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Top 11 Personal Financial blogs in India

Top 10 Financial blogs in India
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

As we talk about the personal finance blogs, it is very important for everyone to know something about finances as at a certain point of time every need at least some knowledge of it to budget, save and invest their earnings. And reading financial blogs is the best thing to learn every day something new in the finance industry. It also gives you suggestions and advice on where to invest and how much to such. As saving and investing both are the most important part of finances. 

In finance, there are a lot of things and facts that one person or blog can’t, and to solve this, we have come up with the top ten finance blogs in India that provide valid and useful information that one should read to increase their knowledge in finances and understand the very important aspects of finance. 

Following are the top ten personal finance blogs in India that provide you with updated information on investing, financing, and budgeting your earnings and how to keep a better hold on your income. So get ready to learn these names in your mind because you will need them sooner or later.

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basunivesh is one of India’s most popular and one of the best financial blogs, managed by Basavaraj Tonagatti. Their blogs cover many topics covering different aspects of finance and the problems people face in the changing world of finance; now and then, something new is coming up about investment, insurance, taxes, and many more.

Jago Investor

 Jago Investor, founded by Manish Chauhan, is one of the best financial blogs for knowing important information about money-saving, investments, mutual funds, and tax planning. Their blog provides valuable and important information for anyone who wants to know or update themselves on financial information. Their blogs are for anyone who doesn’t know any technical jargon to a professional dealing in it.

Money Excel

In the blogs of money excel, we learn the importance of financial planning and managing different financial products that involve real estate, stock market, personal finance, and so on. The blog is managed by raviraj, who educates everyone about finance through his blogs.


Amit Kumar, the founder and author of ApnaPlan, informs people about different financial products on investment, financial planning, loans, credit, etc., through their blogs. Their blogs are perfect for someone interested in learning about different financial products. The words they use in their blogs are easy to understand, and anyone can read and learn a lot from their blogs.

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Safal Niveshak

Safal Niveshak is a financial blog platform by Vishal Khandelwal, who writes stories of investors who have succeeded in their fields; he also conducts interviews of different Indian investors to gain more practical knowledge in investing. He offers different ebooks for learning more about finance, financial planning, and investing and different courses for people who want to learn directly through him.


Taxguru is the most popular and best blog for money saving and tax in India. Their blogs educate us with different types of taxes in India and help us with any doubt regarding the taxes and money-saving. Their blogs are easy to understand and very informative. They provide information for all kinds of taxes such as GST, excise, etc.


If you are looking to save money and want some important tips, then cash overflow is India’s one of the finest and best finance blogs. By reading these blogs, you can easily train yourself in the utilization and saving of money. These blogs help people understand different aspects of financing and learning: saving, investment, mutual funds, insurance, loans, banking services, etc.

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The moneycontrol is an online financial guide that provides hundreds of blogs with tips and guides on saving money, investing, planning budgets, real estate, loans, insurance, credit cards, and more. They even provide you with tips to invest in the stock market as well, and they are very popular and highly rated financial bloggers.



Be money aware is the financial blog founded and managed by four women; Shobha, Kriti, Ritu, and Sona. Their blog is about specific finance topics such as investment, debt, PPF, EPF, income tax, and much more. And if you are a beginner in the world of finance, this blog can surely help you understand the different aspects of financing and investing. Their blogs are usually informative and are written in an easy to understand format. 

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The informative and interactive financial blog of Fintrakk focuses on finance, taxation, investment, career, accounting, and global trend topics. This platform is for you if you’re planning to improve your financial knowledge. Besides, it has a forum where you can share your views and initiate discussions on any topic of your choice regarding finance.

Financial blogs are the most important if you are planning to step into the world of finance as there are a lot of risks attached to different finance products. Still, if you read these blogs, it can surely help you ease the learning of these difficult finance-related issues. Make sure to bookmark this blog link as it will help you most in understanding every up and down in the finance world.  

I Help Individuals With Personalized & Unbiased Financial Advisory Service is one of the best personal finance blogs, was founded by a certified financial planner and a sebi-registered investment adviser, Salma Sony. Salma, regularly publishes articles to help her readers educate themselves and take charge of their investments strategically. With her “Financial Literacy Initiative”, she also publishes videos on youtube to spread knowledge and awareness about financial planning. All the articles written on the blog are Salma’s advice based on her extensive expertise in the field of personal finance.


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