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How I Succeed Being A Single Mom As Entrepreneur

How I Succeed Being A Single Mom As Entrepreneur
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

How I Succeed Being A Single Mom As Entrepreneur

How I Succeed Being A Single Mom As Entrepreneur

Single mothers in real life have the same responsibilities as Marvel heroes in the mind- bending movie. The only element that motivates you in this challenging journey is your child. 

I am not complaining about being a single mother, as there are 14.84 million mothers like me. Single motherhood is already a challenge, and being businesswomen with that is cheery on top of your difficulties. 

Thinking about the rigid routine and difficulties women face in society can give you chills. But it is not that much hard. 

Women have always been courageous in history, challenging societal norms. Let’s explore my journey of being a single mother and a successful entrepreneur with leaping all the hurdles. 

Who am I?

I am Stella Lincoln, a passionate writer, a proud mother, and an entrepreneur. I completed my masters in marketing from the University of California. 

My married life was a fairy tale, including; a loving husband and my son. But fairy tales didn’t last long. We soon get divorced, and I was left in a miserable condition to raise my son. 

The day my son slept hungrily was the day I decided to leave no stone unturned in providing him with a peaceful life. 

Since then, I worked tirelessly, and now I ran my own publishing house. I can’t take credit for all the success alone, as other people also supported me in this journey.   

Who Was My Inspiration?

If you ask me who inspire me throughout my journey, I’ll give you only two names. I knew you all have heard about them before, but for me, they were everything. 

The first one was the Britain Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. And the second one is Oprah Winfrey. 

How I Succeed Being A Single Mom As Entrepreneur

Two of the greatest and bravest women I have ever heard of. I learn from Thatcher that regardless of the number of man against you if you have a passion, you can do anything. 

And Winfrey makes me learned that bad event are part of our lives, not our whole lives. There is a lot more to think and explore other than the deleterious memories.   

My Journey to Success

I don’t know whether it will be right to call myself successful or not. I left my last job at HarperCollins Publishers in 2019, and since then, I am running my own publisher house with raising a son. Let’s sneak into some of the past decisions that are the milestone in my journey. 

  1. I cut off all Toxic Influences

Toxic influences are the people who will continuously remind you that you are a single woman and all you can do is to raise a child.

As per the statistics, 80% of people have toxic female friends. The people who will taunt you humiliate you but won’t tell you the way out.  

How I Succeed Being A Single Mom As Entrepreneur


The first thing that I did was to ignore these people to maintain my mental peace. 

  1. I wrote my definition of Work-Life Balance

Another advice is to don’t go for the ideal predefined work-life balance definition. 

66% of Americans suffers from this, but I am not on the list. 

I write my own definition of balance. The first thing that I made sure of at my office was my official working hours. Do not take office work home; it will disrupt your child. 

How I Succeed Being A Single Mom As Entrepreneur


The best practice to maintain my life balance during weekdays was doing homework and reading a bedtime story with my son. This gives us time to share gossips and avail research paper writing service.

  1. Limited Finance was never an Issue

The biggest hurdle that women face in starting a business is finance. Don’t let yourself get restrain because of the funds. 

There are more than 1.5 million NGOs who can support you in providing finances. Several financial institutions are waiting to give you a loan.

How I Succeed Being A Single Mom As Entrepreneur


I use all my savings for starting my business. It may be a riskier step, but trust yourself and believe in your skillset.     

  1. My Son is part of my business

There is 252 million women entrepreneur in the world. Being an entrepreneur will demand a lot of attention and time. I never left my son alone or babysat with anyone. 

He is part of my life and part of the business. We walk together to work. There he had his table where he uses to read books and finish his homework. 

He also suggests different topics, and I often use his imagination for creating engaging content. This is how our balanced relationship works. 

  1. I am a Proud Single Mother

The golden piece of advice is to enjoy and be proud of your single motherhood. We live in the 21st century with all the advancements, but some people are trapped in their Stone Age mentality.

How I Succeed Being A Single Mom As Entrepreneur


Don’t listen to them; be proud and a courageous single mother in front of them. Do not let their negative comments harm your mental peace. Maintain your focus on your business and children.  

Am I a Successful Mother or an Entrepreneur?

It is difficult to conclude whether I succeeded as businesswomen or as a mother. I guess I was able to maintain a balance and facilitate both of the roles. 

As being women, even if you are a housewife, you have multiple roles to perform. For centuries women are performing all the household chores, as per essay help UK. 

This makes them a natural multi-tasking entity. This is the core reason that supports me in achieving all my goals. 

One thing that all women should remember that they are not less than a man; there are many backlashes women face in society. Do not let them make you feel down. Build bridges from the stones thrown at you.  

Author’s Bio

Stella Lincoln has served as an Assistant Editor at Crowd Writer and Essay Writer UK. Recently she is running her own publishing house. She is a proud single mother and a successful entrepreneur. She worked hard extensively in both roles.

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