stress?

  • PCOS is a condition which requires immense patience. Know that the journey of healing is long and prepare yourself for it. The ways to handle the emotional stress caused by PCOS are:
    • Adopt a healthy lifestyle infused with nutritional diet
    • Actively engage with a positive mental health routine
    • Stay away from situations or people who bring negativity
    • Make small but sustainable changes
    • Plan on being healthy inside out
    • And last but most important, never forget to appreciate your efforts


Remember, you are not alone in this path. There are many women who face PCOS and are fighting towards achieving a cure. If you have any symptoms listed above, you should seek help of an expert or a professional. Do not compare yourself with others and blindly treat yourself with others’ medications. Everyone’s body is different. What may suit others might not suit or help you. Instead, have a chat with your health care provider and acquire a personalised and holistic care/treatment plan for your PCOS condition.  A healthy diet and exercise go hand in hand. Have a dedicated focus towards both with a balance intake of supplements for PCOS to prevent the symptoms and manage your PCOS. 

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