What is Ethical Hacking? Type of Ethical Hackers

What is Ethical Hacking? Type of Ethical Hackers
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking is the process followed to secure valuable data, resources, confidential information, and employee details as well as many more of such records from threats out there on the internet. It is a very effective way to be safe with all your confidential information and secure your private utilities. Ethical hacking is the most famous and effective way to be secure and carefree.

Ethical hackers (also famous as White Hats) are the Experts who are specially trained for such assessments. They have been taught to lead such situations to their satisfying ends. These specially trained professionals are always ready for all kinds of Malwares, viruses, Torjans, and Cyber Crimes. They have been issued to the wellness and peace of society and act as a Cyber Police. These White Hats recover all your confidential data and information from the attack and make sure to secure the data from further attacks. 

There are various kinds of attacks. Most commonly it happens that these attackers try to steal a person’s private information from their devices or social media accounts and use it to pawn their card details and all the money their account consists of.  The White Hats also make you safe from that serious attack too. An Ethical Hacking Certification often plays an important role for professionals willing to become skilled in handling such responsibilities. 

What does An Ethical Hacker do?

An ethical hacker is well educated and always ready to face dangers that terrify the future of your organization and employees. All these well-educated professionals make you out of danger and raise your company above the risk level. An ethical hacker is not a person who just sits in a cabin resting and doing his work very peacefully, he is the one who gets to the field of occurrence where cybercrime has been executed and gives all his efforts to make the victim satisfied with all of his recoveries and lessen the damage. The White Hat professional is in charge of the regaining process of data and doesn’t let the guard down further in the future. 

All About the Qualifications of Ethical Hacking

As we have perfectly known what an ethical hacker is, what he does, what are his qualities, and more, now we would see what are the qualifications needed to be an ethical hacker. In this section, you will learn all about Ethical Hacking Courses, Durations of Graduation, the Income of an ethical hacker or white hat, and many more important facts one must be aware of. 

An ethical hacker course is provided worldwide and can be found easily if searched for. Most of the websites offer the course on the internet so that you get an advantage of learning from home online with great faculties. Most of the time, the training platform provides Certification of Completion and perfection in the subject which can be useful in the future for different interviews. The course duration varies from 3 months to 2 years on different platforms. You can also adjust your learning speed according to your convenience. You only need the basic knowledge about the IT field as a priority and some experience in a few special cases when enrolling in such courses.

The initiating annual income of an Ethical Hacker is about 7 lakhs per annum and goes upto 6 crores and 31 Lakhs on an average if you get a good job. The Highest Salary per annum is recorded at around 13 crores. As the above Stats represent, An Ethical Hacker or White Hat gets a great Income that can make all your dreams and wishes come to life. This is the reason which attracts more and more youngsters to the field and leads to great career heights above all other professions.

Benefits of Being An Ethical Hacker

The profession serves a great opportunity for one to be successful in his/her lifetime. Along with all these facilities, it also gives out a large list of its benefits. We will now discuss some of the major benefits.

Sharpens your Mind

This profession is a great option that would help you in creating a well-established smart mind. The job is all about catching criminals which you have no idea about, what they do, where they reside, how they look, what their mindset is, and more details that are a must find out for a guy. Therefore you try to catch them and gather all the clues. This requires plenty of patience and excellence which leads to development in the working of your mind. 

Large Space for Employment

White Hats are at a great height in society and have very high respect as well. But, the only feature they lack is they are less in number. The number of total ethical hackers in the job market is very low. These less numbers lead to a high number of seats in Universities and great spaces for employment. Many companies and organizations tend to hire more white hats than they possess to ensure their security.

There are many more benefits of being an ethical hacker which, if we define separately, will take exponentially high time to read and will further lead to inconvenience for readers like you. So the major of the benefits are listed further in the writing to save your time and also make you attain the knowledge:-

  • Think Like a Criminal Hacker or Cyber Criminal.
  • Defend Systems against attacks.
  • Receive great recognition in the society for giving out a must to have security.
  • Acquire knowledge and smartness
  • The Business is flourishing which means this will lead to a whole different level in the future.


Learning ethical hacking is a jackpot if you attain perfection. You can get a nice job with one of the greatest salaries which will definitely make your desires come true. And if you start up an organization, you will either make it a safe station for the customers and for you and the organization as well. A White Hat holds great respect in society for being a guard to all the confidentiality and privacy of the client. It is an endless cherishing field that will always give you profit in the future.

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