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What makes cloud computing fit like a glove in the need of small businesses?

What makes cloud computing
Written by Ishan Mishra

Cloud computing has been around for a very long time and its existence in the world has changed a lot of things around us. Whenever anyone talks about cloud computing then the first thing that pops up in the mind of most of the people is applications like Google Drive or app development but you should know that cloud computing is much bigger than just Google Drive and app development. Although both these are a part of cloud computing applications, there are many others on the list as well. 

Even if the pictures that you upload on your Facebook account are a part of your cloud computing application and even the data that is stored on your website is a part of a cloud computing application. Well, there are many businesses out there that are using the power of cloud computing on a bigger level but do you really know why cloud computing fits like a glove in the needs of small businesses?

There are many factors and features of cloud computing that make it perfect for small businesses and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post. So, without any further ado, let’s look at what makes cloud computing impeccable for small businesses. 

Perfect for the budget 

One of the biggest issues that small businesses have to deal with on an everyday basis is the small budget. Almost all the small businesses don’t have enough funds and this is what thwarts the small businesses from using any solution they see in the market for their business. Since all the small businesses are at the initial stages of their business lifecycle, they have to manage everything in that small fund. This is one of the main reasons why small businesses need to act smart and this can be done by using cloud computing solutions like Hosted QuickBooks. 

Cloud computing solutions have become so mature and it has been around for so many decades that now, it has become a new normal for most of the people. And when a technological solution is in use for a long period of time, its prices start decreasing. Well, the same thing has happened with cloud computing as well. Now, a small business can opt for a cloud computing solution for less than $30, and therefore, even for using this advanced technological solution, businesses don’t have to go extravagant with their budget. 

No expertise required 

Running a small business means wearing many hats at a time and this is one of the main reasons why managing a small business has been directly linked to multi-tasking. But a small business owner shouldn’t go so far in multitasking that he will not get time for the core competency of his business. This type of mistake can hamper the overall productivity of the business and can snatch away the competitive edge the business has currently got. But cloud computing fits like a glove even in this type of specific requirement in the small business. 

You should know that you don’t need to be a tech expert in order to use cloud computing solutions. You can take the example of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting where, if you have already been working on an accounting solution then you will have no problem working on the cloud accounting solution. This happens because even after shifting to the cloud computing solution, you get the same interface as your desktop installed accounting solution. Well, the same can be said about other cloud computing solutions as well and this is what makes cloud computing better for small businesses. 

No hassle of maintenance 

People running small businesses think that even 24 hours in a day is not enough in a day and this is true to some extent as small business owners have to deal with many things at the same time and that too with limited resources. If a small business can’t hire tech experts because of budget concerns then they have to take care of the maintenance of the technological solution on their own and this will make them bogged down so much that they won’t even get time for the main aspects of the business. But cloud computing solves even this peculiar problem of small businesses. 

You should know that when you opt for a cloud computing solution then you will not have to worry about the maintenance of the cloud computing solution as in most of the cases, it is solved by the cloud solution provider. Like, when you host an accounting software solution on a third party cloud server then instead of operating your accounting system, you will not have to worry about any type of technological issue. All the cloud hosting providers offer round the clock customer support without charging even a single extra penny. 

Change as per your need 

Small businesses are expected to grow at a very fast rate and this is the main reason why all the small businesses running out there have to make changes in their business solutions. But one thing that you will have to keep in mind is not all business solutions out there are scalable. There are many business solutions that stay with the same capacity and the same features and in order to change, you will have to change the business solution. But that is not the case with cloud computing solutions. 

In the current era, you can easily make changes to the cloud computing solution without any issue and this is why cloud computing is known to be highly scalable. It doesn’t matter which type of cloud computing solution you are using or on how small scale you are using it, you can always make changes to the solution without any issue and this is another factor that makes cloud computing perfect for small businesses. 

If you are running a small business then you should never shy away from using the power of cloud as it will fulfill all your needs. 

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