Custom Made Outfits

Custom Made Outfits
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

First impression is the last impression. Clothes can either make or spoil an impression. Well-fitted tailored clothes reveal your individuality & personal style of statement with elegance. They are the perfect fit and comfortable to the wearer. Custom made clothing helps you to showcase your unique style and create a strong impression on people around you. Wearing the right clothes might become a vital aspect in your pleasing especially Customized Clothes build up more confidence.

Ah! Imagine yourself crossing near an apparel store. Your eyes get stuck on that gorgeous Black dress and the next moment you realize, you are standing inside the store dreaming yourself looking breathtaking. But oops! Something dashed your desire in minutes. Isn’t it a little awkward? The dress is too long, loose for you. The Dress of your Dream but not in your hands and you have to leave that store in disappointment. Oh! Totally disheartening.

We all have been through a similar situation many times and that’s always a cause of sadness for all. For that either we have to let it go or run to a nearby tailor to get it altered. That’s quite a mess, right? 

Why do we choose Customized Clothes?

Customized clothes are well fitting and comfortable. You look good and well-fit clothing boosts your personality and accentuates your body. Customized Clothing lets you feel 

confident. Today everyone goes to the market to shop. In the market all sizes of clothes are not available. In case, you have found your size then your fitting remains an issue. For that you have to customize your clothes and run to the tailor.  For saving time and money, how good it will be if you get customized products.

Benefits of Customized Clothes:

1. You get a great fit– First thing, custom clothing is the essential way to achieve the fit that you have always been looking for. A good fit is often underrated.

2. Premium quality- In custom clothing, quality is the top priority. Usage of high-quality materials implicitly makes it eco-friendly and reliable.

3. You can highlight your style- You buy the clothes that you like from a store, but there’s a threshold to it in terms of the components held, that truly reflect your persona. Custom clothing brings out your individuality. You get to be artistic.

4. Save time & effort- In custom clothing, you communicate about your needs and preferences, give measurements, pick a design, and that’s all! You’re informed about the trial and delivery. All your choices and timelines, all in one place.This is how it saves your time and energy, Good to go!

5. Durable, Ethical & Timeless- There’s not much regard for custom clothing as a long-term investment. The quality of materials and the skilled work gives your product a healthy lifetime.

Also, it’s the era of fleeting trends. Although, nothing can compete with the supremacy of some timeless designs like a well-tailored suit, shirt, gown and dress.


One such brand offering Customized Clothing in India is Apella. At Apella-  The All-Size Store you get customization flexibility so that you need not to worry if the sizes mentioned in the size chart do not meet your requirement. They believe in comfort, confidence & happiness. Your little requirements matter a lot to them. Embrace yourself the way you are and get your outfits customized easily and buy the products that best suit you!! Custom made clothes fit you like a dream. Customize the clothing size by increasing or reducing the length of a dress or redoing the fit as per your body type, the color of your choice & style. And get it the way you wish &  have dreamt off.

If you see a man wearing a well-tailored suit he will always shine brighter than a man in an off-rack suit.  A custom – tailored suit retains a certain dignity about you. It enhances your personality. Custom made clothes are a perfect fit & comfortable but it also serves you a lot of options where you would choose to combine & create something unique for yourself and  reveal your individuality and personal style statement with elegance.

Customization Benefits To Environment 

Customization also benefits our environment. Custom clothes are made only when ordered and it reduces wastage. Many ready-made clothes are regularly made in factories that always result in a toxic waste disposal in the environment. When you buy custom clothes feel that you have contributed a little bit for your environment. Customization is the future of the fashion industry as more & more people are shifting towards sustainable fashion & customized apparels help in saving the mother earth through reduced wastage of resources. 

 “Custom made clothing reflects your individuality and creativity that ready- made clothes can’t. That means whenever someone compliments on  what you’re wearing, you can proudly own the fact that you were a co-worker on the piece.”

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