Top 10 Wealth Builders to Follow This Year 2024

top wealth builders of 2020, wealth creation tips
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

When I was younger I was always told no money ever grows on trees so you better use it wisely.

Each one of us now and then are in search of finding different ways to make money that are too quick and easy.Yes, Do you? Don’t you?

Money is the greatest deal of life, it provides you a glorious lifestyle and all other little things you might have dreamed of.

Dave Ramsey once quoted –

gain control over your money- dave ramsey

Before moving further towards building money you need to 1st know what money builders actually are and why are they so important?

So here I have gathered over a number of effective wealth builders you need to follow this year and I have done research on various wealth generating instruments and have provided essential tips through which ANYONE can become financially independent and create wealth.

Let’s have a quick look at these :-







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tips to save by easy quick ways,
how to make extra income,
save money

Wealth building is not always about how much you earned this month but is about the portion you were able to save this month.

Saving often necessitates discipline in your planning and budgeting process.

While preparing your budget don’t forget to keep an extra column for your monthly saving amount.

The rate at which you save can decide the age at which you can retire.

Ways to save:-

Standard of living

Credit Vs Cash approach

Considering side hustle as an option


standard of living, luxurious housing, 
income effects on lifestyle

Your standard of living rises with an increase in your wealth. For eg: Buying a new version of your iphone when you get a promotion or get an extra income.

These little changes often sound quite ordinary and harmless.

What you can do is improve your standard of living slowly and gradually and do not forget to pay off your debts on time.

You have 2 options :-

  1. Have high rate of saving even at lower income
  2. Have low rate of saving even at higher income

Choice is yours!

Pro tip: Pretend as if you never got that extra income try saving your small to big raise in income.


cash over credit cards
how to build wealth

Credit cards by offering you enough flexibility to spend without paying at the moment shoots up your spending rate and in return shrinks your savings.

Another major disadvantage which comes up with credit cards is the added interest which you have to while repaying your credit card bills.

Pro Tip- Try using hard cash i.e cash in hand rather than soft plastic cash in form of credit cards. 


side hustle tips to create wealth,
follow your passion
work extra hours say bake

A few extra hours could add up to your monthly savings. In cases where you are unable to save enough from your day job try out an option of part time or freelancing jobs where you are master of the duration you work and the income and monthly savings you want to target.

By this you can convert your boring after hours of regular job days into the most interesting ones and would mind a few extra bucks into your savings EVERYDAY. 

Pro Tip – Try doing something you love more or something that boosts your interest, by this you can enjoy and feel positive while working for those extra hours.

It is proven that you shall be more financially successful when you do what you enjoy the most.

Few ways to do spend your happy saving hours:- ( create following links)

  1. Teach or provide coaching
  2. Rent space
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Bake
  5. Pet sit or Babysit
  6. Plan events
  7. Content writing
  8. Craft Making
  9. Affiliate marketing
  10. Direct Selling

It is very important to know the difference between your want and need when you spend any amount of your money.


investing, how to invest to create wealth
tips to create money

When you think of investing your money somewhere there are endless options but it is vital to weigh your investment options critically before putting all your money into them.

Types of investment:-


Mutual Funds


Shares or stock


Real Estate

A- Cash

cash, treasury, how to use cash rightly, fixed deposit, saving account

Bank offers different rates of interest on the basis of your needs and preferences. Few of them are savings accounts, fixed deposits(FD), Certificate of deposit etc.

Savings account

Savings account is a type of account which helps you keep aside an amount in an account called a savings account which has a fixed rate of interest benefits.

Advantage is that you can withdraw money whenever you wish and a small drawback is that interest on such accounts is a bit lower.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits are a kind of deposit where your money gets flicked with the bank for a fixed time period and the name itself suggests.

The minimum amount which can be deposited into fixed deposit varies from 1000 Rs. to 10,000  Rs. and maximum amount deposit has no limit.

The duration for which the amount can be invested is 7 days to a maximum of 10 years.

