10 Best Nail Art Techniques And Designs -2024

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Written by Medhaavi Mishra

10 Best Nail Art Techniques And Designs -2022

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Top 10  Latest and Exclusive Nail Art Designs and Techniques

Putting a nail polish on or doing a quick nail art at home is like giving your personality a finishing touch. I know it may sound crazy to you but yes it is possible to do all following Nail Art Designs At Home. 

You don’t always need to be perfect to get any nail art done, just pour out all your new- old polishes from polish collection may it be your mum, sisters literally any!!!

Following are my favorite hand picked nail designs from my very Own Nail Art Collection. Do try and let me know in the comments section below or you can reach me on my socials

Enjoy loads while scrolling!!!

1. Dry Brush Nail Art Technique

Apply any base coat of your choice and next dip you brush into polish, wipe off excess polish sides of polish bottle and let it half dry and apply brush strokes on your nails lightly. Try using different colors of your choice in order to get a pretty design.

Pro Tip: Try not clogging too much of polish on the brush while doing dry brush.

Here I used light shade of yellow nail paint and dry brushed with dark reds, black and a little bit of green shade.

2. Ombre Nail Art Technique

Ombre also known as gradient can do quick wonders on your nails. This technique is the coolest of them all because here you get super power of combining two or more shades matching the dress you are wearing and simply dazzle up your nails. 

You can mix neons to neutrals darker shade to lighter ones or create any other combination of your choice.

Pro Tip: Try selecting right sponges from your house while creating this because not all spones help

Here I did mixing three contrast shades to give beautiful effect.

3. Anime Character Nail Art Technique

Imagine your favourite animated character right on your nails. You can draw your favourite shin chan, Naruto, Tom and jerry on your nails. These designs would take a little more time as compared to other ones but it is all worth once completed and tadas you can flaunt your nails in your friends and family circle.

Pro Tip: Be patient while you paint your favourite anime

Here I did my favorite cartoon character Shin Chan nails

4. Floral Nail Art Technique

There are literally millions of ways you can wear flowers on your nails. Floral nail art designs go perfect with any dress and every season. You can create little dotted flowers to roses.floral nail art gives you a pretty look no matter what floral design you apply.

Pro tip: Always try adding tiny leaves to your flowers to enhance you design

Here I did my Favorite Rose Nail Art design on matte pink base coat.

5. Dotticure Nail Art Technique

This is again super easy technique and quick nail art technique, for this you need a toothpick or an empty pen or pencil.First apply base coat with ny polish of your choice.

Next is dip your toothpick or apen into polish and start creating your design.

Pro tip: Try not to dig into the base coat while putting your dotted design

Here I created minimalist nail design with base coat as lighter shade of brown and dotting with black polish.

6. Tape Nail Art Technique

Tape technique can be used to create a number of geometrical designs.First apply the base polish let it completely dry. Then put stripping tape as required by the design, apply another layer of complementary polish then carefully remove the tapes. And your design is ready.

You can also use stripping tape as a design on a nail, for this grab your favourite color tape cut according to the size you need paste on halfly dried base coat then apply top coat to secure your design.

Pro tip- let your base polish completely dry before using your stripping tape

Here I used purples  and white alternate polishes and few favorite stripping tape.

7. Tribal Nail Art Technique

Tribal nail art is a formation of numerous patterns coming together to form colorful or bold nail art designs. For beginners it can be sometimes a little tricky to achieve but with practice you can easily flaunt your tribal nails.

Pro tip- Never be afraid of playing with colors.

Here I opted for parrot green matte polish and created these tribal designs with black polish.

8. Smooshy Nail Art Technique

Smooshy nail art form is becoming very trending these days.

For this you need a nail stamper of a small thick plastic piece of polythene.

First apply 2-3 brushes of different polishes on the stamper or the polythene piece, make swirling with a pen or pencil tip. Apply this directly to your nails, and have fun with your  smooshy nails.

Pro Tip: Try to use contrast colors to get best results

Here I did mixing of pastel shades of purples greens and little bit of white and a added little hearts to give more charm to the design. 

9. Water Marble nail art technique

For water marble nail art design you need a bowl of water at room temperature, few runny polishes and a needle.

Pour water in the bowl and one by one start pouring polish drops on the water surface.

Pick a needle and carefully draw inwards and outward water marble design. Dip your nail into the design and remove excess polish from your nail cuticles

Pro tip- Use runny polishes which can be spread  in water easily and quick, preferably a new polish and not a matte one because matte polish have quick drying consistency

Here i did combination of white pink and red polishes to give give beautiful water marble effect.

10. Portrait nail art technique

Portrait nail art design can be complex in making but you can try these by following step-by-step guide to portrait nails.By learning this art you can create portraits of your favorite authors, favorite actor, favorite movie craters and even express love to your friends and family

Pro tip: Adding details could do wonders to your portraits

Here I created portrait of most inspiring nail technician Julie k nails from Yew York she is an amazing nail art technician from United states.

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