Gold Jewellery Trends That Are High on Rise This Year

Gold Jewellery Trends
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Indians are known for their never-ending love for gold jewellery. The fascination for gold has been there for centuries and it is looked at as a potential instrument of investment in Indian household. Earlier jewellery was taken out to be worn only on special occasions, but with change in time, we also saw the everyday jewellery catching up fast among young Indians. The bygone year connected us to the basics of life, and the current year jewellery trend also remains inspired by the minimalistic designs but with lively colors and schemes. Let’s take a look at jewellery trends and designs that are here to stay this year!

1. Pretty Pearls – Pearls are often associate with the older age group, but not anymore, pearls scream every bit royalty and the pearl power is here to stay this year. A simple string of pearl necklace on your crisp cotton sari is enough to add that oomph factor. Pearl drop earrings go well with your western wear, while multiple string pearl bracelet makes your authentic look even more charming. A must-have in your jewellery collection is a pearl choker, which’s the favorite of several celebrities too.

2. Floral Pattern – Nothing can personify delicacy more than a dainty flower. Floral designs connect us to nature and teach us to stay humble. Floral diamond necklaces remain the choice of many because they can effortlessly be paired with Indian traditional wear and even Indo-western. If you are unsure where to get pure gold jewellery with floral designs online, then let us tell you there are several noted online Jewellers. You can browse this website to explore all the lovely designs and pick one that suits your personality and your budget the best.

3. Asymeteical Earrings – These were introduced a few years ago, but continue to dominate the jewellery scene even this year. The uneven lengthed tassel earrings make you look chic and ultra-modern. The mismatched set is sure to grab the eyes of several amping up your glam factor. 

4. Layered Necklace – The layering of the necklace is vogue now and high on trend alert. Wearing a couple of mismatched necklaces doesn’t mean you are layering it right, this needs an eye for detailing. This trend is fun because you can experiment with different lengths, textures, and colors of necklaces and team them up like never before. 

5. Internchangabe Jewellery – Detachable jewellery is all about wearing the same piece of jewellery in different ways. These highly multi-purpose and any bridal trousseau is incomplete without this. The same piece of jewellery can be worn as a necklace, or simple pendant with chain or even made-shift to be worn as a bracelet. It’s a dedication to the multi-tasking that women do in their lives. 

Jewellery trends are ever-evolving, but one thing that remains constant is the love for gold among us. Don’t hesitate to set your trend with your solo oversized ring, or chunky chain link necklace, all that matters is that you can carry this off with elegance and confidence.

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