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Change your life with 9 simple steps

Change your life with 9 simple steps
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Changing your life is not an easy thing to do. It needs courage, strength, patience and willingness. To change your life you need first to know what you really want to do with your life. What are your dreams for the present and the future? Do you reject your dream because you think it is impossible to achieve? Is it because the circumstances of your life or the people around you have managed to convince you that the dreams in life are a luxury and that should settle with the «small» and «secure» instead of chasing things that you want to do. Life to be beautiful needs a risk…

We all have phases in our lives in which we either feel tired or have a bad mood, or we are angry and sad without knowing why, and we are bored of everything and do not want to see anyone…

Usually we do not know how to deal with these faces of our lives and as a result we fall into a vicious cycle of inaction, low energy and negative thinking. What we can do change our mood and overcome those bad phases? We need to react and change our lives . This can be achieved with small things of everyday life that can make the big difference!

9 Simple Steps to change your life

1. Decide that you need to change your life

Everything in our lives is the result of our choices. It’s our choice not trying to fulfil our dreams and it’s our choice to compromise with the current situation that gives us a rudimentary – virtual certainty. It is certain that when we do not risk and practically do nothing, there is no risk of failure. Simply, in this case the failure is a permanent situation that gradually becomes a habit and does not disturb us. It is a failure not trying to get where we want or where we are worth – despite that we do not realise it or despite the fact that we find thousands of excuses for ourselves. On the other hand, any success if we look for it, we will see that involves some degree of risk and this is a result of personal choice. In order for us to be able to make the right choices we should first of all find out what we really want to do in our lives.

2. Set and visualize your goals

The right decision is the most important factor that will lead us to the next steps towards the realization of our dreams and goals. Think of a painter who wants to create a beautiful painting. First he captures the idea and thinks of the final result. What will the painting illustrate and what colours to use? Having visualized the final result then creates a blueprint to allow him to see how to proceed in order to be able to have the desired effect. Each stroke is a step towards the final goal, the more beautiful the stroke, the more beautiful it is the result!

The same pattern applies to any goal or dream we have in our life. You have for example the dream to succeed professionally. First you must specify and clarify in your mind what is the area in which you want to excel, depending on your skills. The next step is to see what skills you need and direct your target to acquire these skills, and then you need to get the right job and work hard. This sequence of right choices will lead you with mathematical precision to where you want to reach. The road to success is always the same: planned moves, hard work and focus on the objective.

If your dream is to marry and create a wonderful family, it does not change anything from what we said above. In order to marry you must first need to find an appropriate partner and decide what will make you happy. Choosing the right person is your first step, but for a marriage to be happy you need to have understanding, compromises and a lot – a lot of love.

3. Do not “avoid” your dreams

Unfortunately, most of us are constantly busy with our jobs and so smothered in the problems of everyday life that do not find time to sit quietly with ourselves and decide what we want from our lives or what are those things which will make us happy. Unfortunately, we have not understood that when we «avoid» ourselves, in essence we avoid our goals and our dreams. We cannot realize that a dream can give us wings and change radically our reality! If we leave ourselves free to dream it will fill our souls with the will and strength to make the first step.

4. Nobody is perfect!

From the moment we stop to have a dependency on perfection, life seems simpler and more enjoyable. We achieve nothing if we blame ourselves constantly charging it with impotence. We achieve nothing by setting targets, which are not realistic, and then run like mad to meet them and then naturally fail. The mania of us to be the first, best, most successful, the most beautiful can only cause suffering, because there is always the best. Let us see life more relaxed and let us be honest with us and less tough.

5. Humour!

Instead of getting angry about behaviours and situations why we cannot just laugh with them? This small change would be enormous in terms of our mood. The humour and self-sarcasms makes us good! Remember that laughter makes our life longer and more beautiful, strengthens the protection of the body and strengthens the immune system and provide a shield to protect the heart and migraines.

6. Slow down and relax

We have learned to live our lives hastily in lunatics pace. All the time we are busy with something and forget to rest and relax. Many times we are too tired but we do not realize early to get some time to rest and at the end we get over-tired. It is therefore important to spend some time for ourselves to relax and sleep well, to devote time to do the things we like and we are grateful and not to fill our lives with endless obligations. We have the right for rest and pleasure. Life is not just a job … so relax without remorse.

7. Do not neglect your sexual health

It is proven that sex is good for our health. Sex beautifies the skin, burns calories and boosts our confidence! It also gives emotional balance and wellbeing. Flirting is also the best tonic for our mood; it improves our psychological condition and makes us feel good.

8. Diet and exercise

A balanced diet and perhaps a detoxification diet in which to avoid all fat and unhealthy food will renew our mood and will give us energy and appetite for life. A good breakfast will give us the «fuel» that our body needs to meet the demands of the day and thus reduce the feeling of fatigue that we are likely to feel.

We should try and reduce the coffee so as to decrease the nervousness and headaches while the exercise (even if it is a few minutes walk) is very beneficial for our mood and our health as a whole.

9. Happiness is in simple things

Let us not forget that happiness lies in simple things. Instead of seeing everything around us negative or insignificant, you should enjoy the small joys that everyday life offers us. A smile, a tasty food, a pleasant evening with our family, a walk with our dog, a hug from the person we love can fill us with happiness and satisfaction. Do not underestimate it!

10. Be prepared to take the next step…

Our lives will never change if deal with it with contentment and defeatism. To change our lives we need radical measures, we need goals, effort, struggle, discipline and consistency. Above all, we have a soul, our soul. A dream is enough to make our soul capable of everything….

Do not allow anyone to affect you and distracts you from your goals. Anyone is doing what is right for his or her self, so do what YOU think it right for yourself and not what directly or indirectly imposed to you by people or situations.

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