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7 Expert Tips for Beginners in the Field of 3D Printing

7 Expert Tips for Beginners in the Field of 3D Printing
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Printing with a 3D Printer is a quite tricky job. The students or trainees who use 3D Printer for the first time in life face multitudes of challenges. Without an expert guidance, they are not able to get reliable and repeatable results with their newly purchased 3D printer.

Here are some top 3D printing tips by experts for the beginners:

1. Fine Tune your Printer

A printer without proper calibration is never a viable option to print with. There are 3D Printers available in the market that requires tuning before you start work with them. While purchasing a printer, check that belts are tight and the level of bed is even. But for that experience is a must thing. An experienced person will recognize it eyes closed that something is wrong with the printer by the noises it make.

2. Know How your Printer Works

Before using a 3D Printer at home, keep one thing in mind that the home 3D printers have not yet become that efficient to carry complex tasks with utmost ease. It doesn’t matter how much hype 3d Printing Service Providers in India create, just a few 3D Printers around the world are able to give mind blowing results. So it is important for you to know how your printer works actually instead of paying heed to the tall claims of the Printer manufacturing companies. Otherwise, your job will not get done in time.

3. Never focus on a Single Issue

The cause of problems, issues or printer errors can be because of multiple reasons, so never focus too much on a single issue. For example, when a printer user witnesses slipping filament issue, we tend to blame it on the printer setting or Filament, it can also be because of the obstructed nozzle, irregular temperature or because of two or three reasons together.

4. Don’t Mess any Parameter

The general rule doesn’t abuse any parameter, it may backfire. Just start with less temperature and slow speed and increase it gradually. Remember each 3D Printer has its own setting, features and properties, you will need to diagnose, and then only it will be possible for you to solve the issue.

5. Print out 20mm Cubes

As soon as you get your 3D Printer started and running, you should first of all print out 20mm cubes in enough quantity. Though it is boring it ensures a good setup and the calibrated printer machine. This is just a test for size calibration and over extrusion. To test the accuracy of the parameters you can print hollow. This ensures more accurate whole size, improved strength of parts and model features

6. Check the adjustment of the Nozzle

The next thing you will need to do is to check the adjustment of the Nozzle to print bed adjustment. It may sound obvious but it is very crucial to ensure its correct adjustment and it is also important for the successful printing. Remember more attention you pay to the settings of your 3D Printer, that easy it will become for you to print with it. With the time and experience, you will learn how to best adjust your printer.

7. Get your automatic 3D Printer setup calibrated

Most of the Printers in today’s world are automatic. The 3d Printing Service Providers in India sometimes add certain adjustments that degrade the quality of your Print outs. So it is important for you to set the things vertically right.  Get your 3D Printer setup calibrated that will not just save you time but will also help in tackling many printer issues with ease.

The ultimate goal with a 3D Printer is to achieve a completed object and that is not possible without your intervention. It doesn’t matter how automatic your machine is, you will still need to apply certain tricks and cheats to ensure the print sticks to the bed. The above tips are valid for any 3D Printer brand or model as they are broadly applicable. These 7 expert tips are shared with us by the renowned 3D printing experts who have spent thousands of hours in gaining and accumulating this knowledge.

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