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Combating lifestyle ailments, the millets way

Combating lifestyle ailments, the millets way
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

The term ‘lifestyle ailments’ is an umbrella term for all the complaints and disorders caused by a fast-paced and sedentary lifestyle. The world has grown smaller, we have grown more sophisticated and yet, all this is costing us the most precious gift in life, health!

The good news is that we have solutions too. With conscious changes in eating habits, we can easily combat the lifestyle ailments that seem overwhelming.

The Millets Way of Life
Millets are not just superfood-grains of India. They are traditional grains that permeated our lifestyle generations ago. And just as easily and quickly we unlearned many wise Indian things, we unlearned the millets way of life too. We must simply learn our millet way back.

Millets have a unique composition of nutrients. With slow-burning complex carbohydrates that digest with ease and release energy slowly, a millet-based meal regulates blood sugar levels without causing undue stress on pancreases, contrary to the processed food most of us consume, which result in higher incidences of diabetes.

Millets are also a sustainable dietary choice for those who are suffering from celiac disease. Celiac disease, commonly called gluten-intolerance is a condition that restricts many from consuming wheat or rye-based foods, cutting out a huge chunk of daily dietary items such as bread, Indian flatbread (Roti), pasta and more. A recent study by ICAR-IIMR suggested that wheat can be effectively replaced by a combination of millets to combat celiac disease.

All types of millets, especially Foxtail, Sorghum, Ragi and Jowar, score high in micro and macro minerals required for the body. Especially magnesium to help lower the blood pressure.

A balanced diet containing millets will help regulate blood pressure, diabetes and increase the HDL count in the blood that effectively combats heart risk. For a more comprehensive discussion on the role of millets in reducing heart risk, follow this link. (Link to subsequent article Millets for Heart Health)

Choose health by choosing nutrition.
Choose nutrition with millets.

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