Can we use the calculator for the NEET exam?

Can we use the calculator for the NEET exam?
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

The simple answer and a single-word answer to this would be – NO

The information brochure on the official website for NEET covers a specific topic  – Barred Items And Dress Code, in Chapter 8. The NTA (National testing Agency) has very clear instructions around items debarred in the Exam Hall. It specifies that candidates must not carry any instruments or stationery items. This includes pens, pencils, pouches, pencil boxes or geometry boxes, handbags, any paper, purse, textual material, eatables, mobile phones, microphones, earphones, DocuPen, pager, Calculator, log tables, slide rules, cameras, tape recorders, any metallic item or electronic gadgets, electronic watches with the convenience of a calculator or any such device in the exam room.

These are essentially the list of items that candidates, under any circumstances, are not permitted to carry to the Exam Hall. All aspirants need to compulsorily undergo an all-encompassing frisking procedure. These procedures may or may not involve the physical act of frisking, but are carried out via an extremely sensitive metal detector, As mentioned this procedure is mandatory and will be carried out by the officials in order to make sure no such barred items are brought into the Exam Hall.

The NEET Coaching Institutes and across the country conduct Tests and Examinations that follow similar rules and have strict precautions in place. These allow students to understand the atmosphere inside the Exam Hall, and help prepare the Students mentally.

If however, any aspirant/student is found to possess any such barred items inside the Exam Hall, they will be subject to strict action by the official at the Center or from the concerned authorities. The penalty for such malpractice in this regard, would vary based on the severity of the offense and will be taken according to the order applicable by the Hon’ble Supreme Court/High Courts.

Furthermore, candidates are advised to consider the fact that the center makes no arrangements to supervise the belongings of any of the students at the examination center. Thus, the Center or the Examination Board will not be held accountable for the loss or misplacement of any personal belongings that were brought to the Exam Hall.

The NEET is a very competitive entrance test that is conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency), every year, for admission of medical aspirants into medical colleges, across the country. It helps young aspirants to achieve their dreams by streamlining admissions to medical institutes for various medical programs. Ideally, the officials enable the official website to record registrations from the 1st week of December with exams being conducted in the 1st week of May. NEET 2022 saw the registration of approximately 18.72 lakh students.

These guidelines are actually drilled down in the classes and sessions before the exams, at various NEET Coaching Centers across the country and in Bangalore, like  Aakash Byjus’, Allen, etc. Aside from having numerous Mock Examinations, these Coaching centers also have information-sharing sessions where the aspirants are made aware of these rules and regulations.

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