10 Local Delicacies Of Surat You Must Try 

10 Local Delicacies Of Surat You Must Try 
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Surat, a coastal city in Gujarat, is well-known for its textile industry and facilities for cutting diamonds. You might be surprised to learn that 92% of the diamonds in the world are cut in Surat. A seasoned Indian traveller will have a great time in Surat because it has little to no western impact. Surat offers a unique selection of favourite street foods like every other vibrant city.  

Many cuisines from Surat are well-known around the world. Even the name of Gujrathi dishes will instantly melt your heart. Dishes like handwo, locho and fafda are very popular. Remember when Kareena Kapoor said Gujrathi dishes sound like names of missiles in 3 Idiots? Suratis love to eat cuisines any day of the week. No other breakfast can beat Khaman, fafda, jalebi and papdi combination. Another great thing about food in Surat is that you can enjoy mouth-watering dishes without stepping outside your home. You can order food online in Surat and savour your favourite Surat dishes. Now that the ordering is sorted, let’s look at the 10 local delicacies of Surat you should taste. 

  1. Locho 

A funny anecdote follows Locho’s innovation. The traditional Khaman was being prepared when a dish with a strange consistency, the Locho appeared. The Locho is surprisingly delicious and mouth-watering. It has a mild sweet-spicy flavour and can be found on any street and neighbourhood of Surat. Our Gujju brothers love to munch on locho, which is typically served with green chutney and crispy sev. Schezwan and Italian Locho are just two of the many variations of Locho. 

  1. Surti Sev Khamani 

Do you wish to indulge your senses while eating? Khamani is the meal for you if that fits. You’ll want to savour the spicy, tangy flavour of Khamani, which is made from Chana dal and a mix of spices, long after you’ve left Surat. A unique combination of spices, including ginger, a little honey, chilli, garlic, and pepper powders, is used to make Surat’s renowned Khamani. Due to the addition of the well-known besan Sev as a garnish, the dish is a huge hit for brunches and after-dinner munchies.  

If you are planning to throw a house party, you can place an online food delivery in Surat and get Surti Sev Khamani delivered to you within a few minutes. The online food ordering brands in Surat partner with popular restaurants, cafes and food joints in the city to offer you a seamless culinary experience. So order your favourite food online in Surat and enjoy it in your home sweet home. 

  1. Undhiyu 

If you are familiar with the Gujrathi food, you must have heard about Undhiyu. Eight particular vegetables grown in Surat are combined and cooked for hours to create the traditional Surat vegetable dish known as Undhiyu. The word “Undhu,” which means “inverted” in Gujarati, is whence the dish gets its name. The vegetables are thoroughly mixed upside down in specific earthenwares to give Undhiyu its delicious, luscious flavour. The recipe has been passed down from family to family in every Surat home. Don’t forget to order this traditionally cooked Gujarati delicacy the next time you order food online in Surat. It will be worth every penny. 

  1. Bhajiyas 

There are various types of bhajiyas available in restaurants in Surat, each one unique from the others. Many of them include Aaloo Bhajia, Kanda Bhajia, Chilly Bhajia, Ratalu Bhajia, Tameta Bhajiya, and others. To put it mildly, dining outside near the sidewalks that sparkle with lights from shopping centres and streetlamps is absolutely lovely! If you want to experience the Surat street dining system, eat close to these booths where people come with their families, stretch out their mats on the sidewalk, and sit to eat and unwind. 

  1. Nan Khatai 

So when your journey comes to an end, do you want to bring Surat’s memories with you? The only thing you have to take back with you is this. Inform your loved ones about Surat’s reputation as India’s “Food Capital.” An Indianized biscuit with almond toppings is called Nan Khatai. The eggless biscuit’s crispy, sweet flavour satisfies the senses as it melts easily on the tongue. Every Surati’s home serves this favourite food with tea. 

  1. Sev Tameta 

Gujarati Sev Tameta is a delectable street food created with tomatoes, sev, and spices. Sev Tameta is available at many street stalls and sweet shops in Surat. Foodies love to eat Sev tameta as a snack with tea at evening tea time. It is a popular snack to munch to satisfy those evening cravings.  

  1. Ghari 

It is a guarantee that eating this well-known delicacy from Surat will cause you to break every diet rule you swear by. Ghari, a ghee-infused pastry filled with various dry fruits, will make you forget about your calorie intake. This delicious dish is especially beloved among Suratis because they make it frequently at festivals or other special occasions. For the sweet lover vacationing in Surat, this is yet another wonderful getaway to indulge your taste buds. 

  1. Ponk Vada 

In Gujarati, the word “ponk” means “fresh jowar grains,”. These well-known Ponk Wadas are wadas or pakodas made with tender jowar grains. Visitors from all across the country enjoy this regional Gujarati food. Even though this regional dish is fried, it contains enough jowar to rank among Surat’s healthiest snacks. 

  1. Kulfi 

Ready for some mouth-watering dessert after your lunch or dinner? If you are a sweet tooth like many others, you are in for a treat. Gujarat is renowned for its wide variety of kulfis, which are offered at casual eateries and fine dining establishments. If you want a distinct kind of Kulfi, You order it online in Surat. If you’re staying in Surat, don’t forget to stop by the closest Gangour location after lunch or dinner for a delicious dessert escape, whether it’s Kesar Malai or Pan Pasand kulfi. 

  1. Rassawala Khaman Dhokla 

People in Surat frequent the stalls and restaurants that take the opportunity to sample the delicious Khaman Dhokla dipped in a hot sauce and topped with sev. It is another version of Khaman with added spices, gravy and sev. 

The food in Surat is known for its impeccable taste and flavour. If you happen to be in Surat or are a Surat resident, don’t forget to try these dishes at least once. You can get online food delivery in Surat and order these dishes to enjoy them in your home for parties, get-togethers and family functions.  

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