How to check EPF balance

How to check EPF balance
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

You can readily check your EPF India balance without any issues whatsoever. As an employee and a member of EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation), you will not have to wait for the employer to share the EPF statement at the year-end for understanding the balance. 

You can also check the PF balance through any of the facilities including the EPFO Member e-Sewa portal, Umang App, and SMS/missed call. In case EPF management falls under the establishment which has been exempted, i.e. any trust, then you can reach out to the employer for checking the balance remaining in the provident fund. This is something that many people want to check but fall short owing to a lack of suitable information regarding the same. 

You can check the EPFO balance in these ways: 

  • Umang App– Employees may check their PF balance on mobile smartphones with the Umang mobile application. This was launched to provide access for multiple Government services in a single destination. You can view the passbook along with raising your claim and tracking the same with the mobile phone app. For starting, you have to complete the OTP registration procedure with your mobile phone number. The mobile phone app ensures a seamless and hassle-free procedure for checking your EPFO balance on the move. You only have to download the same and register yourself by providing all the information requested. 
  • EPFO Portal– In place of an unified portal, users can readily access PF passbooks on the EPFO site. You can still tap into the unified portal for services such as transfers and more. 

You should have the account linked to the UAN (Universal Account Number) for checking your PF passbook upon the portal. You can print/download the EPF passbook from the site itself. You have to first visit for the member passbook and then click For Employees under the Our Services tab. Then click Member Passbook under the Services tab. You can directly visit for this purpose. For accessing the EPF account passbook, ensure that the UAN is activated by your employer. UAN is given by the EPFO although it should be verified and activated by the employer as well. Use with your password for logging in and checking the balance in your passbook. The passbook facility is not provided for members of those establishments exempted under the EPFO guidelines. You will get the message- Passbook not available to this Member-id as this pertains to the exempted establishments if you attempt to login. Make a note of the same. 

  • SMS– If the UAN is already EPFO registered, you can find details of the latest contribution and balance in the PF account via SMS. Simply send the message- EPFOHO UAN ENG to 7738299899. ENG is the first three characters of the language that you prefer. The language options include Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi. The SMS should be sent from your UAN-registered mobile phone number. This is possibly the fastest and most hassle-free way to learn about your EPFO balance without any worries. 
  • Missed Call– Those registered at the UAN portal may give a missed call at this number (from the registered mobile phone number only)- 011-22901406. The UAN should be linked to the Aadhar, bank account number and PAN. This is something that you should ensure above all else. 

Hence, you can check your EPFO balance via the Umang App, missed call, SMS or the EPFO official portal. You should have an activated UAN (Universal Account Number). You can simply go to https:/ if you wish to use a one-point access system for finding EPF balance. 

However, those who are more comfortable with mobile phone banking may consider SMS and missed call facilities along with the Umang App. This has to be downloaded by you accordingly. Nowadays it is comfortable and convenient to check your PPF account balance on account of EPF India regulations and policies. You can stay updated on the move while also keeping a tab on the latest contribution that you made into this account. EPF (Employee Provident Fund) is the account where you have to compulsorily contribute a portion of your salary for retirement while a portion will be contributed by your employer. Nowadays, with the advent of modern technologies and services, you can readily get to know your EPFO balance without having to strain yourself physically or invest a lot of time in the process. Staying updated on your EPFO balance is a part of financial planning and discipline above all else. Make sure you follow the methods given for keeping yourself updated regarding the same. Alongside, make sure that you invest in other options for retirement including the Public Provident Fund or PPF, long-term mutual fund plans and so on. This will help you build a steady corpus for meeting your post-retirement needs.

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