Certificate Of Deposit

Certificate of deposits are a kind of deposit which banks and financial institutions offer. Here money is kept with the bank for a fixed period of interval and in return banks pay interest on your deposit.

The term period of CD may vary from 3 months to 2 year.

The longer you are allowing banks to keep your money with the bank the higher shall be the interest rates

Difference between  a CD and FD

difference between certifictae of deposit and fixed deposit
Source: paisabazaar


Fixed rate of interest

No impact of Market Fluctuations on your money

Most safest form of of investment

Fixed Future Return of the money invested


Comparatively lower rate of interest

Conservative form of investment

Account fees and taxes

B- Mutual Funds

mutual funds define, mutual fund investment

Mutual funds are a type of investment that is managed professionally by pooling your money with the money of other investors.

The incharge or manager of the mutual fund is then required to invest this pooled money into different securities.

This helps investors to stagger bothe risk and rewards of the security.

They offer you to diversify your investments and because of the money pooling process it often proves to be inexpensive.

Try buying Mutual funds directly from the Mutual Fund Company to 

Avoid paying trading commissions to the brokers.

Pro Tip :- Monitor your investments on a regular basis to ascertain which ones working well and which one is not. 

This shall help you in reallocating the funds with poor performance.

C- Bonds

bonds, define , bonds creates wealth

Bonds are instruments having fixed amounts of income, generally a type of loan lent by the investor to the borrowing entity which may be a company or government.

These are mainly used by the company or government to either finance a particular project like construction 9 projects or to expand their businesses.

A bond includes the term of payment of Principal amount, interest to be paid may it be fixed or variable and the end date when the lender shall finally receive the amount back.

D- Shares or stock

shares, stock, tips to invest in shars, equity, dividend earnings

If you want to earn higher rates of interest it is always profitable to put your money into the stock market.

What is the stock market ? Stock market is a place where investors both Individual and corporate buy and sell shares or stock publicly at a fixed stock price.

Stock market Price fluctuates depending upon the 

The thumb rule is The more you are ready to take risk the more shall be the Rewards.

While investing in the stock market you earn rewards in the form of capital gain. Capital gains are generally incurred when you are able to sell the share more than the price you paid of buying it.

Pro tip:- Try applying the ‘Buy and Hold’ approach while you think of investing which means you need to be slow and steady to earn higher rewards.

E- Commodities

invest in commodities, gold crude oil, other metal investment

Few of the common types of commodity investing options are Gold and Crude Oil


Gold metal is the precious metal which has been traded and invested from traditional times. The price of gold fluctuates with time and demand in the market.

This known precious metal is hedged against during the times of inflation. Gold prices get affected when U.S dollars goes high or low and also when central banks decide to withhold gold reserves.

Crude Oil

Crude oil is likely to react with the laws of demand and supplies.

Generally when the demand of crude oil shoots up and due to less supply of crude oil at times the prices of oil rises up.

Crude oil is not just used in fuels and gasoline in vehicles but also undergoes into various products like cosmetics, fibres, fertilizers, medicines and many others.

         F- Real Estate

real estate investment benefit, how to create wealth through real estate

Own a real estate property! I know it may sound expensive to you 

When you will start looking at the benefits of owning a property I bet you would start saving and start searching for a property of your own.

3 ways your property can help you build wealth and that too monthly fixed earnings.

1. Appreciation in value of asset-

Assets such as land and building have a characteristic of getting appreciated with time.

Appreciation simply is an increase in the value of an asset on a timely basis.

2. Monthly inflows of cash

Selecting a right property would help you get monthly inflows of cash in the form of rentals.These monthly rentals could be then further saved to be invested in some other venture.

Plus the bonus is tax benefits of owning a rental property.

3. Timely repayments of debt

In cases when you have bought a land by taking aloan from a bank the rentals which you will be getting through the property shall help you in repayment of your EMI.

And after a few years when the repayment of the loan gets completed you can fully enjoy the ownership the land bought.

