Dining Room Tips to Have an In-House Dining Experience Like no Other!

Dining Room Tips to Have an In-House Dining Experience Like no Other!
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

An important aspect of good living is having good eating and seating areas in your home. The meaning of good living is not just delicious food but includes the setting as well. The dining setting is dominantly contributed by the dining table, which is elevated with the addition of runners and table covers. This enhances the aesthetic value of the dining area and results in an impeccable in-house dining experience

Since the pandemic broke out in 2020, staying home and enjoying meals with friends and family have come into significant focus. However, as a homeowner, you are responsible for creating an aesthetically pleasing setting that takes the in-dining experience to the next level. 

Here are some pointers for you to decorate your dining room and be the envy of your guests. 

  • Get a good dining table 

A dining room’s first and foremost requirement is the right dining table. You have several options for the tabletop, including quartz, glass, wood, laminate, and marble. Of course, the choice of material will depend on the decor style you aim for. 

For instance, if you want to create a classy, high-end dining setting, glass and marble will be the top choice. On the other hand, wooden dining tables make a chic, timeless appearance that is perfect for formal and semi-formal gatherings. 

Also, when choosing a dining table in Kolkata, decide whether you want to get a dining table set or purchase the dining table and chairs separately. 

  • Invest in proper lighting fixtures 

What is the first thing you notice when you walk into a restaurant? The reason why fine dining restaurants attract their patrons is not just the food but the ambiance. 

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of creating the right dining environment where people enjoy themselves and go home feeling fantastic. 

Therefore, the next item on your list to tackle is finding the right lighting fixtures for your dining room. 

You can consider modern chandeliers. Place the chandelier right above the dining table so that the light is on the table, food, and the people sitting around the table. You can also place mood lighting in the room and dim those to focus on the table. 

  • Use the right tablecloth and table linens 

If you want to transform your ordinary table into one that is fit for any celebration, use the right tablecloth and table linens. 

The tablecloth must have the correct color scheme and form a perfect balance between different overlays and fabrics. For instance, you can place a starched white tablecloth on the table and accentuate it with lace table runners. Or you can use silk table runners. You can add character to your dining room with layered tablecloths and table runners.

You can further accentuate this by adding linen napkins. This will create an air of sophistication. Also, linen napkins will add warmth and texture to your table setting. 

  • Place eye-catching tableware 

After bringing a luxuriously designed dining table from one of the high end furniture stores in Kolkata, you must decorate the table to create a refined dining experience. 

Bring out your refined tableware, such as the chine and the silverware that’s probably collecting dust somewhere. Tableware that appears sophisticated is the best addition to the table setting. It can turn your ordinary dining experience into an extraordinary one without much effort. 

If you don’t have silverware or refined tableware, it is high time to invest in beautiful tableware. This will make serving every meal an elevated experience. 

Also, remember to place sparkling glasses. 

  • Place a centerpiece 

Elevate the table setting by placing a centerpiece. The centerpiece can be a candle stand or a vase. It can even be a showpiece that brings all the decorations together.  

  • Get romantic botanicals 

The options for romantic botanicals are endless. You can choose from faux, dried, or fresh. With botanicals, you can add a personal touch to the table setting and bring it to life. 

After you have decided to include botanicals in your tablescape, do not be afraid to experiment with various types depending on the occasion or season. 

The definition of botanicals is not just foliage and flowers in vases. It may even include botanicals along the center of your dining table or even amongst the silverware and napkins. 

The addition of a little green and colors in the form of botanicals will enhance the in-dining experience. 

  • Don’t forget the tabletop decor 

When you set the table, it is your opportunity to get creative. You can showcase different pieces of decor that you love. For example, you can include decorative serving trays, vases, bowls, and other pieces of decor that cater to the theme and palette you selected for your table. 

Even something as simple as arranging candles on top of a beautiful tray or arranging fruit in a bowl can immediately take your tablescape to the next level. It can make your dining table appear upscale and sophisticated. 

In addition to decorating the table, you can also spruce up the room’s decor. You can dedicate one of the walls to showing off your creativity. You can add a wall mirror or other pieces of wall art. Moreover, you can color one of the walls differently or use wallpaper. This will help attract your guests’ attention as soon as they walk into the room. 

Rugs and carpets are also good additions to your dining room decor if you want to create sophisticated and classic decor. 

The bottom line 

With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can take your dining room decor to the next level. Your guests will be wowed by the in-house dining experience you have created for them, and it will be one for the books. 

If you don’t know where to start, follow the tips mentioned above. Ideally, it is best to start by getting the right dining table and the rest of the things must revolve around the table. Remember, the table is the main attraction of the dining room.

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