Mindfulness Write For Us

Mindfulness Write For Us

Are you seeking for a website where you may guest posts on? If that applies to you, this page will give you what you need. The website Medhaavi.in is seeking writers who are interested in writing for a big audience and a platform where they can contribute. Since we place a high importance on quality writing, we invite you to work with us if you possess the necessary talents. Make sure your guest post complies with the guidelines for guest posts if you are eager to have it published here.

Why Write For Us?

The best thing about writing for our blog is the large amount of traffic from all over the world it receives. Our site only publishes thoroughly researched and educational content since we pay special attention to the research process. Spending some time creating excellent, original content in mindfulness may not only help us but also expand the limits of your blog. Simply put, it’s an opportunity that will help you grow your business.

Submission Guidelines

  • An article should have a minimum of 1000 words.
  • There shouldn’t be more than 10 words or 60 characters in the blog title.
  • The content must be clear and relevant to the topic.
  • Headers and titles must be properly formatted.
  • To keep readers interested, your work should have an intriguing wrap up.
  • The article must be free of plagiarism, grammatical mistakes, and spelling mistakes.
  • High-quality, licenced, and original photos must be used.
  • Include a short author bio and a link to your website at the end of the article.
  • Every post gets reviewed and approved before going published. Any post that we deem to be pointless or irrelevant may be deleted or rejected.
  • Content that was produced with the goal of advertising or promoting a good or service will not be taken into consideration. It shouldn’t have a promotional tone.
  • Accept the suggestions for modifications with an open mind, then attempt to improve them.
  • If the article refers to or contains any references to pornographic websites, other pornographic content, gambling, etc., it will be disapproved. 
  • We reserve the right to edit and modify the content of your guest blog as necessary, and to later update it as necessary to maintain it correct and comprehensive.

What We Will Never Publish?

  • The article is difficult to read and has many inaccuracies.
  • The topics that have previously been published on our website.
  • submissions that do nothing to assist our readers.

Ready To Submit Mindfulness Guest Post?

After reviewing our guidelines, submit your writing to  [sales @ medhaavi.net] with the subject line “Mindfulness Write For Us.”