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Google Ads Tips For 2024

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Written by Medhaavi Mishra
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In this blog post I’m going to tell you, Google Ads Campaign tips for 2020 and this is going to save you a lot of money, increase the performance of your campaigns and give you a positive ROI.

5 Most Important Things to Consider in Google Ads Campaign will definitely improve the performance of your campaigns.

Get more conversions to reduce your cost per conversions and basically get a better return on investment on your budget.

So let’s get started.

Link your Google Analytics to Google Ads

So the first thing you need to do is to link your Google Analytics to Google Ads. I see many accounts which don’t link both the accounts. Now to give you an analogy as to why Analytics is critical to the success of your Google Ads campaign.

Let’s assume Ads is our vehicle or our car to take us to our destination or to our goal. Analytics is the dashboard of that car. So when we sit in the car to start our journey the first thing we look at is the dashboard.

What if your dashboard was blanked out completely. You don’t have anything on there.
So it is going to be very dangerous to drive a car without the dashboard because you won’t know how much fuel is left what speed you’re travelling at. Are there any red lights or danger warning signs from the engine coming through.

So if you don’t have a dashboard. You can not drive a car safely. And the same thing applies to Ads. If you don’t have Analytics you cannot run Ads properly.

In fact you are going to waste a ton of money because the metrics won’t be coming through. So once you link both of them together and the data flows from Ads into Analytics and then you can see how those visitors coming through from Ads are performing on your website whether they are completing the goals or the call to actions which you want them to take.

So that’s my first step as to before you start
any campaigns link Analytics to Ads. So here’s how you link your Analytics account to your Ads. You go in your account and admin and then property column you see Ads linking.

Click on there and click on this new link group button and you’ll be able to link your Ads account to your Analytics. You can see I’ve already got a test account, test Ads accounts in here so I can see one account linked. So, it’s fairly straightforward and that’s all you need to do.

The other great advantage of linking Analytics with Ads is to be able to use the Analytics remarketing list in Ads so that is very important and it is a very powerful way of running and setting up a remarketing campaign in Ads with your Google Analytics audiences.

Negative keywords

The second one is negative keywords. I’ve said it many times in the past and I’ll keep on saying it. You got to use negative keywords to avoid the wasted click. Loads and loads of account which I see don’t use negative keywords and it just wastes a lot of money.

So, please start using negative keywords if you haven’t already started doing some.

Keep search and display networks separate

So when you are setting up a campaign in Ads you must run them separately. So let’s go into our interface so I can explain to you what this is.

So you go into your settings. And then you go into networks. So now you’ve got your search network which includes the Google search partners and also the display network. Search and display networks are completely different or opposite to each other. They work differently, they run differently. We optimize campaigns completely in a different way.

So please never run it like this. If you do want to include the search partners in your campaign that’s fine. But avoid putting both the search network and the display network in the same campaign. Keep them separately so set up a campaign for the search network and then create a campaign for the display network.

So that is one way to stop wasting a ton of money because you need to know what’s working over here and what’s not working over there and then bid accordingly, optimise the way you need to give you a better performance on your campaigns.

So always keep them separate. I also tend to keep the search partners separate as well. So these are also the partner websites which Google has partnered with.

These I believe are websites like AOL, and websites like that. So these are the search partners I would also tend to avoid it. And then set up a campaign separately. To my search network campaign only.

So let’s go back to our notes. So the third one was keep search and display network separate.

Wide broad match keywords

Fourth one is a wide broad match keywords. You may have heard from me loads of times. I’m not a big fan of broad match keywords because they’re too broad. Unless it is for branding exercise and there is a huge amount of budget to be used up then by all means use broad match.

But most campaigns that are run by business owners, they want a positive ROI. Or campaigns which are run with a direct call to action or a direct response campaigns. So you’ve got your other keywords like the exact phrase Broad modified keywords used them along with the negative keywords.

And then you are going to keep your campaigns profitable because broad match again is too broad.

Use of Ad extensions

Fifth one is the use of Ad extensions. Not many advertisers use this. Why wouldn’t you use this because it makes your ad a lot bigger.

It is one of the Googles best practices to run ads. So you’ve got to use ad extensions. It makes the ads look bigger takes more space at the top of Google and you get multiple links to various other pages of your website.
So it also increases your ad rank, which affects obviously your CTR, reduces your cost per click and reduces your cost per acquisition.

So.,overall it’s a win-win situation for you and advertisers and for Google because using ad extensions makes your ads a lot more appealing to the person looking at your ad.

So how you set them up is you go into your interface. You go to ads and extensions. Go to the extensions and then you’ll see all the different types of extensions available to use for your campaign.So you’ve got your Sitelink, Call out, Structure snippet, Call, Message, Location and so on.

I am going to write further detail regarding ad extention through blog post to show you how to set up other text call extensions or other ad extensions. So, I’m not going to cover in this one. This is just an overall post as to what mistakes to avoid and not using ad extensions is definitely one of them.

OK so the summary of this post is:-

The 5 Most Important Things to Consider in Google Ads Campaign is-

First of all and they’re not in any order these are just the five most important things to consider in Google Ads campaign people should use while running Ads.

One, is to link your analytics to your Ads. Always use negative keywords keep your search and display network campaign separately and don’t use them the same one.

Avoid broad match keywords and use ad extensions so I hope you learned slots from this blog post.

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