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Best 8 Photography Categories for Beginners 2024

Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Best 8 Photography Categories for Beginners 2024

For every photographer, photography is an affair, wherein they fall in love with their camera daily!!

Photography is the art of capturing unique moments. It helps us in remembering special moments of our lives. Photography is an art, because it is about the perception, the view-point towards life and the surroundings.  One needs to have the determination to exceed themselves in it.

Photography is known as science, as it requires some rules and regulations to be followed while taking a picture. There are composition rules that is required to be kept in mind while clicking the pictures.


  • Shoot in RAW
  • Use the rules of Thirds
  • Shoot at golden hour

Many people have a misconception that photography requires expensive DSLRs. They think that photography is all about having expensive gadgets, but honestly speaking, majority of the photography categories doesn’t require them. One can simply start clicking with the help of their smart phones and also needs to practice it daily.


PRO tip- Whether you click with help of the mobile or DSLRs, always remember to use GRIDLINES, as they help in keeping the alignment of the picture straight.

gridlines of mobile camera
The option can be found in the camera settings of any device.

Every pro was once a beginner. There is a basic list of categories that can help every budding photographer to achieve that “pro” level like-


Landscape photography is one of the easiest photography. You don’t always have to go outside in order to click the landscape. This can be done while standing on the terrace of your house, clicking either sunrise or sunsets. Landscape photography is another way of capturing the nature around us.

Landscape photography
Landscape photography is the combination of all the natural elements.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal

REQUIREMENTS-  a tripod, a basic smartphones can be used for this category, but one has the DSLR, then it is well and good. Remember to carry your powerbackups and additional storages because sometimes, nature shows some great shades and it requires patience to capture those moments.


If you are a person with good patience, then definitely this category is for you. Wildlife photography requires a great amount of patience because it is about capturing the animals and birds and these creatures are never in control of human beings and sometimes, it requires a good amount of time in order to capture a perfect picture animal. prior knowledge for different species of birds and animals, sometimes become a necessity. Under this category, smartphones can be used only to some extent because it requires focusing on animals that are at some distance from us.

picture of a tiger
Tiger was found sitting, relaxing under a tree.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal
picture of a deer
Deer stood in front of the camera to get himself clicked.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal

REQUIREMENTS- a tripod, a beginner camera with a good quality zooming lens or tele-photo lens, battery backups, additional storage and huge amount of patience 😉


Macro photography is about capturing the tiny creatures and subjects. It is also known as a close-up photography. This category is used when we want to capture tiny elements that cannot be captured with the help of DSLRs. That is why, smartphone with good camera plays a good role in it. In some rare cases, it also requires macro lenses.

picture of a flower
A close-up shot of a flower.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal

REQUIREMENTS-  a tripod,  a smartphone with good camera, macro-lenses for smartphones or camera if required.


Miniature means very small of its kind. Under this category, small toys or a small replica of a large object is used. It is often kept at an angle that creates an illusion with the background. The photographer needs to be very creative with the knowledge of different angle with the miniature photography. Nowadays, this trend is getting adopted as a concept in wedding photography.

volkswagen van
This is the replica(toy) of volkswagen van.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal

REQUIREMENTS- a tripod, a good quality miniatures or toys, a good background that can help in creating the a good picture.


“Travel creates memories that last forever.”

Who doesn’t loves travelling?  Everyone loves making travel memories. Photography plays a great role in travelling.  Whether it is about capturing the traditions or a culture, or making a documentaries over a historic place, photography cannot be left apart. The best part of the travel photography is that it doesn’t always requires a DSLRs. These days, people cannot survive without their phones, therefore, smartphones can be used for capturing wide-angle shots. Travel photography doesn’t require those lenses that are a necessity in wildlife photography. Although, professionals love carrying their cameras and some people carry drone too. Being a travel blogger is trending these days. So if someone loves travelling and clicking and making vlogs, then definitely, they can be the one.

picture of kumbhalgarh fort
This is the picture of Kumbhalgarh fort, situated in Rajasthan.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal

picture of chittorgarh fort
This is the picture of Chittorgarh fort, situated in Rajasthan.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal

REQUIREMENTS-a tripod, a smartphone with good camera, DSLR if you have any, additional backups and storage and ofcourse, travelling goals 😉


When photography focuses on the structure, shape and size of a building that are unique in nature, that is termed as architectural photography. On the other hand, whenever we visit a historical place, a temple or an archaeological site, the monuments or buildings are covered with carvings, whether it is on the walls or the pillars. Those intricate designs are unique in nature and tells about the time when that monument was built. Wide-angle shots are required in architectural photography. Even smartphones with good camera can be used for clicking. If someone wants to make their career in photography, then architectural photography is a good one.

picture of shyam ji ki chatri
This is the temple known as shyam ji ki chatri, situated in Narsingarh. The architecture of the temple makes it unique.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal
picture of maheshwar
This is the outer wall of the temple, situated in Ahilya bai fort, Maheshwar.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal

REQUIREMENTS- a tripod, a smartphone, wide-angle lenses either for a smartphone or a DSLR, additional backups and storage


Portrait photography relates to the art of capturing the pictures of a person only. It also focuses on capturing the group of people. Portrait photography is highly used for highlighting the unique features of the subject, like- colour of the eyes, expressions, wrinkles, emotions and even, a pose. Fashion photography also falls under this as it also focuses on the poses of a person. So, if someone who loves clicking people and wants to pursue their career as a fashion photographer, then this category is for you.

You can also consider a career in portrait retouching to give your photos a distinct look from the others. Moreover, in terms of business retouching your photos opens up a wide array of channels for you. 

picture of a boy
This is the picture of a boy, highlighting his smile and expressions.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal
picture of a girl child
This picture highlights the eyes and smile of the girl child.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal

REQUIREMENTS- a tripod, a DSLR, a portrait lens, flashlight, studio lights, reflectors and people.


“Food that looks good, tastes good.”

As the name suggests, food photography is about snapping the food and beverages. Everyone loves showing off. Whenever someone goes to a café or a restaurant, they love clicking pictures of food that they order. About every second person does this photography and it is in latest trends. Presentation of the food matters the most. Moreover, there are angles that has to be kept in mind while clicking. Top angles are the preferred one.

 Whenever we see a commercial advertisement of suppose, a coffee, or an ice-cream or a chocolate, food photography plays a major role in it. It helps in enhancing the quality of the beverage, making them look more delicious than it is in real. So, if someone wants to be, either commercial food photographer or a food blogger, then this category is just for them.

Top angle has been used to highlight the uniqueness of the design.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal
This angle highlights the icing of the cupcake.
Photographer- Nyonika Rawal

REQUIREMENTS- a tripod, a DSLR, reflecting lights, diffusers, additional backups and storages and a presentable dish.

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”

This quote refers to that person who juggles with all the skills while not excelling in either of the one. So, always remember to practice in one skill at one time only. Mastering of a skill is required in order to be a pro in photography. People always try to practice majority of the skills at one time and then they fail in mastering under one category. So, be the master of one.

jack of all trades, master of none
Jack of all trades, master of none

There are some rules that are needed to be followed while clicking, but RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN as these rules can become a hurdle in the expansion of the art. Definitely, art knows no rule.


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