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Foxtail millets and their little-known benefits

Foxtail millets and their little-known benefits
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

In this fast-paced life, a healthy diet swap takes the utmost priority for your physical and mental wellbeing. Among various nutritious foods, millets have an upper hand. If you have to choose one, Foxtail millet is one of the healthiest millets popularly used in Southern India and its numerous health benefits cannot be ignored. Besides keeping you fit physically, foxtail millets work like magic on the nervous system. With growing mental ailments and mental health issues, it is important more than ever to make millets like foxtail a part of your everyday meals.

Contents of foxtail millets and benefits

Vitamin B1- It is known as a morale vitamin which helps boost concentration and has a positive impact on the nervous system. It is extremely beneficial for those suffering from Bel’s Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s. Try adding foxtail millets to everyday meals to see improvement in overall wellbeing.

Iron – It is no surprise that iron helps in brain development. Iron supplies oxygen to the brain, which consumes about 20% of blood oxygen and promotes cognition. As millets are rich in natural iron, they help reduce muscle spasms and eases restless syndrome.

Protein – Protein is essential for the nervous system to function smoothly. Build stronger immunity with protein-rich foxtail millets to be less disease-prone.

Swap those bomb costing health supplements with locally grown and sourced minor millets to stay physically and mentally well in the long run. With an aim to make healthy food tasty and accessible to the modern world, Health Sutra is redefining the way millets are consumed.

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