Use simplified payment solutions to improve customer satisfaction

Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Customer satisfaction is one of the most crucial factors that determine a business’ success. From metrics like sales, the volume of sales, profit, and conversion rate, all of these reflect customer satisfaction. 

Customer satisfaction works in an infinite loop – the higher a business’ customer satisfaction, the higher the chance of the enterprise attracting more customers. As a result, the number of customers associated with a brand increases and boosts sales. This further helps increase the brand value, reputation in the market and boosts the brand image by word of mouth.

A unique way businesses can improve customer satisfaction is by using simple payment solutions. Companies can create payment links and offer payment gateways to customers as one of the simplest ways to digitally complete the transaction. 

Here is how using online payment solutions can help increase customer satisfaction and enhance user experience.

  1. Go paperless

Triggered by the demonetization process a few years back, paperless payment solutions received a massive push due to the pandemic. Businesses now find it easy to create a payment link and send it to the consumer to complete the sale transaction. It has become easy for small companies to put a digital payment gateway for their customers to accept payments. 

Going paperless and reducing cash transactions is not only convenient for both the customer and the company, but it also helps digitize receipts and reduce manual paperwork. 

  1. Ensure timely payments 

Payment gateway plays a crucial role in the online payment ecosystem. They ensure that the customers never miss a deadline and pay on time, to avoid late fees and penalties and facilitate swift payments. The added feature of same-day payments has gained popularity amongst customers who want to settle payments almost immediately. 

  1. Offer multiple payment modes.

A top-of-the-class method to enhance customer satisfaction is by offering customers an array of payment modes. For example, mobile wallets and eWallets have gained prominence amongst young spenders- thanks to the ease of use. 

Putting up multiple payment modes like credit and debit cards, UPI net banking, and having numerous banking partners will help boost confidence in the brand and increase customer satisfaction. 

  1. Emphasize secure payments

When businesses make sure that they have a digitally secure payment gateway, it helps assuage customers’ concerns who might be frenzied about insecure payment platforms. It is crucial to have a payment gateway that is PCI DSS compliant and follows SSL encryption to store the customer’s data securely.

Ensure that the customer knows that your payment gateway supported by Zaakpay is super-secure to shoot the customer satisfaction factor up!

  1. Automated payments

Businesses can create payment links and send them to the customer to ensure an ultra-smooth payment experience. In addition, sending payment reminders increases customer satisfaction since consumers can make payments on time without any delay.

Zaakpay’s automated payment links work seamlessly by allowing businesses to send payment links for automated payments. This is especially beneficial for subscription-based companies that need monthly, quarterly, or annual fees. 

  1. Low transaction time

Low transaction time is the time it takes to complete a transaction end-to-end. Naturally, no customer likes to go through a lengthy process of completing transactions. The payment process anyway leads to the customer parting ways with their money; the last thing they need is a long process that makes them more aware of the money they are paying. 

Low transaction time solves this problem and even encourages impulse buys. A low transaction time will make the customer glad about how quick the process was and the time they saved!

  1. Offer 24×7 customer support.

Having a customer care team in place will help avoid having shoppers flock to the website like headless chickens looking for payment support. Features like 24×7 customer support supported by reliable payment gateways can help counter this. When customers know there is someone they can reach out for help, it puts them at ease and makes the payment process smoother. 

  1. Make recurrent billing easy.

Customers hate going through the process of entering payment details every time they make purchases from a particular store. To ensure that customers return to the brand, having a feature that allows easy recurring payment is crucial. Be it securely storing a customer’s payment information or safely recording their payment preferences, recurring billing cuts down on time taken to complete a transaction from the customer’s end, giving them a seamless user experience.


An integrated payment gateway is the one-stop payment solution to increasing customer satisfaction. Zaakpay’s super affordable payment gateway and cutting-edge payment links make receiving funds easier and convenient for businesses. Each feature on the Zaakpay payment gateway has been intricately designed to ensure the customer has the smoothest paying experience – a critical factor to increase sales and make money!

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