How to Manage a Group of Female Employees

How to Manage a Group of Female Employees
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Or should I say – How to manage a bunch of girls!

Some say women are more intelligent than men and therefore make for passionate, committed workers. Some vehemently believe women have no place in a workplace and they must make Home since it is their primary role in Society. Some advice a woman must balance the two seamlessly because why should there be a need to chose one over another.

As the CEO of a company that has women for 6 of its top 7 CXOs let me tell you it’s not easy to manage a bunch of girls! Here’s why

  1. They vehemently state how they like it – God forbid you should tell them how they like it. Then again, why should you – they think (popular belief is they overthink) things through all the time – cause it got brains
  2. They will tell you how they “feel” – is this a bad thing? Oh only if you don’t know how to manage it, it may, no, it WILL be bad. She cannot be ignored and her feelings, even more so, because “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”
  3. They say it as they see it – good, bad, ugly they will ensure they tell you regardless (otherwise they will burst into flames like the Phoenix). The need to be honest (either because its gene coded or it is in respect) is over-powering because nothing is worth the mental peace that gets decimated owing to #1 above
  4. They will see through you and see how you “feel”. Like you thought #1 to 3 weren’t tough to control here is a doozy for you! Not only do these (over) thinkers feel, they know what they feel, they say it out loud; AND they will tell YOU how YOU feel (and are mostly on dot). Such in depth perception has the capability of snooping up on you and disarming the most generously armored gladiator. Et Tu Brutus – you ain’t got nothing on their snoopy-ness
  5. They will never take “No” for an answer. Drawing attention to #1 yet again (Gah! It would’ve been so much easier if they didn’t know their minds); when they know what they like why should it be any other way. They pull all stops to ensure that there is no stone, body, leaf unturned to get them what they like. Warning – this is Sparta!
  6. God forbid you tell them that they performed below expectations they will sublimate into proving that they can do not just better than what you expected that you will repent giving them the feedback in the first place

All of the above may be interpreted as being high maintenance, immature, impatient and overly sensitive. And then again as a manager of a bunch of girls who are clear-minded, perceptive of the unsaid (obvious or imputed), empathetic, persistent and protective of you just as much as themselves, you can see how tough it must be to meet their standards. It may be easier to lead by example because it requires a “control-zone” of One. How indeed does one become a “team of example” – where there are several equal owners and not even One in the said control-zone. But it is exactly this “team” that will work towards the achievement they graciously call “ours”.

So then, how DO you “manage” a bunch of girls – well DO-NOT “manage” them. That’s step 1 – lets see if you can get past that first.

All characters alluded to this article above are entirely non-fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or not-yet-dead, is purely on purpose as they power through every tough day and harm, kill, punish, torture whatever comes in their way.

Watch this space for “How to argue with a girl” (hoping its not a bunch of them in said case!)

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