How To Deal With The Fear Of Marriage

How to deal with the fear of marriage india
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Despite shifts in values and radical social upheaval, marriage has survived as an institute in the west. The reason that people get married despite having pre-wedding jitters which could be a testament to its value. It is normal to have some fear of marriage. As this is one of the biggest decisions of life that is going to change your life forever. Before finalizing such a decision make sure it is at the correct time, with the correct person and at the correct place. It is one of the reasons for Punjabi widow remarriageas people never give a second thought to their first marriage. Rationalizing the prospective marriage would also help you come to terms with it. Sometimes people are unable to find the origin of fear. 

  • Re-evaluate your relationship: where or how did they go wrong? Consider if you do something to hurt them, or round the table. It is possible that you are not willing to make enough compromises. Try to adjust in your current relationship to be a loving partner, but also weigh what you must sacrifice to make it work. 
  • Accept your partner, to be the only one: deciding if the person is correct do not let him go off. You need to think seriously if you would retain respect for them during inevitable life changes.
  • Take it as long-term commitment: commitment would be a constraint and dedication, a commitment based on personal dedication means you imagine growing older with your partner or working together with your partner or you could not imagine yourself with anyone else. A constraint commitment means you feel forced to stay in the relationship due to external or internal pressure, you think about leaving the relationship but it feels too difficult or like you have gone to end it. 
  • Increase commitment level: even if you are fully committed to any relationship, you may be wondering how to maintain the dedication or worry about it slipping away. Maybe you feel that it already has begun to decrease. There are actions you could take to increase your commitment to your partner. 
  • Thought about some other fears: your fear may be more specific than these. It may also prevent you from wanting to talk with your partner. One has to open up those channels of communication, however, if you are scared of losing your personality, remind yourself that everyone is changing. Leaving unmarried would not keep the earth from spinning. It is not like you lose your identity after marriage.
  • Knowing the origination of fear: it may you are looking for a divorced girl for marriage in Delhi, and this fear of marriage comes from your first marriage. Commitment phobia is not like a normal animal or any habit phobia- it is a kind of fear based on a lack of trust that may come from a previous violation of trust. Betrayal from the last marriage could have come in the form of abuse, an affair, or another devasting violation of the trust that may have been traumatic. 

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