Pro Tip: Be aware of the prevailing rates of the property you own and be wise enough to purchase and sell at the right time to have higher benefits and avoid any kind of loss.


create income while you sleep, passive income

Passive income refers to the income which is derived from any kind of investment without doing less or no efforts at all.

It may be from the rentals of  property which you once bought, returns from the investment, say mutual funds or fixed deposits,or from a business owned by you running on an automation mode.

Evaluating your passive income monthly quarterly or yearly helps you to count down and keep a track on the wealth you have built so far.

So don’t forget to have at least some kinds of passive income in the process of building your wealth.


enhancing your skills, right financial education can build wealth

Look for the career that shall develop your skills enough so you can be financially independent at an early stage. 

It is very important to pursue right education Qualification and have better internship experience to get a decent job or to start your own business which shall help you directly to build wealth.

Learning how to invest your money may be a time consuming task but you are surely moving towards the path of Wealth Building and becoming Rich.

The easiest way to do this is to go through various top articles and different websites and clearing your concepts of each type you can build wealth.

It is often said that “Let your skills pay the bill”

Skills are the stairway which could lead you in long term success.

When you learn a skill, give it enough time and concentration so that once you xcel it you become efficient  and credible enough to build your own wealth with that particular skill.

Pro Tip: Try learning a skill which is highly demanded in the market every half yearly or every year.


employ people
start your own business

Why work for someone when you can make people work for you ?

Yes, you heard me write you can earn money without doing your 9-6 job or even without getting out of your houses.

Suppose, if you do your 9-6 job, What are your chances of getting a raise in your salary based on your performance and consistency? It is upto 4-5% of rise each year.

Do you really think this way by working for someone you can build wealth and become rich.

On contrary when you have freedom and you become master of whatever you do – the possibilities become endless of how much you can earn and the amount of wealth you can build.

Once you start your entrepreneurship journey even every small and safest way you move is stepping stone to the goal of getting into the rich list.

In this Digitalization Era it has become easy to Build and even grow your business online with the use of virtual offices and Virtual Business Tools.

Steps to start a business:-

  1. Recognise what you are good at which means our strength and weakness.
  2. Have a simple plan and do not try starting with a rigid complex plan.
  3. Try focusing on things which excites you – Your Passion
  4. Understand what your goals and targets are therefore identify our target audience.
  5. Make a business plan and try getting help from your seniors.
  6. Do not forget to have a trial run of your business before investing all of your money into it.

Pro tip- Start with a simple business plan or have a trial run of your Business at a small scale then once you start seeing potential, gradually expand your business.

Things to keep in mind before investing :-

tips to create and build wealth, financial road map to success,
evaluate risk
  1. Try drawing your financial road map

Before making any investment, spare some time, sit  and evaluate financial positions. Try figuring out your goals and risk involved. Have a separate wealth builder fund account to track your wealth.

2. Try evaluating risk and your comfort zones for tolerance

The money you invest in securities are often not safe enough. People tend to lose all their money, even their Principal amount.

If you are planning to take high risk to earn more rewards you are likely to invest in Shares, Bonds and Mutual Funds.

But if you don’t plan on taking high risk you are like;ly to prefer Cash Investments, Real Estate Investments or commodity Investments.

3. Try having right mix of investments

No investment gives you guarantee of sure shot money but with proper guidance and intelligent planning one can earn money and enjoy different benefits. 

4. Do not invest all your money in single company

Try diversification in your investments which means do not ever put all your money in a single type of investment and have a wealth builder plan.

Pick the ones where you see potential gains and drop or invest less in ones where there are potential losses. 

5. Give priority to payment of high interest rate debts

If you owe money which has high rates of interest pending it is always the right choice to pay off such debts on priority basis.

More quickly you pay such debts more is the chance you will save on Interest expenses each month. 

To gain financial independence you must follow at least of the above.


  1. Early retirement
  2. Happy lifestyle
  3. Stress Free future 
  4. Peaceful Mind
  5. Improved Satisfaction and Productivity

I hope this article was informative and helpful

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