How To Prepare For Class 9 Math Olympiads

Math Olympiads
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

1. Knowing the syllabus:

Before starting any subject the student needs to know the syllabus which is the base. Once you know the base then it becomes very easy to solve the problem syllabus wise which would lead to a great improvement within you, and you can remember things. If you find it difficult to solve a problem then you should take help from a person who has good knowledge of math, or you should take help from your math teacher or a friend who is good at solving the math problem.

2. Time Management:

It will be very helpful for you if you utilize your time in the correct manner instead of wasting time playing, roaming around, watching TV. If you can make a routine and follow it then you will find a great improvement with your studies. Firstly make time and try to stick to the schedule regularly and practice math every day because practice makes a man perfect as you know the more you practice, the better you become.

3. Practice Problems:

Practice is a key to success. You can practice problems from the past year’s sample paper. Understand the syllabus and pattern of the Olympiad math exam. If you are clear about the roadmap then you should spend more time on math. If you’re not clear on how to solve a problem, ask your math teacher or someone who can help you to clear you out with your doubts, or you can go to an online forum where you can put your problem and within a section, you will get the result.

4. Focus on your weak points:

When you solve your math problems you encounter so many weak points with yourself. As you work through practice problems from the past year’s sample paper, keep track of problems you don’t know how to solve or concepts where you’re shaky on. You can write your mistakes into a notebook to help focus your studying. And don’t just write your mistakes in a notebook but also move on and figure out why you made those mistakes—what you don’t know what you assumed—and make a plan how you are going to solve the problem so that you can solve the similar problems right in the future.

5. Beware of your weak points:

Be very cautious about small mistakes you make—like not remembering a negative sign, accidentally moving to a decimal point, or making an arithmetic error. You could solve problems correctly but still, the output or the result of your problem will be wrong if you make a tiny mistake in calculation. Avoid Being hyper which may lead to making mistakes and be careful when you practice, so you don’t make these mistakes when you have a real exam. Never assume you’re too great, and you cannot make a mistake, but a silly mistake can change the output of a problem.

6. schedule your study time:

Make a schedule and decide a time every day of the week for studying math. By practicing math every day in a week, you will remember all the skills you learn and continue to build on your knowledge in math. Make a study routine and stick to the schedule like it’s another class or extracurricular activity which you need to follow up on. If you don’t, then it would be very difficult to remember the topics, and you’ll not get enough practice the amount of practice you need which may fail.

7. Stick to the schedule:

This is the most important part of a student’s life. They should commit to themselves that they will stick to the schedule which may result in consistency in routine. Practicing every day can clear all the doubts of a student and if there’s any doubt regarding the sum then ask your math teacher or try to find the solution of a problem in an online problem. If you made a routine, and you follow the routine every day then you will find improvement within you. But if you don’t stick to the routine then you would feel very unmotivated to sit with your math problems, and you might fail in the Olympiad exam.

8. participate in other competitions:

Besides practicing every day by yourself you should try your hand at other competitions. If there is a math club at your school, join for the practice! Doing smaller competitions can help in self-improvement. You learn to deal with hypernyms which used to happen in real exams. This will give you more chances to solve different kinds of problems in math. This will also help you find a community of students who have similar interests with who you can study. And they can help you in solving your math problem by solving your difficult math problem. Also, the earlier you can start, the better result you get. There are some middle schools and even elementary schools that have math clubs that can expose you to tricky problem-solving questions. Practice makes a man perfect the more number of problems you solve the more accurate result you will get and participating in other competitions can minimize your hypernyms and could get the accurate answer in a very short period

9. Practice Online Test:

Besides every day practicing you should practice online so that you can rectify your mistakes while you are practicing math problems online, and even you can understand your level in math, and also you can understand your weak point in that particular topic so that you can improve in that topic so that it does not hamper you in your future exams. Practicing online can give you an idea of how the questions are going to be in the Olympiad exam. According to that, you can manage your time in examinations. You should also refer to IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 9 2012 for more understanding. 

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