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As long as you have your health, nothing else matter

health is wealth
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

In this year we are facing different issues which we never thought for-

We heard about corona virus, it has harmed people of all the fields and ages differently, this year has proofed epidemic for the world.


This virus has affect our health directly, not only physical health, it harms our mental health also, beside this we heard about people are not able to get treatment of this and they are not able to fight with covid-19, they are the people who are facing issues regarding physical health as well as mental and emotional heath also because they have no savings so their physiological needs can not be fulfilled.

In the past era people were not thinking about their health. Some are thinking only for their looks, on the other hand some are only take caring of their mental health and they were busy in worship and they are dependent on their god. But after this pandemic people aware of the importance of heath and starts getting care of their health.

People have to understand the proper meaning of health; it is the state of being well and free from illness- mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Now a day’s people are searching for the tips how to maintain health in a proper way, that is the biggest question which is creeping in their mind.

‘If we maintain our physical as well as mental health, we can fully satisfy with our life’.

Self care during Covid-19
Self care during Covid-19

When we think about health, lots of people thinking that maintaining physical health they have to boycott some of the favorite dishes of them or they have to refuse for their favorites food to eat after doing this get result of this, sometimes it affect on their mental health.

They have to understand the proper way to maintain health.

Our body is made up of nutrients –vitamins minerals proteins, all are necessary in their own way.

It is as like, we make food, and we put some salt, water, spices, oil and many more ingredients in it, we know how much we should use in a particular dish, similarly our body needs a proper quantity of particular nutrient.We can eat all kinds’ dishes in a limited way.

People think fat is not good for health body, but the good or a healthy fat is as necessary as a vitamin is.

When we talk about mental health,

There is direct relation between mental health and emotional health, “when a person has good mental health then he able to think about physical health.

Mental health means capacity of a person to face problems.

When a person given exam number of times and he cannot passed, he had full of negative thoughts and he getting depressed and it affects on his physical health, and then he starts behaving badly with his relative or close friends and on that time his friend’s  have responsibility to do take care of him.

End numbers of field there are unless or until we find a best for us, we should never give up, we should motivate all the peoples who nears you.

Being Demotivate for a particular way where you had tried again and again in a same field, it wil be better to change your field.

A person cannot be good in all the fields

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